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'Dragon Ball' Composer Shunsuke Kikuchi Dies at 89

by ImperfectBlue
Apr 28, 7:38 PM | 37 Comments

Doraemon (1979) and Dragon Ball composer Shunsuke Kikuchi died of aspiration pneumonia on April 24. He was 89 years old.

Kikuchi was born on November 1, 1931, in Hirosaki-shi, Aomori Prefecture. His prolific career composing music for film, television, and anime began with the film Hachininme no Teki (The Eighth Enemy) in 1961 and spanned nearly six decades. He was a recipient of the Japanese Academy Film Prize for "Excellence in Music" in 1983 for the films Yuukai Houdou (To Trap a Kidnapper) and Seishun no Mon: Jiritsu-hen (The Gate of Youth Part 2), and in 2015 received a lifetime achievement award from the Japan Record Awards.

His work in the anime industry includes composing the music for the second and longest-running television anime adaptation of Doraemon, and for Dr. Slump: Arale-chan, Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z. He also scored over 40 anime films tied to these series.

Source: Asahi Shinbun Digital

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He helped us create our childhood memories. RIP greatest respect.

May 4, 6:16 AM by Ggsilhoutte

Literally the reason why DBZ is so epic! RIP man

May 2, 7:16 PM by Wakeno

His music was great. Dragon Ball's brilliant soundtrack made this show even more entertaining to watch. RIP

Apr 30, 9:17 PM by Adnash

Dragon Ball OST stil very amazing till this days thanks to him. A sad lost.

Apr 30, 7:21 PM by Montinihabato13

R.I.P legend .. and thanks for all these wonderful soundtracks you offered us

Apr 30, 3:59 PM by Doc101

You've done great work, now rest in peace :)

Apr 30, 8:41 AM by MegamiRem

Always sad to hear when a composer passes away. RIP

Apr 30, 7:51 AM by AcbSnakeDemon

F for this great man.

Apr 30, 5:27 AM by tinos69

Really one of the greatest composers yet, I hope his work will be remembered for years to come, RIP

Apr 30, 3:50 AM by rustycableguy

What a legend, his music is one of the big reasons why watching Dragonball was so epic and badass. Rest in peace.

Apr 29, 11:43 PM by Gator

The Dragon Ball score is probably the most iconic soundtrack in anime history.
It's the sound of my childhood, and I'm still getting goosebumps listening to certain tracks. It really takes me back. Pure nostalgia.

Thank you for your amazing work and Rest in Peace, Kikuchi-san.

Apr 29, 4:35 PM by Hayle93

Kikuchi > Faulconer any day of the week. This made one of the most memorable soundtrack of all time. His contribution to anime will forever live on.

Apr 29, 4:05 PM by Adimus_prime

As someone who grew up with Doraemon and Dragon Ball for most of his life, this is heart obliteration.

May he rest in peace.

Apr 29, 3:32 PM by eze_tielve

Genius. To me, his DBZ score is infinitely better than the American soundtrack.

Apr 29, 3:15 PM by Boogiepop1989

RIP To a great anime composer.

Apr 29, 3:14 PM by Haneken2086

RIP, his mark will forever be left upon this world

Apr 29, 3:09 PM by master-ling

thanks for making our childhood awesome

Apr 29, 1:28 PM by TrapGod_Samin

Rest in Piece :(

Thank you for Dragon ball and Doraemon

Apr 29, 12:20 PM by ManWild

Rest and peace, i can't believe you're gone. :(

Apr 29, 8:48 AM by VentusGamer

Rest In Peace, I loved his Dragon Ball score. Piccolo’s theme is one of the most unique and creative melodies ever composed.

Apr 29, 8:31 AM by agmunguia01

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