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Second 'Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii' OVA Announces New Staff

by ImperfectBlue
Oct 19, 9:26 PM | 13 Comments
Publisher Ichijinsha announced on Monday that the tenth limited edition volume of Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku), which will bundle the second original video anime, will be released on February 26, 2021. The announcement also revealed new staff and a key visual (pictured) for the episode.

Director: Yayoi Takano (Uchi Tama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka? assistant director)
Chief Animation Director, Character Design: Yumi Nakamura (Gintama° animation director, design works)
Script: Teruko Utsumi (Sarazanmai)
Color Design: Yuki Akimoto (Kyousou Giga)
Art Director: Junki Tanaguchi (Cinderella Girls Gekijou)
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Shiokawa (Amaama to Inazuma)
Music: Akimitsu Honma (Kyoukai no Rinne), Yayoi Sekimukai (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun)
Sound Director: Masaki Tsuchiya (New Game!)
Sound Production: Half H.P Studio
Studio: Lapin Track

The first Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii OVA episode was bundled with the seventh limited edition volume in March 2019, which focuses on the second pair of main characters Tarou Kabakura and Hanako Koyanagi.

Author and illustrator Fujita began serializing the romantic comedy manga on Pixiv in April 2014. Ichijinsha transferred the manga to Comic POOL when the company and Pixiv launched the web manga platform in November 2015.

A-1 Pictures adapted the manga into a television anime that aired for 11 episodes in Spring 2018. Amazon's Prime Video service streamed the anime with English subtitles.

Source: Comic Natalie

13 Comments Recent Comments

this not satisfied me
only hololive girl makes my kokoro entertaining
i think soon or fast i quit watch anime

Nov 6, 1:17 PM by ZeroAXL

Wish amazon would at least stream the OVAs, this was a great arc

Oct 22, 4:33 AM by ricpower77

and I was wondering who was that girl? awesome spoiler.

Oct 22, 1:00 AM by Catalano

Why won't they give us a second season! I want to spend more time with the characters.

Oct 21, 3:47 PM by FuMomo-kun

Hallelujah, this is a welcome surprise!

Oct 21, 3:21 PM by xchyssa

No more A-1 huh but instead we got Lapin Track. Both Sarazanmai and UchiTama had good visuals and animation so hopefully they'll do great with Wotakoi ova too.

Oct 20, 12:09 PM by MegamiRem

when will they announce s2 tho

Oct 20, 11:29 AM by Danae


Oct 20, 6:38 AM by IMustBeNumb

This is such a bruh moment

Oct 20, 2:22 AM by Ravendawn


Oct 20, 1:01 AM by kaitoXotaku96

so this 2nd OVA will focus on naoya & kou! cuteeeee

hope that it would get a 2nd season in the future! would love to see more of the other couples too :)

Oct 19, 11:28 PM by ribbonaffair

hot key visual. I need to read this soon.

Oct 19, 10:58 PM by NextUniverse

Just give me season 2😭😭😭

Oct 19, 9:42 PM by Yato366

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