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TV Anime of 'Baraou no Souretsu' Manga Announced

by Vindstot
Sep 15, 9:25 AM | 33 Comments
Publishing company Akita Shoten announced a television anime adaptation of Aya Kanno's Baraou no Souretsu (Requiem of the Rose King) manga on Wednesday.

The crown of England has been hotly contested throughout history, and in the Middle Ages, a series of great civil wars became known as the War of the Roses. Claiming a right to the throne, the Duke of York seeks to unseat King Henry VI and his heir in order to become king himself.

On a dark day filled with many ill omens, the Duke gains a son: Richard Plantagenet, third of his name. Neither male nor female, but instead possessing characteristics of both sexes, Richard III is immediately reviled by his mother. Her hatred defines his childhood, leading to a deep disgust toward his own body and an adverse reaction to being called a demon.

Richard grows up troubled by visions of England's former foe, Joan of Arc, who taunts that he will bring ruin to all who know him. He believes that he can attain salvation by helping his father achieve his destiny of becoming the king. However, cursed by the expectations of both his mother and Joan, will Richard's actions instead drag his family down into darkness? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Kanno began serializing the historical dark fantasy manga in Monthly Princess in October 2013. Akita Shoten published the 14th volume on Wednesday.

VIZ Media licensed the manga in English in February 2015 and published the 12th volume on June 9. The 13th volume is set for a November 10 release. The manga has also been published in multiple foreign languages, including Chinese, Italian, Polish, French, and Spanish.


Manga official page:
Manga official Twitter: @baraou_info

Source: Comic Natalie

Baraou no Souretsu on MAL

20 of 33 Comments Recent Comments

For all of you guys, yes it's not a yaoi, and it's not a harem BUT it is pretty fckn gay xd I love the manga so they better not mess this up

Sep 17, 1:36 PM by oneyedk1ng

We rarely see intersex characters in anime and the synopsis sounds interesting definitely going to watch it.

The announcement trailer kinda gave harem vibes...

Sep 16, 10:20 PM by Rickydory123

After my experience with Afterschool Nightmare and reading the comments from trans people in their reviews for this manga, I'm hesitant to give it a try but...I will anyway lol.

Sep 16, 8:21 PM by Chouninatte

As always, homophobes have descended in the comments section. These people will keep hating on a show and writing "I thought it was interesting till I realised it was yaoi/queerbait uwu" comments even when the show will be airing

Anyhow, this looks this has potential. PTW

Sep 16, 9:30 AM by lazyinternetsand

Look like an interesting historical drama and apparently has an intersex protag. I'll check it out :)

Sep 16, 7:36 AM by kaider28

I love the manga. I hope the adaptation will be good.

Sep 16, 4:00 AM by Daydream_Kurama

Boazanian said:
Never heard of this until now, and it sounded so interesting 'cause alternative history is cool - until I saw the manga panels... Would've put on the PTW if it wasn't just another yaoi anime.

Good thing it's a shoujo then?

Sep 16, 4:00 AM by Bernrika

>bl subtext
no thx skip

Sep 16, 1:09 AM by tragedydesu


Sep 16, 12:52 AM by Hiryu12

It literaly says "historical dark fantasy" and that the main character is intersex. And I still see comments like "just another yaoi".

Something like that could be said 10+ years ago, but be real people, we're not in that era anymore.

Sep 16, 12:05 AM by Nutella71

The gay panic is as I expected. Delicious.

I voted for this! Love me another beautiful Richard and Henry is so gorgeous. I've been anticipating the anime announcement of this dark shoujo series for so long. I hope drama CD cast returns and anime does manga art justice.

Sep 15, 10:45 PM by Shadow-Chan

The description actually reminds me of Vinland Saga, it also sounds like a pretty dark story

The artwork gives me those vibes as well, yes as people have mentioned it supposedly looks more yaoi esc, but I don't know it looks more like it's just from a magazine primarily aimed at girls/women/me

Sep 15, 9:01 PM by NG_Chloe

Boazanian said:
Never heard of this until now, and it sounded so interesting 'cause alternative history is cool - until I saw the manga panels... Would've put on the PTW if it wasn't just another yaoi anime.

From what I hear online, this actually a lot more than just another yaoi anime

Sep 15, 8:58 PM by NG_Chloe

Looks interesting. I gonna check!!!

And seems gay, so I am totally in!!!

Sep 15, 4:26 PM by Luisito14

spectrojan said:
Lmao never knew Gender Bender was a genre on MAL

Read in a review that the whole premise is spoiled due to it being an excuse for indirectly being a yaoi story. I can see myself thinking along the same lines already so it's probably not for me.

Since an intersex person can identify as male and be attracted to the same sex, i'm reluctant to call it an excuse.. In any case, I'd probably have to watch it first before i could pidgeon-hole it into anything..

Sep 15, 4:09 PM by this_shit_again

Looks interesting. I might get the first volume to see if it’s my thing.

Sep 15, 3:52 PM by SebCyrSC2000

Lmaooo typical of people to judge something as "yaoi" solely based on the manga cover and design, that's so dumb.

Anyways, wow I never expected this would ever get an anime adaptation, I'm
surprised and have mixed feelings about it. It's pretty dark. I haven't read it in years so I'm not caught up, but it's definitely a lot more brutal and not the stupid "bishie" label that people make it out to be. In my case anyways, I'm reading it only cause of the story and one character
since I don't even like the art.

Sep 15, 3:33 PM by AllIsManga

RiseUp_SS-kun said:
I think I will skip this, the character designs gives me gay vibes. Art is good but gay is not good for my eyes and brain.

that's pretty fucking hilarious coming form you who has a stupidly hideous signature that reads:


omfg lmao you're damn ridiculous

Sep 15, 3:07 PM by ahneeme

beargolfer said:

There's another one, though it's not the main! (listed under spoiler)

interesting! it's been added to my ptw!

Sep 15, 2:19 PM by rubybestgirl

Never heard of this until now, and it sounded so interesting 'cause alternative history is cool - until I saw the manga panels... Would've put on the PTW if it wasn't just another yaoi anime.

Sep 15, 1:53 PM by Boazanian

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