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'Mouseman' Theatrical Animation Premiere, Full Staff and Cast Announced

by ImperfectBlue
Aug 13, 12:35 AM | 2 Comments
Independent distributor Gachinko Film opened a website for the crowdfunded anime Mouseman: Ai no Katamari on Thursday. The website reveal included the film's full staff and cast, a key visual (pictured), and a trailer. It will screen exclusively at Cine Libre Ikebukuro in Tokyo from September 25 to October 8. An online advance screening is scheduled for August 29 at 8 p.m. JST.

Mouseman: Yoshimasa Hosoya (BNA)
Hiroko: Akane Fujisaki (Mata Itsuka, Kimi to)
Rika: Miwako Natsukawa (Period of the Mouseman)
Ai no Katamari: Ai Hoshikawa (Shell and Joint live-action film)
Mama: Shinji Oosaki
Yumi: Ayaka Sakuraba
Michiru: Fairy Midorikawa
Rena: Ai Fujisawa
Soldier 1, Newscaster: Hiroki Arino
Soldier 2: Touya Tsukuyomikagurakono
Taxi Driver: Pierre Itou

Original Creator, Director, Script: Pierre Itou (Mouseman series, Matsumoto-kun)
Assistant Director, Script: Takumi Yagahashi
Script Cooperation: Ria Mizuki
Art: BOXY, Noon Tb, Ayami Onaka, Nattou Jinriki, Kyokutou Animation, Tamaa, Imouto, Pierre Itou
Effects: Ryouto Seki, Keita Chiyomatsu, Pierre Itou
Storyboard: Pierre Itou
Storyboard Assistant: Nattou Jinriki
Rotoscope Model: Imouto
Sound Editing: Tokyo Gorilla Monogatari
Sound Recording: Little Monster
Background Music: Kokoro Mashima, Tokyo Gorilla Monogatari, Mutokoo, Ryousuke Sogano
Character Design: Pierre Itou, BOXY
Planning Cooperation: Toushu Iizuka
Cooperation: PAP Kikaku, Sun Yell Sagamihara, Minori Takayama, Enpitsu, Hiroki Arino, Sapporo Net TV
Studio: Studio Kingyoiro
Promotion, Distribution: Gachinko Film

BeeTAN is credited with composing the film's theme songs, "Overflow" and "Embrace."

Mouseman: Ai no Katamari was announced on crowdfunding platform Campfire in December 2019. Crowdfunding closed on February 14, and the project exceeded its goal of 500,000 yen (approximately US$4,685) by 446,500 yen (US$4,184). The film was produced with the staff and cast working remotely.

This is the second feature film in director Pierre Itou's Mouseman series, which includes 70 shorts uploaded to Youtube since October 2016. The previous film, Period of the Mouseman, had a limited theatrical release earlier this year and was added to Amazon Prime Video for Japan on July 27.


Official site:
Official Twitter: @mouseman1234

Source: Ota★Suke, Official Twitter

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the animation in this pv reminds me of nyan neko sugar girls

Aug 14, 7:04 AM by fizzytastic

Note: Some of the romanized names for staff and cast members may be incorrect (though Imouto and Enpitsu are not among them), I will address any issues with them if and when more information becomes available.

Aug 13, 12:40 AM by ImperfectBlue