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Voice Actor Junichi Gotou Dies at 40

by Kingsman117
Feb 24, 12:12 PM | 18 Comments
Various news outlets have reported that at 9:00 a.m. on Monday that voice actor Junichi Gotou died due to a motorcycle accident. The incident occurred at the Shuto Metropolitan Expressway Haneda Line in the Ota ward of Tokyo. According to the Metropolitan Police investigating, Gotou collided into the sidewall while attempting to change lanes. He was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to the nearest hospital. He was 40 years old.

Gotou was born in Osaka city on October 4, 1979 and lived in Tokyo's Meguro ward. He was best known for his role as the titular character in Trigger's Inferno Cop, where he also reprised the role in Uchuu Patrol Luluco. He had worked on a variety of supporting acts throughout his career, including roles in the currently-airing Detective Conan, Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Tegamibachi. He also worked in live-action and was featured in the Japanese dub of the Korean drama Winter Sonata.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun

18 Comments Recent Comments

Rest well. He looks like a soldier.

Feb 28, 5:12 AM by hazecloud

That's a sad way to go. Hopefully it was fast enough to be painless.

Feb 27, 8:03 PM by malvarez1

RIP. Sad news indeed.

Feb 26, 1:27 AM by Magito

Rest in peace, Inferno Cop. We will miss you very much!

Feb 25, 11:13 PM by Verdandy

Will never forget his legendary badass role as the Inferno Cop.

Rest in peace, man.

Feb 25, 9:55 PM by Skittles

Inferno Cop won’t be the same... my condolences

Feb 25, 5:44 PM by ChartTopper60

Fortunately, I have never seen anything he was a part of.
First helicopter, now motorcycle... People should value themselves more, and doubt modernity at every turn.

Feb 25, 12:16 PM by Daniel_Naumov

That's really sad and unfortunate. RIP.
We will miss you.

Feb 25, 11:16 AM by hgeronimo

Inferno Cop was great RIP
Season 2 will be weird

Feb 25, 12:49 AM by Catalano

Well shit. Never thought he'd become Inferno Cop for real.

This sucks, a life snuffed out just like that, and at the ripe age of 40, too. Thanks for the memories, good sir.

Feb 24, 10:01 PM by Lil-Bird

Damn RIP.

He didn't voice much but at least managed to voice the real one Inferno Cop himself.

Feb 24, 9:49 PM by Ramkec

Geez this is rough, but at least hes in a better place now

Feb 24, 7:13 PM by Azphix

God this sucks to hear, I remember Season 2 of Inferno Cop got announced a few years ago

Feb 24, 6:35 PM by fofo808

He was a real legend. R.I.P.

Feb 24, 4:54 PM by ReaperCreeper

Man he was so young. This is tragic.
Rest in Peace, thank you for giving voice to Inferno Cop.

Feb 24, 3:49 PM by Illyricus

May his soul rest in peace.

Feb 24, 1:15 PM by Haneken2086

damn Inferno Cop will never be the same without him RIP

Feb 24, 1:06 PM by deg

Rest in peace. Rip

Feb 24, 12:49 PM by janiwolf

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