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'Free!' Film Scheduled for 2020 is Postponed

by ImperfectBlue
Nov 12, 2:22 PM | 8 Comments
The latest film in the Free! franchise, Free! (2020), has been postponed. The Kyoto Animation production was scheduled to premiere in Summer 2020, but the official website announced that it has been indefinitely postponed due to various circumstances. The production team hopes to have an updated release date in the near future, and promised to do their best in creating a film in line with expectations.

The Free! series began in July 2013 and is based on the High☆Speed! light novel, an honorable mention in the second Kyoto Animation Awards in 2011. It was written by Kouji Ooji, with the late Futoshi Nishiya providing the illustrations. Nishiya was also the chief animation director for the High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days prequel film released in 2015 and the third season of the Free! TV anime series.

Source: Comic Natalie

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8 Comments Recent Comments

As excited I am for this film, this is the right choice. Praying for Kyoani to come back strong!

Nov 17, 3:41 AM by futurefishes

praying for you, kyoani. take your time and come back strong!!

Nov 15, 5:20 PM by fizzytastic

chapteria said:
So complicated. I heard Free Film is cancelled (source: Kotaku, BBC), now it's postponed. lol hhhh

You heard wrong. The sources say the scheduled trailer screening for July 19 was cancelled and not the film.

Nov 14, 4:02 PM by Shadow-Chan

So complicated. I heard Free Film is cancelled (source: Kotaku, BBC), now it's postponed. lol hhhh

Nov 14, 3:43 AM by chapteria

I’m looking forward to this! So take your time, KyoAni.

Nov 13, 3:44 PM by _MushiRock11_

completely understandable but sad to hear, I await for the return of KyoANi

Nov 13, 2:14 PM by fatedKujo

"Indefinitely" postponed??? Ouch...

Nov 12, 5:29 PM by Kaymyu

It's understandable.

Nov 12, 2:23 PM by shanimebib

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