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Comedy Shoujo Manga 'Oresama Teacher' Ends

by Sakana-san
Nov 6, 12:36 PM | 16 Comments
The 23rd 2019 issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine revealed on Tuesday that manga author Izumi Tsubaki will end her comedy series Oresama Teacher in the magazine's fifth 2020 issue on February 5.

Tsubaki, whose other works include the anime-adapted Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, began serializing Oresama Teacher in Hana to Yume in July 2007. Hakusensha shipped the 27th compiled volume on June 20.

Under the threat of being disowned, Mafuyu Kurosaki—an ex-delinquent with a strong sense of justice, exceptional fighting skills, and a very dense head—has to start a new life as a proper citizen and student at Midorigaoka Academy. Apart from adapting to a new school, Mafuyu also has to get used to living alone as the dorms are full. Therefore, she starts a new chapter in her life with limited funds, the inability to make even a cup of instant noodles, and a big dream of becoming "an ultra-shiny female high school student."

This dream, however, is quite hard to fulfill since Mafuyu's sense of style is uncouth, and troubles tend to find her no matter how hard she tries to avoid them. The path to her dreams is made more difficult because of Takaomi Saeki, her unordinary homeroom teacher with barely legal teaching methods, and her delinquent classmate Kaori Hayasaka, who becomes her first new friend.

Oresama Teacher follows Mafuyu's adventure full of hilarious situations, ridiculous misunderstandings, and exciting action sequences, all while she still tries to become a normal feminine girl. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Marine Entertainment released four drama CDs, which adapted select chapters and were bundled with Hana to Yume issues in 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2015. Eri Kitamura, Ken Narita, and Takahiro Mizushima voiced the main characters Mafuyu, Takaomi, and Hayasaka, respectively. To commemorate the manga's tenth anniversary in 2017, a fifth drama CD that featured new cast was released with the 24th volume (side A) and Hana to Yume's 16th 2017 issue (side B).

Viz Media licensed the series for North America under its Shojo Beat imprint in 2010, and released the first volume of the manga in March 2011. The company shipped volume 26 in July.

Source: Comic Natalie

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16 Comments Recent Comments

I heard the news from the mangaka's Twitter account already :( I love this manga so much! It's just so funny just like Nozaki-kun. I love shoujo manga and my favourite kind of shoujo manga is definitely romantic comedy/gag. I hope she starts a new series since Nozaki-kun is not really story-driven. It's episodic comedy. I'll be waiting for a similar series to Oresama Teacher from her^^

Nov 10, 12:00 AM by kuroshure

livexevil said:
Chiibi said:

I'd watch the hell outta that. xD

we need more shoujo manga like this to get adapted, the last time shoujo anime that i find enjoyable and super hilarious is skip beat, its pity comedy shoujo thats not too tropey/cringey rarely got adapted :/

Oh my god, this ^ For real ;;

Nov 9, 12:39 AM by Liaeves

Chiibi said:
livexevil said:
They should make an anime adaptation of this manga :((

I'd watch the hell outta that. xD

we need more shoujo manga like this to get adapted, the last time shoujo anime that i find enjoyable and super hilarious is skip beat, its pity comedy shoujo thats not too tropey/cringey rarely got adapted :/

Nov 7, 7:53 PM by livexevil

livexevil said:
They should make an anime adaptation of this manga :((

I'd watch the hell outta that. xD

Nov 7, 8:33 AM by Chiibi

So this isn't getting an anime after all. I feel bad for the fans, they've been wishing for an anime for years and the manga is very popular for a shoujo.

Nov 7, 6:15 AM by alpha_shadow

They should make an anime adaptation of this manga :((

Nov 7, 3:45 AM by livexevil

Aaahh, for a quick sec I thought it was an anime adaption announcement. I was let down T T

I love this series to bits. Definitely on my top 2. I currently read up to 23 volumes (waiting to get more money to buy the rest of them). I'm sad this series is ending so soon =( I have enjoyed Oresama Teacher so much. One of the most hilarious manga I have ever read. I hope everything ends on a good note and many situations resolved.

I'm still cheering for my OTP Mafuyu x Kangawa. Fight me.

Nov 6, 10:36 PM by Liaeves

Last I read this was in high school. Nearly forgot everything about it, although I remember the main duo being highly likeable.

Nov 6, 10:00 PM by Skittles

It had a good run. I enjoyed first and second year a lot and I still haven't caught up with 3rd year but it pretty enjoyable too. There's still some mysteries to be unraveled that can done in the 3rd year so hopefully Tsubaki-sensei will be able to tie all the loose end and hopefully sail one of the numerous ship at the end :')

Honestly I have no big hope for mafuyu but at least let the side ship sails pls...

I'm gonna miss this manga for sure and hopefully Tsubaki-sensei next manga after nozaki-kun will be just as enjoyable!

Nov 6, 9:42 PM by Thai777

I really do need to get caught up with this one. While it doesn't have Gekkan Shoujo level of comedy it's still pretty funny

Nov 6, 8:15 PM by Short_Circut

Oof, wouldn't mind some more volumes for Mafuyu's third year. First and second year had 11 volumes each, so I was kinda expecting the series to pass the 33 volume mark. But tbh, there's not much left the series has to do anyways.

Hopefully it gets an anime with the drama CD seiyuu cast. I doubt it'll happen now, with the manga ending.

Nov 6, 6:39 PM by GoldenDevilGamer

People were attacking me last year when I said that it's being rushed.

What a loss.

Nov 6, 6:33 PM by mafuyuu14

I love the heroine and her friend...but I hate her teacher. xD Don't wanna see them end up I dropped it a while back.

I might finish it anyway though since it's so damn hilarious.

Geeze, Tsubaki needs to create a main couple I can ship, dammit.

I don't like NozakixChiyo either; she deserves better

Nov 6, 6:05 PM by Chiibi

I'm sure the major fans of this are sad to see it go, but I will admit I'm a little selfishly happy. I've read around 45 chapters of this and I absolutely love it, but I struggle with reading ongoing manga. I'm glad I'll now be able to sit down and binge read it all.

Nov 6, 3:13 PM by heydaycapriccio

this is a great manga i started and never caught up on, highly reccomend this to anyone that likes nozaki-kun but wants a slight bit of traditional shoujoness in between the comedy. Shame this never got an anime.

Honestly assumed this was never really going to end anytime soon, hopefully it doesnt mean nozaki is gonna end sooner than I expected too cause I am totally fine with that going on forever.

Nov 6, 3:11 PM by JizzyHitler

One of the gems. Gonna miss it for sure. :')

Nov 6, 1:12 PM by shanimebib

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