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Seiyuu Yuzuru Fujimoto Dies

by Sakana-san
Jun 17, 5:36 AM | 11 Comments
Talent management firm 81 Produce has announced that voice actor Yuzuru Fujimoto died on June 10 due to heart failure while undergoing treatment at a hospital. He was 83. A private funeral held by his family has already taken place.

Fujimoto was born on September 24, 1935 in Tokyo with the birth name Taijou Fujimoto. Some of his voice roles include Sawatari from Bleach, Mushin from InuYasha, Daisuke Endou from Inazuma Eleven, and Jubstacheit von Einzbern from Fate/Zero. He also voiced three supporting characters—Shigemori Sakamaki, Tani, and Akishige Ishizuchi—from the currently airing Detective Conan.

He also featured in Japanese dubs of live-action Western films such as Marvel's Iron Man 2, and the first 11 James Bond films produced between 1962 and 1979, dubbing a recurring character named M who was originally played by Bernard Lee.

Source: Comic Natalie

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The 2020 expiration date of all 20th century anime talent is coming up fast.

Jun 19, 5:38 PM by VyseLegendaire

His smile is so pure... I'm sorry he died. : (

Jun 17, 6:20 PM by Shonen-Heatful

Rest in paradise my good sir. Thank you for all of your contributions

Jun 17, 3:04 PM by Bluerose2095

At least this guy was able to live a long life before departing.

Jun 17, 1:23 PM by Playcool

Endou Daisuke, grandpa ;A;

Jun 17, 11:19 AM by Chouninatte

May his soul rest in peace. He had a long career with some great dubs.

Jun 17, 10:39 AM by Haneken2086

RIP but legends never die

Jun 17, 7:54 AM by deg

Dubbing M and redubbing Degwin? Nice.

Jun 17, 7:50 AM by Rei366

This guy has starred in some of my favorite animes (Fate/Zero, Bleach, Katangatari, FMA...), and I didn't even realized it.

May he Rest in Peace.

Jun 17, 6:03 AM by Illyricus

None of his anime roles are familiar to me sadly, but it's awesome to know he did some significant dubs for Hollywood films.

Rest in peace.

Jun 17, 6:01 AM by Skittles

Damn, the guy who voiced the original M in James Bond. That's pretty cool.

Rest in peace.

Jun 17, 5:42 AM by Shymander

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