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'Vinland Saga' TV Anime Adds More Cast

by Sakana-san
Jun 2, 9:47 AM | 16 Comments
The official website for Wit Studio's TV anime adaptation of Makoto Yukimura's Vinland Saga announced more cast members and posted a promotional video on Sunday. The first three episodes of the 24-episode series will debut on NHK General on July 8 at 12:10 a.m. Amazon Prime Video will also stream the series from July 7.

Floki: Atsushi Ono (Re:Creators)
Leif Erikson: Youji Ueda (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV))
Helga: Ao Takahashi (Kingdom)
Ylva: Hitomi Nabatame (Bleach)
Ragnar: Jin Urayama (Sakura Quest)
Willibald: Satoshi Hino (Gintama)
Asgeir: Ryouta Takeuchi (Haikyuu!!)
Sweyn Forkbeard: Takayuki Sugou (Jigoku Shoujo)
Torgrim: Hiroki Gotou (Darling in the FranXX)
Atli: Shinya Takahashi (Durarara!!)
The Ear: Makoto Furukawa (One Punch Man)
Ari: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru)
Halfdan: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Fairy Tail)

The promotional video also includes a preview of the opening theme song "MUKANJYO" performed by Survive Said The Prophet.


Shuuhei Yabuta (Inuyashiki) is directing the anime featuring character designs by Takahiko Abiru (Hunter x Hunter (2011) animation director). Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100) is in charge of the series composition and also writing the script with Kenta Ihara (Youjo Senki). Yutaka Yamada (Tokyo Ghoul) is composing the music.

Source: Comic Natalie

16 Comments Recent Comments

oh so its the ED song i was hoping the tryhard edgy song is not the OP lol

Jun 9, 6:58 AM by deg

This is a type of show i would really check out as an anime. It's way too serious as a manga :D
Trailer gives a nice impression. I just hope the story keeps interesting. Has Berserk vibes.

Jun 6, 5:35 AM by Lylaaz

modboy said:
I heard this will be good but it's still not catching my eye (or ears for that matter).

Same. A lot of people hyping this up but I don't see the hype.

Jun 3, 9:14 AM by TheKing528

The information was revealed during the premiere screening event on Sunday morning.

Jun 2, 6:59 PM by tsubasalover

I heard this will be good but it's still not catching my eye (or ears for that matter).

Jun 2, 5:37 PM by modboy

HYPER IS REAL !!!!!!!!!!

Jun 2, 3:55 PM by Fundashi666

that tryhard edgy song though lol

Jun 2, 2:46 PM by deg

Oh, this is 2-cour? So they'll probably do the entire "prologue" arc I'm guessing.

Not impressed by the 3 episodes in a day thing when half the art consists of terrible 3DCG. Also expecting their "let's narrate this for a few minutes using a couple of still images"-trick. But it's not full 3DCG like Berserk at the very least, so that's something.

Jun 2, 1:54 PM by Nickienator

Dayuumm son! Three episodes in one day?!?!?

Christmas comes early this year!

Jun 2, 11:37 AM by Dave_Adrian

Just a repost from another forum...

July 7, it’s just over a month away from now! More excited with the first three episodes airing together, it’ll surely set the tone for the remaining episodes to come and deliver!
A little disheartening that Amazon Prime Video has got the rights for this series but I hope they’ll deliver more consisitently this time!

Anyway, that aside, didn’t really like the Op much especially towards the end of the PV 3. It’s got a fine tune though but well who knows maybe it’ll just grow on me with time. But for some reason, I was expecting a banger(something groundbreaking like Unravel or Guren no Yuima level) so I can’t deny I’m a little disappointed of sorts.

Still highly looking forward to the show nevertheless!

Jun 2, 10:52 AM by _MushiRock11_

Three episodes in one sitting? Oh man. What did we do to deserve you Wit.

Jun 2, 10:42 AM by Phlaryx

Three episodes in one day? Best news I heard today!

Jun 2, 10:35 AM by MonkeyDHunter

Looks like they are ahead of schedule if they can debut 3 episodes in 1 day. Wit def is a strong ass studio that can do high quality action anime and make it look consistent. I am glad they have another strong source material to work with.

Jun 2, 10:12 AM by moodie

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