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'Yami Shibai' Receives Seventh Season in Summer 2019

by Vindstot
May 20, 8:44 PM | 23 Comments
Television station TV Tokyo announced a seventh anime season for the Yami Shibai short horror anime series on Monday. The new season—based on the setting of "closed space"—will begin airing in July 2019. Each episode will stream a week ahead of the television broadcast on TV Tokyo's AniTele website.

Kanji Tsuda is reprising his roles as the storyteller from the previous seasons. Ryouta Murai, who appeared throughout the series, is also returning as a cast member.

Television, stage, and variety show actors Shunsaku Yoshimura, Ryou Shinoda (Ore Monogatari!!), Masaki Sawai, and Nobuhiko Ooakami from the Nanafushigi comedy duo are serving as voice actors in the new season.

New voice cast from the animation and live stage field include Rimo Hasegawa (Mazinger Z: Infinity), Sena Horikoshi, Hikaru Kotama (Usakame), Yuuki Nishinoya, and Aya Oota.

The new season also casts virtual YouTuber Taku Nanase, and veteran film stars Kumi Nakamura (Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora), Sachiko Nakagome (Kenchou no Hoshi), and Kazuo Andou (Tsuru Akira: Kokoro no Kiseki).

Kenichi Sugimoto is directing the seventh season at ILCA, with production cooperation by IANDA and DRAWIZ. Hiromu Kumamoto is returning to write the script from the previous installments. Theatre director Mitsuhiro Sasaki (Ghost Scout live-action film), occult storyteller Ayako Yamaguchi (Yami Shibai 5), and novice playwright Saki Kuniyoshi are also joining Kumamoto as scriptwriters.

Yuu Ebihara, Tatsuya Morino, Yukio Kanesada, and Yoroshi Aka are returning as key animators from the last season. New key animators include Seiya Yamaguchi, Atsushi Itou (Shakugan no Shana II (Second)), and Saya Kanamura.

TV Tokyo and ILCA producers Norio Yamakawa and Takuya Iwasaki are returning as series planner. Satoshi Umetsu (Captain Tsubasa (2018)) and Akira Funada are credited as producers.

The band betcover!!, lead by novice artist Jirou Yanase, will perform the ending theme "Kekkai."

The first Yami Shibai anime season premiered in Summer 2013 and the sixth and latest season aired in Summer 2018, with each season focusing on a specific theme. Crunchyroll simulcast the seasons as they aired in Japan. Sentai Filmworks licensed the first two seasons in December 2015 and shipped them on a Blu-ray and DVD volume in April 2016.

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A CM aired after OPM today that it will start on July 7 midnight (which means July 8 after midnight). Official site has also updated with the airing date.

Jun 18, 10:14 AM by tsubasalover

MindOfOsaka said:
Jeez. Why don't some of you just stop watching this series if it hurts you this much. Why click and comment just to say ot sucks? To that I say:you suck.

Well the same applies to your comment, if you didn't like the other comments why even bother replying? i'm really curious to hear you out

Jun 9, 12:46 AM by heitorx

Well, that's a good news.

May 25, 12:39 AM by Detective1412

With each new season, I have less hope that YS will become as scary and creepy as in the first seasons. However, why not? I love Japanese horrors.

May 22, 2:33 PM by RobertBobert

alexrus said:
6th was the strongest, so good news.
No season beats the 1st one

May 22, 11:28 AM by Klad

I'm excited! As long as it isn't as bad as season 3 or 4 I'll be fine.

May 22, 11:27 AM by removed-user

Jeez. Why don't some of you just stop watching this series if it hurts you this much. Why click and comment just to say ot sucks? To that I say:you suck.

May 22, 8:02 AM by MindOfOsaka

Among all the Japanese interstitials I've watched, this is my favorite.

but then again, the only real competition in this category are things like Charady's daily joke, but hey, get hyped.

May 21, 10:19 PM by DrMondaiNashi

Ohhhhhh nnnnnnooooooo.
Okay okay. Last season wasn't terrible, and season five did have its strong points, but ugh, man... it's always a gamble with Yami Shibai.;; I'm not even a gambler, yet I keep gambling with this series.
So I guess... I'm watching season seven.
Hopefully it will be fine. I doubt we'll get on the same level as season one, but Yami Shibai is still entertaining even with its flaws.

May 21, 9:02 PM by Swiggy

no one asked for this

May 21, 6:26 PM by spaceinvaderlum

I'm really curious how more of this keeps getting made.

May 21, 3:46 PM by joe_g7

Still hoping it'll be just as good as season one.

May 21, 12:59 PM by Psyche_Izaya

Season 5 and 6 weren't season 4 level bad, but still bad. Please stop. I wasn't too big on the first season, but it had some novelty. Novelty is the last thing this series knows now.

May 21, 9:33 AM by GoldenDevilGamer

Seriously stop it. Yami shibai first season was truly something else, but after that it kept getting worse

May 21, 9:11 AM by Xenocrisi

I stopped watching a while ago cause it was depressing how bad it got, did season 6 actually finally reach the quality of the first to a degree?

May 21, 8:07 AM by JizzyHitler

Season 1 & 6 are the best, the rest are pretty bad.. though doesn't hurt to get more horror anime, it's short and easy to consume anyway. Hope it turns out well.

May 21, 5:03 AM by ToG25thBaam

Hmmmmm, let's hope it's good.

May 21, 4:59 AM by CondemneDio

They better include the "Yotterashai Mitterashai" part or else!

May 21, 4:57 AM by Gnowmickly

6th was the strongest, so good news.

May 21, 1:03 AM by alexrus

Yami Shibai: great concept on paper, but I despised the actual execution. The first season was definitely a decent start, and piqued my interest in the kinds of stories they'd be able to tell with such a unique style, but it quickly went to shit with S2. And now here they are, beating the same dead horse for the seventh year in a row.

May 20, 11:30 PM by Greyleaf

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