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Mangaka Monkey Punch Dies

by sevenPocky
Apr 16, 11:38 AM | 45 Comments
It was announced on Wednesday that the mangaka behind the Lupin III series, Monkey Punch, died from pneumonia last Thursday. He was 81 years old.

Born in Hokkaido on May 26, 1937, as Katou Kazuhiko, his first serialization was Playboy Nyuumon in Futabasha's Manga Story magazine, published under the pen name Eiji Gamuta. Two years later, he released his hit series Lupin III and adopted his pen name Monkey Punch. The manga was serialized in the first issue of Futabasha's Weekly Manga Action magazine and ran until 1972 with 14 compiled volumes. It spawned numerous animation and live-action film and television adaptations, as well as video game and other various adaptations based on the series.

He received multiple awards for his work, including the San Diego Comic-Con INKPOT award, Rome Comics Festival ROMICS Award, AMD Achievement Award, and Tokyo Anime Award. In addition to researching 3D art, he was also a visiting lecturer for various universities.

Source: Mantan Web

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I was so shocked when I learned of this several days ago. Such an immense loss for the anime and manga community. He was one of the legends of the anime/manga industry. Thank you very much for all the great stories of Lupin III and gang, Monkey Punch. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Apr 22, 4:23 PM by 10KenX6

Very sad. very influential figure in the industry

Apr 20, 5:58 PM by Claptrap

I just recently finished all Lupin
Especially Lupin III part 1-3, it's just so nice

Thank you for Lupin I'll never forget :(

Apr 20, 5:34 AM by Rayl1ght

Damn. Though he lived to 81, I think that's almost a feat in modern mangaka standards.

Thank you Monkey Punch!

Apr 19, 9:45 AM by Stripes

Rip legend!
Thank you for all that you’ve done!

Apr 18, 11:02 PM by _MushiRock11_

The guy's mark on anime is undeniable.

Apr 18, 11:30 AM by malvarez1

The creator of Lupin III? What a loss. May he rest peacefully.

Apr 18, 4:05 AM by changelog

A real fucking shame.

Apr 18, 12:33 AM by Chandela

Wow this is a huge loss in industry. Lupin has always been such a good series. I guess its time to get back to it again.

Apr 17, 8:58 AM by Biggus

He has created a myth and has lived to see it succeed, in recent years he has even been able to see anime transpositions faithful to his style and died at 81 years of age. Sincerely? Beyond the family sphere (of which I know nothing, therefore, I do not express myself) has had a great life and there is not the slightest bit to regret that it is over. A natural death after a good life, I sign it.

Apr 17, 4:54 AM by Skana

Rest in Piece. The Lupin franchise is fucking legendary and incredibly underrated and underappreciated. He really managed to make something special and hopefully more people will learn to appreciate this series.

Apr 17, 3:15 AM by alpha_shadow

You Done Great Works ! RIP ! Thanks you !

Apr 17, 3:05 AM by manytoon

Rest in peace.

Lupin is a classic anime he will always be remembered.

Apr 17, 1:26 AM by Sensus_97


Lupin salutes

Apr 16, 11:31 PM by Ramkec

May he rest in peace.

Generations are passing, the classic "do you feel old yet?" moment of the year.

Just like those moments in P5 or Danganronpa where none of the kids got the references.

Apr 16, 10:37 PM by DrMondaiNashi

wish they dont cancel last movie of lupin fujiko movie

Apr 16, 10:02 PM by Nozila

R.I.P it's sad to say goodbye will always remember you for all the great adventures with Lupin III & the gang, Thanks for Lupin III and more Monkey Punch.

Apr 16, 9:21 PM by FaustoW

Oh, man. This really hurts me. I was just going to rewatch Lupin at the end of the week, too. Rest in peace, Monkey Punch.

Apr 16, 8:28 PM by ChartTopper60

Dayum. Sad to hear. Rest in peace, Monkey Punch!

Apr 16, 8:04 PM by TheKing528

Rest in Peace.. I had a feeling this would inevitable happen still had me really sad :(

Part of me glad that he had a chance to watch the newest TV parts which managed to return back after 30 years without losing its charm. He also directed (as a chief director) the last year's Lupin special episode as well which I really loved it.

Apr 16, 7:42 PM by SkyDrop

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