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Third Project Anima Winner Announced

by tsubasalover
Mar 6, 2019 2:00 AM | 13 Comments
The official website for the previously announced Project Anima has revealed Mebius Dust by Hajime Shinagawa as the winner of the kids/game anime theme on Wednesday. Studio Doga Kobo will be in charge of the anime adaptation to be released in 2020, the format of which is still unknown.

On February 29, 2000, a group of Mebius meteorites fell down to earth. These meteorites brought new material called Mebius Dust, which dissolves in air and can cause miracles. The day the Mebius meteorites fell was dubbed 2.29, and the economic disparity in Japan increased dramatically after that day. A group of people fed up with the wealth inequality fought back with acts of terrorism. The police established a special group to fight against the the terrorists and a school to train members for that group.

Takeshi Hiramatsu from Doga Kobo commented that even though the story is dark and not typical for the kids genre, it centers around family bonds, battles using special powers, and new life after destruction. This submission matches the project goal for animation representing 2020.

The award ceremony for the third Project Anima winner will be held in the future. More information regarding the previously announced first Project Anima winner, Sakugan Labyrinth Marker, will be announced via AnimeJapan 2019 on March 23.

Project Anima is a collaboration project between DeNA, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc., Sotsu, and MBS. The winner for the project's first anime theme, which is a sci-fi/mecha anime by studio Satelight, was announced last August. The second anime, which is fantasy-themed by J.C.Staff, was announced last October.

Source: Comic Natalie

13 Comments Recent Comments

Mar 22, 2019 11:04 PM by tsubasalover

At first glance, the boy in front looks like Midoriya from MHA, probably because of his hair o((*^▽^*))o

The synopsis is quite interesting, maybe I'll watch if it's released

Mar 7, 2019 4:36 PM by Dark_Weebs

Interesting. And made by Doga Kobo as well! Definitely gonna watch this.

Mar 6, 2019 12:02 PM by Groenboys

The art, for some reason, reminds me of Caligula

Mar 6, 2019 10:51 AM by _Ako_

Kids huh. I better see that "kids" tag attached to this. Meteors dissolve and things happen. I wonder what kinds of things.

The three ANIMA winners have been announced, and I am going to support all of them. I hope they all do a good job.

Mar 6, 2019 9:14 AM by Tarotist

I'm not so sure about this but who knows, it might be nice.

Mar 6, 2019 8:39 AM by xchyssa

This sounds interesting, i'm keeping my eye on this!

Mar 6, 2019 8:30 AM by Dauphine

Huh, the comment related to Dogakobo's expense is quite... interesting I guess. xD though yeah I can see why since they have BARELY done stuff like this in their end as of recently.

Mar 6, 2019 7:24 AM by removed-user

I am surprised that Doga Kobo was more embarrassed that the story is dark and not for children, and not that the main characters are guys, lol.

Mar 6, 2019 6:27 AM by RobertBobert

The premise sounds kinda interesting I guess.

First time I've seen that image of the series.

Mar 6, 2019 5:44 AM by Stark700

@Rei366 Because they are submissions in various forms: either it is in already done form from Estar and Manga Box app., or just in idea forms (planning, script, etc.) from Project ANIMA site itself. In this case, it's a manga submission by the submitter Hajime Shinagawa.

Mar 6, 2019 5:07 AM by tsubasalover

Wait, wasn't this competition supposed to be between pitches for original projects? Why do the news seem to refer to them as adaptations of some book?

Mar 6, 2019 4:24 AM by Rei_III

Seems fairly interesting, so I’ll keep an eye on this for now!

And thus the three projects for Project Anima have been decided and set in motion, really nice to see such innovative ideas into the mix. I’m particularly looking forward to Studio Satelite’s project but I’ll be sure to check out the other two as well.

Mar 6, 2019 3:02 AM by _MushiRock11_