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OVA 'High Score Girl' Announces Additional Cast Members

by tsubasalover
Feb 21, 7:24 AM | 11 Comments

The official website for High Score Girl OVA has announced additional cast members. The three extra episodes, which serves as episodes 13 to 15 of the anime, will be included in a volume titled Extra Stage as well as on Netflix releasing on March 20, 2019.

Sagat Takadanobaba: Kenichi Suzumura (Kara no Kyoukai movie series)
Aulbath Ooimachi: Takuma Terashima (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken)
Blanka Honbotsu: Junichi Suwabe (ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka)
Sasquatch Tamagawakakuenmae: Kensho Ono (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze)

Source: Comic Natalie

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Screening event on March 21.

Mar 6, 5:56 AM by tsubasalover

actually quite excited, though how the first season ended wasn’t that good, hopefully this makes it all worth it.

Feb 25, 3:33 AM by BoshJaker

@ronald_bastian I've fixed the image. The image before had a girl and realized it's Shiori Izawa's character, which announced in the previous news instead of OnoKen's character.

Feb 24, 3:22 PM by tsubasalover

Except terashima, they're kiseki no sedai's members, and kensho and suwabe are stand user from jojo part 5

Btw, is sasquatch male or female ?

Feb 24, 8:04 AM by ronald_bastian

Hmm, if I'm not mistaken at the end of the first season it mentioned that'll extra episodes will come, so I was expecting this.

Feb 23, 10:27 AM by nerojeko

@glassknuckles I'm sorry, I cannot answer to that question because it doesn't specify if it will be available only in Japan or worldwide.

Feb 22, 11:30 AM by tsubasalover

@tsubasalover Netflix USA or Netflix Japan? I don't have any faith Netflix will 'simulcast' this in North America when they don't simulcast anything else.

Feb 22, 10:31 AM by glassknuckles

@glassknuckles Unless the official site, official Twitter and the source article are lying, all mention (even multiple times on official Twitter) that all three eps. will also release on the same day on Netflix as the BD & DVD release.

Feb 22, 1:29 AM by tsubasalover

I hope it's actually going to be on Netflix Mar. 20...

Feb 21, 11:43 PM by glassknuckles

looking forward to this as well, decided to give this a shot last week and ended up binge-watching the entire series on the Sunday, so will defo be watching the OVA although a part of me kinda wished for a proper S2 but oh well haha

Feb 21, 2:14 PM by ArbiterUK

Oh yeah, totally hyped for this to come already despite not knowing much about the new cast members!
March 20 is veterinary going to be a good day, looking forward to this!

Feb 21, 7:51 AM by _MushiRock11_

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