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Seiyuu Nanako Mori Announces Marriage

by tsubasalover
Feb 12, 7:51 PM | 7 Comments
Seiyuu Nanako Mori has announced via her Twitter on Wednesday that she married a man not from the industry, who works in the office. She mentioned that she will continue working as a seiyuu. She also celebrates her birthday today on Wednesday.

Mori was interested in becoming both seiyuu and Takarazuka actress since she was young. Before becoming a seiyuu, Mori was an actress in Snow Team of Takarazuka Revue Company, where she acted male roles under the name Chihaya Saeki. She entered the school of Takarazuka in 2003, entered the company in 2005, and did her final show in 2009. She then used her real name to work after graduating from Takarazuka Revue Company. She was a finalist of Miss Universe Japan in 2012. Mori debuted as a seiyuu where her first role was Pox from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi in 2013, but it was not until 2015 that she entered Mausu Production. She also voiced Akira Kenjou from the Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode series, Aisley from Shiyan Pin Jiating, and more.

Source: Mori's Twitter

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OnionKnightRises said:
Oh thank god, whenever I see Seiyuu in an article title, I just assume another VA has died.

Hahaha. I know, right? I saw the thumbnail and the word seiyuu, and immediately thought "But she looks so young."

Feb 13, 7:18 PM by FuMomo-kun

Oh thank god, whenever I see Seiyuu in an article title, I just assume another VA has died.

Feb 13, 2:07 PM by OnionKnightRises

So, she voiced Akira as a sort of expert on the otokoyaku's roles? Wow.

Feb 13, 9:35 AM by RobertBobert

Congratulations to her.

Btw, there's no weekly blu ray/dvd sales news for like 2 weeks?

Feb 13, 5:52 AM by Gorochu

Kerekters said:
Seiyuu = Voice Actor/Actress.


OT: Congratulations!

Feb 13, 3:03 AM by Skana

Seiyuu = Voice Actor/Actress :v

Feb 12, 9:34 PM by Kerekters

Seiyuu must be a pretty popular girls name in japan

Feb 12, 8:52 PM by Akerakai

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