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Seiyuu Kinryuu Arimoto Dies

by tsubasalover
Feb 8, 7:02 AM | 32 Comments
Various news reports have reported that seiyuu Kinryuu Arimoto died at dinner time on February 1 in an hospital in Tokyo, Japan. His cause of death was due to esophageal cancer. He was 78 years old. A funeral was already held among the family.

Arimoto is famous for voicing Newgate Edward from the One Piece series. He also voiced Tomomi Masaoka from the Psycho-Pass series and Eddie Jay from the Uchuu Kyoudai series, to name a few. He also dubbed Christopher Walken's roles and was also active as a stage actor. His name actually reads as Yoshitaka, but the Kanji was deemed hard to read so he changed it to Kinryuu while active in the entertainment field.

Source: Nikkan Sports

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His gruffy voice so memorable. Be it in Kill la Kill, FMA (both versions), One Piece, Psycho-Pass, his voice, and the characters he voiced, were appealing and well done.

Such a loss.

Feb 11, 4:34 AM by BlazePony

RIP. Thank you for making the voice of Newgate Edward.

Feb 10, 7:29 AM by Elyshion

Rest in peace, I will miss you sir

Feb 10, 5:37 AM by Kataku-ri

Hearing about legends dying really strikes hard. Rest in peace good sir.

Feb 10, 3:17 AM by Stripes

rest in peace legend

Feb 10, 12:32 AM by deg

I am very sorry for this loss. My heart goes to his family and hopefully feel better as time passes.

It is sad to hear that a good famous voice actor passes.

Feb 9, 9:37 PM by TD_Max17

Can't say as I've ever heard of him but RIP my friend.

Feb 9, 4:59 PM by zrdb

Rip tomomi masaoka, patrick zala, and newgate's seiyuu

Fun facts:
He also have relationship voice actor with akira ishida, such as patrick zala and his son, athrun (asuran) zala, tomomi masaoka and shuusei kagari, & newgate and cavendish

Feb 9, 12:54 PM by ronald_bastian

Rest in peace. :'(

Btw, I favourite Tomomi Masaoka of Psycho-Pass.....

Feb 9, 10:50 AM by Kaith_Zith

Rip Kinryuu Arimoto

Feb 9, 9:41 AM by Helios92

I had mainly run across his work in Gundam Wing, Kill la Kill, Initial D, and Citrus. Hope he rests in peace.

Feb 9, 8:22 AM by humbledsoul5121

RIP another legend in seiyuu industry left us
Sad day :(

Feb 9, 7:52 AM by Rayl1ght

ONE PIECE EXISTS! Everytime I see pictures, I can hear the words so clearly.

May you rest in peace for all the legendary performances you've given us.

Feb 8, 9:58 PM by Lelouch0202


This guy's about to have a meltdown.

Yet another epic supporting actor bites the dust. Anime officially dies in 2020. (for the 10ths time this decade).

Feb 8, 6:15 PM by VyseLegendaire

May he rest in peace.

Feb 8, 6:12 PM by Nintendofan204

RIP. I really loved his voice :(

Feb 8, 5:40 PM by -NeW-

Rip you beauty of a human being

Feb 8, 3:44 PM by Gerry_Adams

nooo whitebeard :(

Rip Kinryuu Arimoto

Feb 8, 2:47 PM by stardew

God rest in peace hombre.

May you enjoy voice actor heaven, you earned it.

Feb 8, 2:44 PM by Slimcoder

Skana said:
I am so sorry to hear about this loss. You really did an magnificent work of voicing the old man. Rest in peace.

Excuse me but don't put such a big spoiler without the [spoiler] thingy...

Feb 8, 12:59 PM by 2ego

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