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TV Anime 'Satsuriku no Tenshi' to Stream Final Episodes Online

by tsubasalover
Sep 22, 4:19 AM | 11 Comments

A preview, revealed after episode 12 of Satsuriku no Tenshi TV anime, has announced on Friday that the 13th episode and beyond will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms starting October 5.

Satsuriku no Tenshi is a psychological horror adventure game that was first released on the Den Faminico Game Magazine website in September 2015. The manga adaptation, which is drawn by Kudan Nazuka and based on Makoto Sanada's iteration of the orginial game, has been serialized in Comic Gene magazine since October 2015. The anime series by J.C.Staff was broadcast between July 6 and September 21.


Source: Official site

Satsuriku no Tenshi ONA on MAL

11 Comments Recent Comments

Nov 26, 11:21 PM by tsubasalover

Does anyone know if the remaining Episodes will be dubbed or not?

Oct 15, 5:47 AM by _Chiaki_Nanami_

So does this mean it's switching platforms going forward in terms of licensing as well?

I assume Crunchyroll will keep the 1st 12 episodes but will they have any access at all to the last 4?

Sep 30, 10:17 PM by KingKronosDC84

can't wait! Need some sort of resolution

Sep 30, 10:03 PM by hidetuxedomask

Sweet! Can't wait for the wrapping-up of the story!

Sep 23, 6:19 PM by Ryuseishun

i too hope crunchy still has it. kinda weird they didn't just go for 16 episodes and take a break, can't wait to see the conclusion, last ep flew by so fast when it hit the end I was like whaaaaaaat?

Sep 23, 3:00 AM by Plutes

Amazon Prime Amazon Shmime, I'm a Crunchyroll person, believe it.

Sep 23, 12:01 AM by SHSZ1989

Curious if Crunchyroll still has access to the final 4 episodes as well. They were part of the Co-production for this, weren't they? That'd be awkward if they didn't get the full show.

Sep 22, 11:48 AM by Brynhild

I'll probs watch it soon, hope it'll be on crunchyroll >~<

Sep 22, 7:40 AM by Raiores

Hmm interesting idea.

Sep 22, 5:49 AM by Shingster

Ok thats pretty awesome, hope that more animes would adapt this business model so that more animes could get more than 12 episodes.

Sep 22, 4:29 AM by AcceleratorAngel

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