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'Youjo Senki' Receives Sequel Anime Film

by sevenPocky
Jan 8, 8:06 AM | 40 Comments
At the end of the rebroadcast of Youjo Senki's second episode on Tuesday, it was announced that the series will receive an anime film following the events of the TV series. More information about the new project will be announced at a later date.

Produced by studio NUT, the anime was broadcast for 12 episodes in Winter 2017. Crunchyroll simulcast the anime as it aired in Japan, and Funimation simultaneously streamed the series with an English dub.

Written by Carlo Zen with illustrations by Shinobu Shinotsuki, the military novel of the same title has been published by Enterbrain since October 2013. The series has eight volumes in print, with the ninth volume to be shipped on January 12. Chika Toujou is drawing the novel's manga adaptation, which has been serialized in Comp Ace magazine since April 2016. Kadokawa published the seventh compiled volume of the manga in November 2017.

Yen Press has licensed both the novel and the manga in English. The novel's first volume was published on December 19 last year, while the first volume of the manga is scheduled to be released this quarter.


Source: animate Times

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Youjo Senki Movie on MAL

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I'm happy to get more Youjo Senki, but movie is a bit meh. Not only it's shorter than TV anime, but also takes far longer to get subbed.

Jan 9, 8:46 AM by Terkhev

That's a pretty awesome key visual.

Hoping this movie will lead to a second season.

Jan 9, 6:47 AM by Stark700

Yay, i love this anime so much! Can't wait to see!

Jan 9, 1:31 AM by Rose007

So fucking hyyyyyyped

Jan 8, 6:54 PM by Roseink64

How about you NUT MTFKs unf*cked the art style first, those expression couldn't even give me the chill when I read the manga

Jan 8, 6:46 PM by namv22

Deus lo vult, I'm really hype for this.

Jan 8, 5:31 PM by cronoSpirA

Neat, as overrated as the series is.

Jan 8, 5:20 PM by Faederwulf

A Sequel of Youjo Senki
AltoRoark said:

It's about time the gap left by that cliffhanger of the TV anime would be filled. Sincerest thanks, Studio NUT.

Jan 8, 4:48 PM by Toshihiro_Chris

Woot..... Volume 3

A showdown between two merciless sociopaths with a wielder of God X..

Mary vs Tanya

Since two 2hrs is quite enough to fit in this movie

Jan 8, 4:02 PM by RnDNEET021

HELL YES YES YEEEEES!!! Loved this show! So ****ing hyped for this! Hope they do it well!

Jan 8, 3:06 PM by Nitro-Nick

Well, the hell has returned
Time to make like the MC and defile this monolith again

Jan 8, 3:01 PM by CodeBlazeFate

That was a good news.

Jan 8, 2:51 PM by Detective1412

Lets be optimistic. At least its getting a sequel and tho unlikely they might be pulling an SAO and announce another season after the film comes out.

Jan 8, 2:46 PM by Naomiyaki

Finally, i'm glad we getting a sequel.

Jan 8, 2:29 PM by MrAwesome2018

Really hype for this! Already elated that Yen Press was able to license and print the light novel here in the West, but to see that the series is receiving a continuation (and a film no less) is quite the great news. Hope this doesn't dash any hopes at a potential new season, but if we just get the film, I'll be content.

On a side note, it has to be said that Shinobu Shinotsuki's illustrations are absolutely phenomenal.

Jan 8, 1:10 PM by Drachen



Jan 8, 12:34 PM by Nyah_Chan

Hell yeah can't wait to see more Tanya

Jan 8, 11:48 AM by Mirai

KuroiX said:
Awh man I wanted a season 2, not a movie.

I think it's likely a second season will be made if the movie is successful since this movie is only being made in the first place due to high demand from fans.

Jan 8, 11:45 AM by changelog_

More psycho-loli is always good.

Jan 8, 11:34 AM by yhunata

Awh man I wanted a season 2, not a movie.

Jan 8, 11:33 AM by KuroiX

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