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Light Novel 'Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!' To Be Animated

by dtshyk
Dec 10, 2011 2:52 AM | 62 Comments
According to the official website, light novel "Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!" was announced to get an anime adaptation. Its manga adaptation has been serialized in Comic Alive magazine since this May.

Source: NakaImo official website

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! on MAL

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That trailer made me, metaphorically, shake in my boots. It will be watched.
Wincest.......... FTW

May 10, 2012 2:07 PM by Gatchum_Bye-Bye

I can't fucking wait for this. Gunna be a great summer season this year.

May 10, 2012 1:26 PM by ZeroZx

May 10, 2012 1:46 AM by elior1

Would watch for incest

Mar 28, 2012 7:29 PM by mococomono

It may have incest but I don't think so by how the manga is going, but it depends who the sister is. We'll just have to see but so far the manga is good so will watch. c:

Mar 24, 2012 11:05 PM by Ririchiyo

I read imouto and it was decided.

Mar 21, 2012 3:07 PM by Edefrem

AlexSadist-sama said:
Sounds like a harem and possible incest.

Don't you mean a harem and possible Wincest? =)

Mar 21, 2012 3:01 PM by Riptos

Announced for Summer season. Looking forward to it!

Mar 21, 2012 8:32 AM by RyanSaotome

Can someone create an anime entry?

Dec 15, 2011 3:41 AM by Meados

That's an obvious incest/huge misunderstanding incoming, set-up right there.

Dec 12, 2011 10:22 PM by ChronosXIII

Added to my watch list.

Dec 12, 2011 5:52 PM by Elite60

in my best borat impersonation "its a very nice" :D

Dec 11, 2011 10:26 PM by Potatoboy27

This sounds like the worst garbage ever.

Dec 11, 2011 3:28 PM by TaquishaJohnson

VanillaTea said:
I'll watch this if it doesn't have serious incest, like Oreimo~

Read the spoiler posted.

Dec 11, 2011 9:50 AM by Hoppy

I'll watch this if it doesn't have serious incest, like Oreimo~

Dec 11, 2011 9:48 AM by hinanami

This is more sis-con than incest.

Dec 11, 2011 7:08 AM by Hoppy


Dec 11, 2011 6:57 AM by tsuntsunrage

Definitely going to watch for dat PLOT

Dec 11, 2011 4:05 AM by iCameSwagYOLO420

harem,ecchi...nooo O__O

Dec 11, 2011 4:00 AM by Misaola

o god no, this can only go horribly wrong.

Dec 10, 2011 10:32 PM by supermegasonic

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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