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Japanese Government To Sell Film Rights of Anime to Hollywood

by dtshyk
Nov 2, 2011 10:01 PM | 249 Comments
According to Asahi Newspaper, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) has invested six billion yen ($77 million) in the establishment of a new company "All Nippon Entertainment Works". The company will acquire film rights of Japanese anime and toys and produce movies in Hollywood with producers in the US. INCJ plans to acquire ten film rights and an investment of three billion yen in the first three years.

INCJ is an investment corporation funded by Japanese government and Development Bank of Japan. The business of INCJ is supervised by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


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Tenrag said:

Nothing that is thought immoral will pass. (No chanse for incest, gore, or even sex-related jokes).

You er...have watched a movie in the last thirty years, right?

Nov 7, 2011 1:24 AM by Sabinlerose

MorningGlory said:
japan wanna conquer the America in the wrong way lol

are you saying that selling goods to other countries is a way to conquer them? i don't think so. i don't think that's the reason of japan for selling film rights either. and that's absolutely not the purpose of making deals as well. it's just business, exporting goods from one country to another. if you're saying that's a way to conquer other countries then america had already conquered the whole world.

Nov 7, 2011 12:01 AM by Den-kun

More exposure to overseas

But I can't see Hollywood doing a good job. Somehow...

Nov 6, 2011 11:59 PM by MysticHrist

radsauce said:
Amaya-no-Hime said:
(Tarantino doing Baccano would be the best thing that ever happened to me)

Narita, Ryohgo would have to hand over Baccano to Tarantino because Baccano's ending was tasteless with next to zero impact.

TwistdKarma said:
Also, Spielberg no for GITS.... James Cameron would better fit that roll.

I dont know about Spielberg but James Cameron has his hands full with Avatar 2 (2014), Avatar 3 (2015), and "Battle Angel (2016)" - Battle Angel Alita manga. If it succeds he would make the next two movie addaptions, perfectly dividing the 9 volumes.

Is it me or is it just ridiculous that Cameron is planning all these movies out so far ahead of time, 2013 is one thing, but 2016, come the fuck on man.

Nov 6, 2011 8:26 PM by SwanSoup

Amaya-no-Hime said:

DBE wasn't bad because "it's Hollywood" It was bad because making a live action movie with real people based off of something as goofy as Dragonball is basically doomed to fail. It's the same reason I doubt a movie based on any typical action shounen series would work (a One Piece live action would make me cry)

Stuff like Baccano, Naoki Urasawa series etc could be absolutely brilliant in live action. Some romances could work really well too, if the right people helm them. I only hope the Japanese government's involvement means that they'll try their best to get some real talent behind these movies (Tarantino doing Baccano would be the best thing that ever happened to me) It took Hollywood a long time to get comic book movies right, I only hope that they succeed with anime movies faster than that.

great comment :)

Nov 6, 2011 10:12 AM by Llama765

Might not be as bad as most people here fear, since there's a Japanese company working together with Hollywood instead of just Americans butchering things on their own.

Nov 6, 2011 6:05 AM by luinthoron

japan wanna conquer the America in the wrong way lol

Nov 6, 2011 5:38 AM by MorningGlory

Hollywood and Anime. Yeah It will be most probably disaster:
English dubbing.
Nothing that is thought immoral will pass. (No chanse for incest, gore, or even sex-related jokes).
Putting whole series into movie or making spin-offs not related to main story.

It wil be like movie adaptation of GANTZ.

Nov 6, 2011 3:27 AM by Tenrag

just don't let uwe boll gets his hands on ANY OF THEM!

Nov 6, 2011 2:19 AM by Just_Augos

we're getting more dragon BALLS evolution and GAYking then?

aww man, don't know what to say...

Nov 5, 2011 11:25 PM by mukamupantatku

I want a Micheal Bay directed Gundam, we already know a live action adaption of anime will be bad, but at least Bay would make the Gundams look good.

Nov 5, 2011 11:16 PM by mitch3315

I understand and agree with MadDogV2

Nov 5, 2011 11:11 PM by waalex11

While I have no doubt there are indeed several people with their heads up their asses wherein a shrine to GRORIOUS NIPPON lies, I'm not one of them. I acknowledge your post wasn't necessarily directed at me, but I felt like explaining myself if only for my own peace of mind. I'm simply a purist. I'd like American things to stay American and foreign things to stay foreign is that so much to ask? If people can't appreciate something within the context of its own culture and instead need it to be tarted up to suit their sensibilities, they're the ones with a problem, not me.
I don't hate western things, what I hate is the perversion of one thing into something its not and then having the audacity to give it the same name. If they want to borrow the premise and central themes that's fine, but don't put a hamburger in front of me and then try to convince me its sushi.
In making The Magnificent Seven they at least changed the name, and really, that's the smarter and more respectful thing to do. Either leave the work's cultural identity totally untouched, or do a complete reinterpretation that clearly distinguishes itself from the original work and is obviously more of a tribute than an actual adaptation. Don't land somewhere in the middle because then it just seems like a shallow imitation or "replacement" born of greed and made under a cynical assumption that Americans are incapable of relating to any culture other than their own. I'll put it this way: don't simply take an anime, give it an American flag to hold in one hand and a bible in the other, beat it with a stick if it resists, and then call it a day because really that's just plain disrespectful to the original work and the Japanese in general.

tl;dr I don't oppose anime movies because I'm a weeaboo who hates the west, its because I'm a cynical douche.

Nov 5, 2011 9:47 PM by MadDogV2

God help us all.

Dragonball Evolution 2... 3... 4... coming out straight to DVD

Also, Spielberg no for GITS.... James Cameron would better fit that roll.

Nov 5, 2011 9:08 PM by TwistdKarma

Sabinlerose said:

Where did he say Avatar was bad?
I think he was using them as examples of positive western series.

Though I disagree about the Ghost in the Shell thing.
I will watch that even if its the worst thing ever.

He never said it was bad and I didn't interpret it as such. I think I just wanted to comment about liking american animation as well.

Nov 5, 2011 8:45 PM by Salinga

Salinga said:
Crochax said:
This thread is so much fail. I didn't know how short-sighted the majority of anime fans are, living in their own little world where everything made by Japan is gold, judging all other forms of media. What's wrong with the Avatar cartoon, or the Batman animated series or Spongebob? The western anime community are the new hipsters. Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong was and don't understand the big deal. Even if the Hollywood-anime movie would come out, people still have the choice if they want to watch something or not. If the Ghost in the Shell adaptation directed by Spielberg is terrible, I don't watch it and move on with my life. Why are people overacting? It's not like a bad move is going to change my life.

Does Black Swan count as an adaptation of Perfect Blue? Black Swan was a good movie. Another thing I don't get is the fuss about something being "westernised". Is it really that bad if "bento" is translated as "lunch box"? Or Shinki Ikari from Tokyo-3 is now Zack Gray form New New York? Would it change anything in the story of The Garden of Sinners if it was set in Europe? Is Black Swan really that much worse because the protagonist is a ballerina and not an actor?

Btw, the real-life Death Note adaptation was rock bottom, I literally had to stop watching it because I was getting mad. And get over Dragonball Evolution, using it was an argument is so wrong, by logic people would starve if the first thing they ate was bad.

Avatar: TLA is fantastic, as is any of Craig McCracken's creations. I could name at least a dozen animated series that I love.

You're pretty much spot-on for everything else. Fans of any novel/series flip their shit at any small change and fear the worst of an adaptation.

Where did he say Avatar was bad?
I think he was using them as examples of positive western series.

Though I disagree about the Ghost in the Shell thing.
I will watch that even if its the worst thing ever.

Nov 5, 2011 8:31 PM by Sabinlerose

This wouldn't be too bad of an idea if they waited ten years or so. The problem is that the current generation of adults has this stupid belief of animation=kiddy show. Unless its like, Family Guy or something like that. They are just so stuck on that idea that it would be hard to sell. However, I think if they waited for the current generation of teens to become older, they'd have a more open audience to aim at. At my school at least, there is a strong anime influence and we are all open to watching animation, Disney or Anime.

I also think that this idea could only work with specific anime. Death Note has great potential, but I could see them ruining something like Ouran or Fruits Basket, its just not set up for the adaptation. Something with action is probably best, those are much more eye catching than romantic comedies. A really investing plot with some violence is pretty much the only way I can see it working out. I'd love to see a Sailor Moon film, but I'd probably find a way to hate it.

Nov 5, 2011 8:25 PM by QueenoftheCatz

Also, if you really think someone could have made a succesfull Dragonball movie, that's just silly. Let's be honest, the dragonball series is too fantastical to find any success as a live action film, you could have the best directors/writers/actors out there and the film would fail, because THE SOURCE material simply doesn't work.

Death Note, however, will probably make for a great film adaptation, but we'll just have to wait and see....

Nov 5, 2011 7:28 PM by SwanSoup

HawthorneKitty said:
Live Action School Days?


Nov 5, 2011 5:55 PM by Edefrem

Cautiously interested.

Very very, cautiously interested...

Not expecting much though.

Nov 5, 2011 5:54 PM by Nayukuo

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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