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Message Videos of 29 Seiyu For the Victims of the Earthquake

by dtshyk
Mar 22, 2011 6:49 AM | 27 Comments
According to the official website, seiyu Inoue Kazuhiko has organized a group of seiyu "Seien-dan" to give cheer to the victims of the earthquake. Twenty-eight seiyu have joined Seien-dan. Sixteen of them recorded a rooters' song written and composed by Inoue and uploaded it on Youtube on March 19th.

Kimitachi ni Okuru Ohenka ("Rooters' Song For You", Youtube)
Singers of the video:
Inoue Kazuhiko, Chiba Chiemi, Kanai Mika, Katsu Anri, Ito Kentaro, Koganemaru Yamato, Sanada Asami, Sawashiro Miyuki, Canna Nobutoshi, Takahashi Naozumi, Okiayu Ryotaro, Konishi Katsuyuki, Seki Tomokazu, Hoshi Souichiro, Shocker OH!NO!,Orikasa Fumiko

Seiendan uploaded another video on March 22nd. It recorded the messages of all the twenty nine members.

Messages from Seiendan (Youtube)
Thirteen additional members:
Asano Masumi, Fukuen Misato, Matsuzaki Akiko, Kobayashi Yumiko, Saiga Mitsuki, Terashima Takuma, Nagasawa Miki, Fujita Saki, Mitsuishi Kotono, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Morikubo Showtaro, Yamaguchi Kappei, Paku Romi

Source: Inoue's blog

Message from Tessa
Seiyu Yukana announced in her blog that she had uploaded a message video from Tessa, a character of Full Metal Panic!. The lines were written by Gatoh Shoji and the illustration was drawn by Shiki Douji.

Message from Tessa (Youtube)

Source: Yukana's blog

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I loved it, moved by kotono mitsuishi I love her

Jun 1, 2011 10:45 AM by Tsukinoouji_zak

Really touched by Inoue sensei and everyone elses' efforts. It's time like these when we really see how united and strong the Japanese are. =)

May 1, 2011 2:14 AM by Jen9204

Very nice initiative. Stay strong Japan!

Mar 23, 2011 1:55 PM by Onyxthegreat

Very very touching :'(, how all the seiyu's told everyone encouraging words was touching as well. For these people, to take the time and heart to do this for the people of japan is very awesome! As usual, my prayers continue going towards the people of Japan.

Mar 22, 2011 10:30 PM by 020303

This is very nice and touching.

Mar 22, 2011 8:21 PM by WaterLily

it was really touching!!
I hope japan will get better! :D

Mar 22, 2011 4:59 PM by Kurini

*Sniff* For a second, I thought that Inoue was about to cry.

While I only get an idea of what they are saying, it's touching to see how they show their concern.

Mar 22, 2011 12:41 PM by SagaraYuzuru


That's what I'm talking about.

Mar 22, 2011 12:28 PM by Yamo10

Aww, that is so nice of them.

Mar 22, 2011 12:26 PM by stAtic91

That was really cool of them to do!

Mar 22, 2011 12:23 PM by xxAkiroxx

Neverarine said:
im sure its nice and all and the victims appreciate the care... but wouldnt they apprcreciate some more material items? like the kind that will actualy help them? but hey thats just my thoughts...

Pretty sure all of them helped materially as well. Should they have announced that to the whole world? I don't think so, because when you help, you just help, telling everyone how much money you gave can only make you look like you're trying to show off and draw attention to yourself, and not to the cause.

Anyway, read about these videos earlier today on Fujita Saki's blog (and she's lovely in this vid as always <3 ), a very nice initiative of Inoue-sensei indeed.

Mar 22, 2011 11:41 AM by seishi-sama

Very touching and deep and yay for Miyuki, even if it's under these circumstances.

Mar 22, 2011 10:55 AM by Yandere

very touching, but no subs=no comprendo. i wonder if anyone's going to sub the videos.

Mar 22, 2011 9:38 AM by Algazero

It's really nice to see how they managed to gather around and sing for all those people who have been supporting them, a beautiful and plausible act. Also, the song is actually very catchy and somehow... heart-warming.

Mar 22, 2011 9:31 AM by Lustreless

Very touching... Just hope Japan recovers quick! :s

Mar 22, 2011 9:15 AM by LinkRaider

I only understood like 25% of them >.<''!!!

But very heartwarming either way and Tessa's message was funny and cute ♥

Mar 22, 2011 8:55 AM by Aozure

;3; Waaaah, so good.

Mar 22, 2011 8:50 AM by Sandileina

This is awesome.

Mar 22, 2011 7:46 AM by lame-desu

Can't understand words other than 'daijoubu' or 'kimi' or 'egao' and the usual.

But I love their effort. Very heartwarming.

Mar 22, 2011 7:41 AM by Zmffkskem

It's good

Mar 22, 2011 7:37 AM by Album

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