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Absolute Duo
- -/24 -/4 I just wasn't feeling the manga version for some reason. Low
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Acchi Kocchi Publishing
- -/- -/- It's not bad, but like the above, I find it more enjoyable in anime form. Basically it's another one in which I can't get into the manga version for some reason, but find the anime more enjoyable. Low
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Chikotan, Kowareru
- -/69 -/7 Extremely annoying main characters that I find very unlikable. Low
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Dragon Ball Super Publishing
- -/- -/- Liked the Manga for a while, but after Future Trunks arc, it went complete and utter crap. Low
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Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki: Charming Scarlet
- -/13 -/2 Boring stu mc, uninteresting characters as a whole, and overall I wasn't into it. Low
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Not Lives
- -/54 -/10 I tried and tried and tried, and I just can't get into it. Low
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Tsujiura-san to Chupacabra
- -/35 -/4 Couldn't get into it even after many chapters. Low
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