Dungeon Seeker
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Dungeon Seeker

Alternative Titles

Japanese: ダンジョンシーカー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 4
Chapters: 33
Status: Finished
Published: May 19, 2016 to Apr 18, 2019
Genres: ActionAction, FantasyFantasy
Authors: Mizu, Seijuurou (Art), Sakamoto 666 (Story)
Serialization: AlphaPolis Web Manga


Score: 6.791 (scored by 1024710,247 users)
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Ranked: #96942
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Popularity: #501
Members: 20,412
Favorites: 216


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Jun 18, 2019
_Kuroe_ (All reviews)
This is a ctrl+c/ctrl+v from what i commented on MD with a few edits. The review is further down.

Interesting manga with a shit ending. 6.5/10 (honestly maybe a 6 is already too much, but i enjoyed it besides the final chapter)
The story wasn't developed enough, they rushed everything after a certain part (more than it already was lol) and the character.. Well, he was an interesting character but wasn't developed enough as well. All i can see is a bunch of potential going to waste here.

Maybe this can be described as a shorter, worse version, of "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou" ? Both have the read more
Sep 29, 2016
TheLewdOtaku (All reviews)
Story - 7 - Very cliche but I'm enjoying the new dark spin they're putting on it I'm sick of happy go lucky super OP harem fest other-world manga. It definitely seems like their might be an OP mc but it might be a little ways off. The drama is rather cliche as well but feels somewhat fresh considering it's an otherworld manga. So far I love it. I hope there won't be a harem though it'd be out of place in this manga but it considering how many otherworld manga there are it might need fan-service to stay afloat. Any ways it's worth a read more
Sep 5, 2019
dragomegaman (All reviews)
I read the manga and it was horrible. The main protagonist is dumped because of a weakling he is.
Then of course his only motivation to clear the dungeon is revenge. He goes from goody two shoes to a harbinger of death..?

The girl who seems full of sunshine and rainbows turns into a bitch and then.. ahh i don't feel like talking about it. Characters are too bad. I haven't seen worse. Okay I did (SAO), but still.

The fights have no logic. The mc can doge easily etc etc because his agility is high? That's an asspull because there were monsters who could kill read more
Aug 29, 2016
reinbowrie0722 (All reviews)
Story : 3
- Mediocre at best. The "dramas" feels extremely forced, and used mainly to advance the plot, which is super cliche and stupid at this point so far. It is your typical average teenage boy getting transferred into another fantasy world. Well while it is true that this isn't a harem series in which the character is overly OP and just an overall trash harem/waifubait of a mess, the premise of this manga isn't unique or refreshing, and have been done better before (Tate no Yuusha Nariagari). While I do have a soft spot for series that take a darker approach on these read more
Nov 27, 2016
bboyian1 (All reviews)
Overall: 9 The story is fine. The plot being a fantasy RPG where main character and people in his world get transferred to another world isn't the most unique but I don't find it repetitive at all. The art isn't outstanding but it fits the dark texture that surrounds the plot. Character is great and takes a nice 360, hopefully the development goes well. Really enjoying this manga, I read a few fantasy RPG mangas and this one updates slow but still delivers a nice punch. The RPG world doesn't really have any explanation to it so far which can be annoying but if you read more
Nov 12, 2019
OperationT (All reviews)
I am reviewing this manga as isekai junkie (someone who likes consuming isekai even if its bad), so please be aware that this will definitely affect my enjoyment and view on the subject. In a time when you have so many copy and paste isekai, its nice to have something that breaks from the mold a little. Although it might not seem like it early on it gets more eclectic/original as you go on. It basically takes an Arifuerta-esc premise, and just stuffs in a bunch of Made in Abyss style depression. If you just blast through it, I think you'll just get much less read more
Jul 26, 2019
Rafael_Jakutis (All reviews)

I always liked the premise of a character who is betrayed and driven by revenge to get stronger, but this manga does not use very well and ends up distorting halfway and ends in a horrifying way.
The manga is very similar to Arifureta, but unlike the one that gives up revenge and begins to focus on how to return to its original world, Dungeon Seeker remains obsessed with revenge, but the ending is so bad that the whole development of the story that It's cool becomes skippable.
About the story: Much of the work is interesting, but the ending spoils with virtually all of manga's development.
Characters: read more
Mar 20, 2019
Axel_Storm (All reviews)
Best I can explain why there are low scores on this masterpiece is that it just ain't for everyone.

Story: 9 - Isekai, yada yada... Starting point is final boss... blah blah blah, Main character wins by a stroke of luck, and so on~ though that's as far as it goes for the unproductive plotline, the story seems chaotic, there is no end goal as most isekai stories evidently display, the dungeon being a place uninviting to the insentient and a death trap even to the luckiest of the bunch, makes way for the writer to take any route he wants after the vengeance read more
Nov 5, 2017
Daiset (All reviews)
The basic premise of dungeon seeker is your basic isekai "revenge" story. Some guy gets transported into another world and gets some form of special abilities but is actually pretty weak at the start, only too become insanely op as you reach chapter 2. Also he gets betrayed and has to fight his way through a dungeon, which is weird cause the manga is called dungeon seeker not dungeon fighter. The poor lad never wanted to seek the dungeon, he was just betrayed.

Story-1 The story starts off mediocre, and is your average edgy manga that you see so often nowadays. At least in read more
Sep 16, 2020
CthulhuTheGreat (All reviews)
Trope-loaded isekai revenge manga done very well. It doesn't really have any shocking deviations from the standard, but it doesn't have anything annoying about it either.

There is no annoying forgiveness of a girl because she's hot, no annoying harem, no giving up on revenge due to being a wimp, no protagonist running around raping people and buying slaves because nobody can stand him, none of that bullshit. It's just good, solid, revenge.

Characters are consistent, and while it doesn't go super-deep, they all work. Story also works. Art is quite good. This is all the good things in isekai without the typical things that ruin read more
Jul 22, 2020
Sugoi_freak (All reviews)
It started off decent(mediocre), I thought it would have been a good revenge story.
But after few chapters the story went like a steep slope.

After reading the whole manga I think that the mangaka had just shown some thought about the story for about the first few chapters, then I think he just wanted to some how complete the manga.There were many things that were unexplained.

There were one character that just pops up and helps the MC so that it can fight the God(for hell knows why).
I Just want to say that, don't read this manga unless your really bored
Jan 15, 2018
kira525 (All reviews)
Story - 7 - Very cliche but I'm enjoying the new dark spin they're putting on it I'm sick of happy go lucky super OP harem fest other-world manga. It definitely seems like their might be an OP mc but it might be a little ways off. So far I love it. I hope there won't be a harem though it'd be out of place in this manga but it considering how many otherworld manga there are it might need fan-service to stay afloat.

Art - 8 - Basic art but the art makes the monsters look nice so far. It's pretty good if you read more
May 7, 2018
Moorym (All reviews)
Hey! Are you of of those people who always create recommend threads about "WEAK MC GETS OP" or "MC WHO LIVES TO SORROW" or "MC GETS CUCK *huff..huff*" or "ANIME WITH TWISTED MORALS"? if yes then it's the one that you might lookin for! *cringe*

Yey! Another typical Isekai manga... and it's a soft-gore one..

The story is good but cliche, Characters are pretty cliche too, especially the "WEAK MC GETS STRONKER"+"MC WITH SAD LYFE" type MC and crappy people who surrounds him that gets kind as he gets stonger blah blah...

The art is pretty good (pure personal opinion)

Enjoyment? I'm not a type of person who always read more
Dec 3, 2019
BobTheSkrull (All reviews)
tl;dr: shorter and slightly better arifureta because the author blatantly plagiarized large sections of arifureta

Plagiarism: For those that don't know, Dungeon Seeker started off as a "I can do better" attempt after the author read the Arifureta WN. Imo, they succeeded for the most part. Unfortunately, they stopped giving a shit in the second half and started copy/pasting large chunks of the story with a few name swaps here and there. Dungeon Seeker was more popular at the time, so when the Arifureta creator sued for copyright infringement, the DS creator tried to sic his fans on them among other underhanded tactics. Thankfully, the DS read more