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Alternative Titles

English: Bakuman。
Japanese: BAKUMAN。 バクマン。


Type: Manga
Volumes: 20
Chapters: 176
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 11, 2008 to Apr 23, 2012
Authors: Obata, Takeshi (Art), Ohba, Tsugumi (Story)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


Score: 8.481 (scored by 57562 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1492
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #22
Members: 109,386
Favorites: 9,895


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Jul 9, 2010
-Naami- (All reviews)
Shounen Jump. When we think of the famous boy’s manga company, titles such as “Bleach”, “Naruto” and “Gintama” usually comes to mind. Most of which are of the ‘battle’ genre. Bakuman is no different; but instead of picking up their swords to rush off to battle, Akito Takagi and Moritaka Mashiro are picking up their pens to rush for their deadlines. A story of making your dreams come true, fighting for the one you love and overcoming the many obstacles that stand in your way – all of which that can adhere to your typical shounen title. Only that it is not your typical shounen read more
Apr 19, 2012
Splitter (All reviews)
Anyone who has ever written a novel, drawn a picture, made a movie will tell you the creative process is fraught with blood, sweat and tears. It requires courage to put your name out there, trusted friends who will give you honest critique and advice, and a relentless dream to see your vision through. Courage, friendship and dreams... so why did it take so long for someone to realize the creative process could easily be turned into a manga for Shounen Jump? No worries, because now we have Bakuman, a manga about writing manga that fits the ticket in spades

Following the story of Moritaka "Saikou" read more
Nov 14, 2008
Grimmm (All reviews)
Bakuman is a pretty unique story. I've never read or heard of any other story like it.

Story: The story starts out in a weird way. It gives you the feeling that it's going to end up like another typical Shounen series (lame main character who mysteriously gets an interesting life with all kinds of fantasy and supernatural aspects), but that will change quickly. After a quick reference to the author's previous work (Death Note, ever heard of it? :P), we begin to learn the basis. Mashiro is just your average 9th grader, but when he accidentally leaves his notebook in school, he ends up read more
Jun 4, 2009
supermario23 (All reviews)
It looks like Obata and Ohba struck gold again. After the phenomenal success of Death Note, the duo came up with Bakuman, a manga about making manga. While this series is a whole lot different than Death Note, it still maintains Ohba's style of intelligent writing coupled with Obata's masterful artwork(Come on, the guy's gotta move to seinen already). Bakuman's plot isn't really groundbreaking, but the storytelling is one of the best in current shonen manga nowadays. The manga shows us how writing manga for Jump works, how hard it is to even get published, how it is even harder to stay serialized in Japan's read more
Dec 9, 2008
Mashu (All reviews)
Whenever someone shouts 'Takeshi Obata!' at you, you'll scream 'Hikaru no Go!' at him, whenever someone screams 'Ohba!', you'll scream 'Death note' and ofcourse, you'll tell him about Bakuman, a great manga from the same artists who made famous manga like the one I told you before.

Bakuman is a great manga, I'll tell you 'bout the story, art, characters and my personal enjoyment:

Bakuman tells the story about two boys(Moritaka 'Saiko' Mashiro & Akito 'Shujin' Takagi) who wish to be mangaka. Where Takagi is a award winning student as wel as a beginning novelist there is Mashiro who's just 'an ordinary kid' who always wanted to read more
May 27, 2015
sneepsnop (All reviews)
I could write a ten page review about this series, but I won't. Here are just a few things to note:
-This manga is about manga.
-It's by the creators of Death Note.
-It is WORDY. This is great if you want to prove to your friends or family that manga can have the same merits and require the same brainpower as an actual book, but not good if you are like me and you want to finish your manga as quickly as possible.
-There are lots of characters in this series. This is good, and it provides a lot of material for fanfiction writers and shippers, but read more
May 3, 2010
subdee (All reviews)
AKA The manga by the Death Note writer-artist team about... a writer-artist team trying to conquer the world of shounen manga. LOL!

Quick Overview: Shujin (writer) and Mashiro (artist) decide to team up in middle school. They share the same goal, of getting published in Jump, coming in #1 in the popularity polls, and having their work made into a anime so that Mashiro's childhood sweetheart (a would-be voice actress) can play the title role. As in Death Note, the story is fast-paced, especially compared to other shounen manga - after the first three volumes, nearly three years have passed!

Writing: read more
Aug 23, 2009
PostPunkTea (All reviews)
Bakuman is a manga, which story is about the dreams of two tyronic, young boys and the difficulties they plunge into on their way of achieving them. Being a mangaka seems easy to them from the beginning, even though they are tentative and hesitant about it, they decide to give it a try and the first try's success motivates them to keep going.
The two main characters both seem to have the potential, skill and passion to become mangakas, but would it be that easy to break through this business and make living of it? Sleepless nights, missing school, depriving themselves from the carefree life read more
Dec 9, 2008
silveda (All reviews)
Takeshi Obata makes a new manga? Yay I totally loved his stuff since Hikaru no Go

The scenarist is the same than in Death Note? Why not, after all, the first half of it was excellent

It's about wanabee mangaka? Yaaay, I loved G Senjou Heaven's door on the same subject!

So, havin'heard all this, I waited impatiently for the release of the first chapter.
BUT, I was like, totally disappointed by the first ten chapters, with boring storylines, flat characters, and, moreover, some crappy and boring love story that the authors felt compelled to put in the plot.
It becomes better after chapter 12, partly because we see less read more
Mar 23, 2012
Kaiomaar (All reviews)
I firstly noticed this manga one year ago, when I was 14 and dreamed of being a writer. The similarity of my dream and the dream of manga`s protagonists made me to read this manga.
Both professions - mangaka and writer, are extremelly difficult. Yes, you may distribute your working time as you want, but the work... It's quite unimaginable. It might make tired even adult and well-tried man, no need to speak about children.
But here they come - Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito. They are so young in the beginning of the story - just like me, but they are fighting the difficulties in order read more
Feb 9, 2010
Nia9001 (All reviews)
From the makers of the popular series Death Note, Obata Takeshi and Ohba Tsugumi once again sets forth to a new work of a totally different package.

Regardless on how dark-themed their previous work is, they manage to enliven its fans by shifting to the lighter genre.

Bakuman welcomes us into a fresh concept. Its comical profoundness blends well on how solid the main theme is.

Basically, it tells a story about two boys who dreams to be mangakas and are willing to give their best shot to be successful in the future. Moritaka Mashiro, who handles the art, commits to his crush, Azuki, that as soon as read more
Mar 18, 2014
shintasreviews (All reviews)
Bakuman is a manga... about manga. And romance. It tells the story of two teens as they aspire to become mangaka in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The plot, for the most part, is a very well-written and well-thought-out one. Ohba manages to keep the story interesting, and I really enjoyed observing all the problems that Mashiro and Takagi encountered and how they overcame them. I imagine that the creators of Bakuman had some of the exact same problems that Mashiro amd Takagi did earlier in their career as well. Some of you may disagree with me on this topic and say that the problems were read more
Feb 13, 2012
artist-retired (All reviews)
Life is fulled with all types of hardships, getting into college, finding that special someone, or searching for the job of your dreams. Bakuman is a candy coated child friendly reality around the world of manga publishing and the like, where the obstacles are only shonen cliches.

STORY: What does Bakuman do that is different from any other shonen battle story? The conflicts? No, Bakuman is just like any other shonen fight series, only with pens and ink instead of swords and magic. The Characters? No, there's a variety of quirky characters, but the majority of them can easily be classified as typical archetypes like the read more
Jul 6, 2009
phereia (All reviews)
The story of Bakuman is pretty obvious really... It's a story of two manga lovers trying to make their own anime. But it has a nice twist, or many twists even. With a variety of colourful characters, and a bit of (somewhat strange) romance, Bakuman still manages to stand out.

--Story: 6--
As stated before, the main story is fairly obvious. And in my view, it is not the most enjoyable part of the manga. Even so, many manga readers can relate to the situation the characters are in, which will definitely draw some aspiring mangaka in.

--Art: 10--
The style of art in this manga is very distinctive, read more
Jan 3, 2015
allemandi96 (All reviews)
It's all about a professional dream, and there's nothing amateur about how the Obata and Ohba team go about crafting this series either. There is little leeway for Bakuman to cut around the common "It's a manga about manga" description, and that's all right - but that doesn't do justice to a Very Good score of 8, does it?

The premisis of Bakuman is uncommon at least, and unprecedented at best. Two best friends trying to achieve an unrealistic dream despite the very real cost of losing out to the harsh world of propriety and stability? Cliché start. Any otaku could have seen that coming. But read more
Jan 8, 2014
MrLief (All reviews)
Dude let's write a manga about writing a manga!? Something so wrong had never turned out so right. If you've only read a couple of manga before your not going to understand this so go read something else.

It's about two guys writing manga, the obstacles they face and how they overcome said obstacles. Sometimes chapters do focus on other fictional mangaka and the manga they have in the works which is really cool because some of the manga make me wish these were real. Bakuman shows you process of getting manga published and of manga getting canceled, it also shows you how stressful it is read more
Apr 20, 2011
hJ (All reviews)
“Beneath the rule of men entirely great, the pen is mightier than the sword”. (Baron Lytton Richelieu)


Bakuman can be divided in to two main parts, “The Dream” part and “The Romance” part. Ohba has blended these two things perfectly to produce a great series. The Dream part focuses on the journey of Mashiro and Takagi as mangaka and their efforts towards achieving their dream [i.e. creating a manga which gets and anime]. The Romance part focuses on Mashiro and Azuki’s relationship.

Over the years, one unofficial rule has developed i.e. to be on the successful in WSJ, you must do a mainstream manga or something read more
Sep 24, 2014
tembrook (All reviews)
I like drawing, so I really enjoyed this story about mangaka in Japan. That aspect was one of the best parts. A lot of it was really meta, like a story style being talked about in the manga at the same time as it was being used by the manga. The artist is the same as Death Note's, and he went less serious for this manga, which is awesome. Characters make lots of silly expressions, and the visual humour is top notch.
The story is very cliche, to the point where I was sneering while I read. Main character will become read more
Dec 3, 2008
blackking302 (All reviews)
When you have a collaboration such as this, it's pretty hard to go wrong, no matter what you do. Enter Ohba and Obata's second collaboration, following the amazing, and my personal favorite manga ever, Death Note. Enter Bakuman.

Story: The concept's not the most original, I won't lie. I'm sure plenty of mangaka have toyed with this idea before. It's not too difficult to think up after all. Essentially, what it is is two people aspiring to publish a manga. This is not too interesting in of itself. However, what makes Bakuman interesting is all the subplots and read more
Apr 3, 2015
rinn4 (All reviews)
FIRSTLY! This Manga is NOT SEXIST, despite what many famous reviwers and the Wikipedia article say. If you think that then you are disregarding the reality that mangakas live their lives for fantasy so if some of the women seem overly concerned with finding love (3 very small side characters) then it is because fantasy is their world not because the authors don't believe in rounded women.

I am writing this review mostly to resond to that ridiculous accusation.

This manga is amazing! To take a story that is basically only about writing manga and turn it into a battlesque manga that constantly keeps you read more