Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!
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Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!

Alternative Titles

Japanese: 天野めぐみはスキだらけ!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 28
Chapters: 280
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 25, 2015 to Sep 1, 2021
Genres: Comedy Comedy, Ecchi Ecchi
Theme: School School
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Serialization: Shounen Sunday
Authors: Nekoguchi (Story & Art)


Score: 6.781 (scored by 46354,635 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #99752
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #793
Members: 17,607
Favorites: 159

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Oct 11, 2021
K9F0 (All reviews)
This review has minor spoilers and was created for the sake of informing you about the pros/cons of Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake!. I will be referring to the manga as "AMS" throughout the review. This review is probably going to be very long, so I created a TLDR at the bottom. Also please keep in mind I rate anime & manga from 1 to 5 instead of 1 to 10, if you want my score from 1 to 10 just double whatever I gave from 1 to 5. I'm not great at writing reviews so please bear with me, I hope it's to read more
Jul 23, 2017
LilGreasyKid (All reviews)
Amano Megumi Wa Sukidarake is a novel twist on the slice-of-life manga genre. Featuring both episodic chapter, a tiny cast and a copious amount of ecchi, it doesn’t fit snuggly into any sort of sub-genre. Instead, it is its own beast, choosing to sell itself not on witty dialogue or visual comedy, but with its titular heroine alone. The result is a sweet albeit unpolished series that relies on its winning formula to keep the audience reading.

Story: Amano Megumi has got a winning formula: combine the exaggerated visuals of slice-of-life comedy manga with a couple titillating shots of the heroine, Amano Megumi. Add in read more
Oct 23, 2018
Dreyus (All reviews)
This manga was good at first but then after a few more chapters, it became irritating to read. These are the reasons why:

Story: It was too repetitive, to the point where there wasn't any development occurring. The relationship between the main characters don't change at all. There were obvious signs of both having feelings for each other but somehow they haven't noticed and when it so plainly obvious that If I had a friend who was in that situation, I would punch some sense into him and force him to say his feelings.

Characters: There are way too many incidents where Amano was flashing her panties read more
May 20, 2018
Wolfiesmal (All reviews)
This series is a bit of a changeup. Most Japanese girls are of the slender body type with only boob sizes that have much variety but this manga caters to the thicc fans out there that like girls a little on the chubby side with a nice peachy butt and big tits. It is pretty awesome this manga started before thicc even became widely popular. As someone that has always appreciated a nice round butt I'm pretty happy this exists because not many other series have depictions of chubby girls at all let alone main characters or in exposing ways.

The interactions between the male and read more
Jul 30, 2018
SpinHeLL (All reviews)
It's really fun and characters development is really well done, considering the personalities of both of the main characters, one into sports and the other one into studies.

What want to know is that if I'm the only one who wants NTR in this story?
Megumi is really cute, nice personality some times bashful, and always pending on hows Manabu doing, but I really don't like her hahahaha, I just keep reading to see if there is a chance for NTR.

If you are into sporty girls with nice personality I recommended, and even if you happen to dislike Megumi just like me, you should still keep reading, read more
Dec 6, 2021
rti9 (All reviews)
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake is an ecchi romance/comedy manga. The concept of Amano's character is based on Amanojaku, a demon in Japanese folklore. From Wikipedia: "It is usually depicted as a kind of small oni and is thought to be able to provoke a person's darkest desires and thus instigates them into perpetrating wicked deeds". As the male protagonist is pursuing his goal of getting into Tokyo University, Amano keeps disrupting his studies whenever they meet. Each chapter is basically a setup for the same joke over and over of the female protagonist accidentally showing her underwear to the male protagonist. Despite that, the story read more
Jun 24, 2021
Zurdo-Sama (All reviews)
I don't understand how anyone could read more than 265 chapters of this manga. It doesn't have a good plot, no good characters or anything worth reading for other than a busty manga girl doing busty manga girl things. What's more, it's not even funny or entertaining. 81 ch. they were enough to drop it.

Completely according to those who read Komi-san, there are many chapters to read but at least they are funny or entertaining chapters. However we have this handle that with cheeky fanservice and a poor plot that goes nowhere is still read.

Do you want to see boobs? I recommend you go nhentai read more
Jun 30, 2019
TmorTV (All reviews)
The story of beginning captivates you, has fun, makes you laugh and leads you to believe and a legal development between the relationship of childhood friends, but everything is just besteria because the story begins to be rolled up as far as the author will get, leading the characters to have basically no development and every chapter ends the same way, the author does not seem to have interest in developing the relationship of the characters, it seems he will use the cliché and leave the female character in love with the protagonist as and shown since the first chapter and the protagonist in love read more
Aug 18, 2019
vitriolcocktail (All reviews)
Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake! is an episodic slice of life with a heavy dose of ecchi and some mostly-innocent high school love plot.

The entire story revolves around Amano and Ma-kun getting into situations where Amano will flash her boobs/butt and Ma-kun will suffer yet another nosebleed. The romance plot between Amano and Ma-kun is a main focal point of this manga (aside from the ecchi, that is). It does not get as much attention as the ecchi scenes but it's wholesome regardless. I think this manga would have been better if more focus were put on the romance plot in the earlier chapters.

The size read more
Mar 16, 2019
KirbyWurby (All reviews)
Slow character development at first and repetitive hijinks but it really picked up!! I REALLY love anime's/manga where they only focus on both mains...that's third or fourth wheel.
Yes the main guy is trying to meet up with his inspiration girl at a University, and the main girl is clumsy yet strives to achieve to be by his side, Is just really well told and shown. Both have there goals and agendas in mind but slowly they realize what else is there for the both of them.
Really love this manga and hopefully it stays as just them 2, struggling yet achieving together.
Apr 20, 2020
Veldora4561 (All reviews)
It was truely a great manga though I wanted something bold but tthat part was covered up with comedy and curiosity. Still I am expecting a bit bolder steps from both the main characters like confession and stuffs but it is great as it is. I am having lots a fun reading every chapters. I didn't felt like any chapter is boring. But I sometimes feel sad about this manga having no anime or large fan club. But I personally feel that I am lucky to have the chance to read this manga. At first I was feeling irritated to know that the protagonist is read more
Apr 10, 2021
SleepyGh0st (All reviews)
After reading 259, I was hoping Shindou would actually do it, but in my heart, I knew he would mess up big time. After reading 260, my suspicions were correct and he did. Although he tried to get the message across, both me and Amano didn't know why he said THAT and will hope that he understands from this mistake, but knowing romance mangas, he won't. Story was ok, there was development, even if it's going backwards, everything else is perfect. Worth the long read from chapter one to the latest chapter. Still waiting for this manga to be announced as a anime.
Nov 30, 2020
mistressmadi (All reviews)
200+ CHAPTERS. FOR 5% DEVELOPMENT. Now, this manga is good for a quick read, but if you want something to be well invested in, dont read this. If you want something to do just a quick read, then this would be good for you!

Its a average slice of life manga with overused anime jokes, fanservice with a cute thick girl (and I only wanted to read this manga because most mangas don't have "thick" girls) however it does get tiring and can feel overused. If you wanted something to have development, or have characters to have development (nobody has any actual personal development except maybe read more
Sep 1, 2020
Bonchobo (All reviews)
Don't judge a book by it's cover if you hate it.
But hop on right in if you like what you are seeing.

Those are the words i would describe this manga. So far i really have been enjoying it to the max. The key reason being: Amano is a romance manga that has loads of clever moments.

The story is very plain i feel. But that is okay because of it wanting to show you the more ecchi scenes of this manga.
But i feel that the longer you read it, the more you start to root for Amano and Shindo. The fact that they cannot find the read more