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Kanata kara

Kanata kara

Alternative Titles

English: From Far Away
Synonyms: From the Other Side
Japanese: 彼方から


Type: Manga
Volumes: 14
Chapters: 57
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 24, 1991 to Jan 24, 2003
Authors: Hikawa, Kyouko (Story & Art)
Serialization: LaLa


Score: 8.491 (scored by 3910 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1392
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #812
Members: 8,611
Favorites: 516


Another "girl thrown into another world" manga but of equal epic quality and fun. Same adventure and romance. Also magic mixed in too boot.  
reportRecommended by SummerOtaku
Both mangas have an epic feel to them, and have a similar situation where the male and female lead are supposed to be enemies, but ... somehow aren't? The male characters also seem to have a 'dark side'. 
reportRecommended by Breezie-D
Both heroines were able to "travel" to another world where they were prophesied to appear to save said world from chaos. They have almost the sam plot but the heroine in saver has a more deeper character and is not what one would call a damsel - in - distress. 
reportRecommended by eli_is_star
The girl has latent powers, the guy looks like a human but is actually a demon or half demon. The guy ends up picking up the girl alot. 
reportRecommended by kitten1560
in both manga a high school girl from the present day travel back in time and play a major role in changing the history of the new world.. love both the manga. great artwork, characters and story.. 
reportRecommended by paige77
the male protagonist has a dark secret that he tries to suppress. the main characters are both ordinary but pure hearted girls who are able to help them. 
reportRecommended by lujsy
Both heroines get transported in another world where they're saved by a guy with whom they fall in love later on.  
reportRecommended by Canal
Please Save My Earth has the same feel as Kanata Kara in that Alice/Mokuren and Noriko are both ordinary girls who discover that they're so much more. Alice/Mokuren and Noriko are extremely kind-hearted girls who wish nothing more than people happiness. Alice and Noriko can be cry-babies at times (but never excessively or annoyingly), but they do the best they can. Both are also connected to dark haired, brooding/demonish men who are their destined half, and wish to protect their soulmate with all their might.

The artwork is similar, as they're both slighly older manga from late 80's/early 90's, so they look slightly  read more 
reportRecommended by persephinae
kubera still going on and lack of romance (for the moment), people jokes a little more and the main carater is strong phisically. I recommend to read both of them to fill the gap the stories give you, when expeting something that don't happen (even if I think Kanata Kara is somehow perfect), monsters, humans and power, another word to discover! 
reportRecommended by YUE3899
The main characters in both manga are really similar to each other personality wise. The story and plot are completely different however, but both are fantasy supernatural romances with a lot of emphasis on the relationship development between the main characters. 
reportRecommended by eien_kiseki
the main characters are cast into another world
while noriko has to stand up against a cruel fate that had been prophesied, Jeong Su Ha agrees to leave for the other world to help change an cruelly oppressing society system
both have great art (but different) and a well developed 'other world'
reportRecommended by Shiharu
Plot and story-wise, there are not many similarities. However, the two main heroines are similar in that they are both very pure hearted, and try to do their best no matter the situation. The biggest similarity however, is the artwork. Noriko and Sana look so much alike. I double checked just to make sure that it wasn't the same mangaka.  
reportRecommended by kiwigreeneyes
Similarities: 1. The heroine was transported in a parallel universe for the purpose of fulfilling a prophecy. 2. Her love interest is a very dangerous guy who had initial thoughts of killing her but ended up becoming her protector. 3. Both guys also possess supernatural powers and controlling the wind is an ability they have in common. 4. Although both worlds were different, they deal with the same political issues and intrigues (like war and corruption). 
reportRecommended by Eitoku
Tsuki no Shippo is a historical manga rather than a fantasy one, but they both have a strong, fighter male character and follow a love story filled with romance and action!  
reportRecommended by fleurchii
Both main characters are transported to different worlds and latch onto the first male they see. The male characters in their respective stories are very handsome, agile, and angsty and have a potential for evil. Both have lackluster endings but are fun to read. 
reportRecommended by Desk05
Both of the heroine's are transported from our world to another. In both stories the main couple go on adventures where they meet new characters and are faced with challenges. Both the male leads are immensely powerful, but stoic and have gorgeous long hair. 
reportRecommended by Lomesa
both mains are linked.
them aginst the world, love monster is more light hearted and has smut
both are enjoyable. 
reportRecommended by Atlanta6
the relationship between the two mains is very similar.
Gakuen Alice is a lot funnier.
these are my two favorite mangas  
reportRecommended by Atlanta6
The plot of both mangas are quite similar yet with Kanata Kara the heroine comes from modern day Japan and is thrust into a strange new world. Both heroines must struggle to fight and they gather companions who would never betray them. If you enjoyed reading Akatsuki no Yona then Kanata Kara is the manga for you.  
reportRecommended by plushiemokona
Girl goes back in time  
reportRecommended by OURANLOVERJINX
Kanata Kara has a heterosexual relationship, but I found it gave a similar feel to Koori no Mamono no Mogatari. Both contain a pure, likable protagonist (who has a very close and interesting relationship with their counterpart) and the love interest who is not human and is extremely strong. Both manga's follow the journey of their respective protagonist couples as they journey through their world and build their own relationship. Also, each manga contains interesting side characters and a plot that does not leave you unsatisfied.  
reportRecommended by anobletiger
Both stories have romantic touching scenes. Plus, the both leading female characters were able to subdue the "evil" elements of the male characters. 
reportRecommended by hwahwa
"Mahoroba no Yobigoe" and "Kanata Kara" both have a girl who travels through time and tries to save a boy she loves. The art is really beautiful in both, and the male lead characters are both total bishies too! ♥ 
reportRecommended by xMiki-chan
Both are epic, fantasy stories in a different world where a "monster" finds a companion that brings piece 
reportRecommended by as3
Invincible guys and brave girls are traveling and escaping from bad guys in strange worlds. Reading Immortal Rain I've found From Far Away very similar. I recomended both manga. Immortal Rain have got more humour though.  
reportRecommended by misiamajamaraka
Both are about a girl from nowadays who travels to another world. In that world she has a great power inside her that is wished by everyone, and she meets a guy who end ups saving her.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
The stories are very different, and Goong is a much more dramatic than FFA, but both have this alternative-world, epic feel to them 
reportRecommended by as3
Both stories involve tabooed couples consisting of a not so ordinary girl, who is in love with a demon that is connected to her emotionally. Both demons originally plan to kill the girls, but return their love and hope to live happily with the girls somehow. 
reportRecommended by Kuro-chan
Same mangaka, both have adventure, romance, fantasy and nice art. If you liked Kanata Kara, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one too.  
reportRecommended by chibix
Both male character has a demon in it and only the girls can help them, i don't want to give more away.. 
reportRecommended by QtieMoon
Extremely similar plots! In Towa Kamo Shirenai, Hitsugi protects his priestess, the himiko (Kosumo) and due to his love for her he becomes the "destroyer." Much like Izark and Noriko. The drawings are similar as well :] Although the plots are similar, From far away is sweeter, but none the less another great read for those addicted to fantasy / historical reads! 
reportRecommended by piyopiyo
From Far Away and Ouke no Monshou has some similarites in the plot, such as how a modern-day girl is transported to an ancient world.. 
reportRecommended by polisky
Both are about girls who fall into a magical world where they hold the world future in their hands, along with a fun cast of supporting characters. 
reportRecommended by EsenEcho
Although the mangakas are different, and each are in a different fantasy world, there is a something about how characters and story are handled that made me think of the other. 
reportRecommended by EsenEcho
Both girls are spirited away and grow as the story progresses. 
reportRecommended by HazukiSama
both are romances between a human girl and an guy with supernatural abilities.  
reportRecommended by lujsy
they both have a lonely guy and a girl who falls in love with the guy and choose to be with the guy no matter the consequences

the guy doesn't feel lonely anymore and changes, becoming more open 
reportRecommended by TeARsFade
Both are romance manga with a historical feel, and have somewhat similar art styles. I really enjoyed them both! 
reportRecommended by rosebudmelissa
The relationship between the two main love interests is very similar, including the super-natural aspects of it. I feel like Kanata Kara is the time-lapsed, longer-run edition of Another Kingdom.  
reportRecommended by karbear