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Hana yori Dango

Hana yori Dango

Alternative Titles

English: Boys Over Flowers
Synonyms: HYD, Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box, End of the Century
Japanese: 花より男子


Type: Manga
Volumes: 37
Chapters: 244
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 1992 to Apr 2008
Authors: Kamio, Yoko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Margaret


Score: 8.121 (scored by 8729 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #7052
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #422
Members: 18,225
Favorites: 1,122


Haruhi Fujioka and Tsukushi Makino are both poor girls at elite schools. They both aren't the type of people who "center" around the most popular guy [Tamaki and Tsukasa]. And they are both high school stories. 
reportRecommended by Melancholy42
They both have to do with a whole school being against a girl that doest want to just go with what everyone else is doing  
reportRecommended by DisplayName-__-
Both main characters have to deal with being hassled by their fellow students and are named after some form of plant (Tanpopo [Imadoki!] - dandelion, Makino [HYD] - weed) Both main characters share a love interest in cold men who have suffered difficult pasts. Some similar plot developments between the relationships. 
reportRecommended by Foraii
Both protagonists are poor girls in a rich school. They fall into an unexpected romance. They both encounter the same problems within their romances. 
reportRecommended by lhagan
Shoujo standards about love between an unlikely couple. In Mars they get and stay together early and have outside forces to contend with, while in HanaDan its their own problems that typically provide the problems. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Although the main female in HYD isn't gloomy like Sunako, both of them are strong and surrounded by four good-looking guys. Other characters are also alike in personalities and both are romances with some comedy. Both stories are really sweet and you'd probably enjoy them. 
reportRecommended by TiraMissU
There are various aspects of Hot Gimmick that is similar to Hana Yori Dango. First, you have a reverse harem situation, where the plot is based upon a female character & a harem of male characters. Next, the main male characters of both mangas share similar characteristics. Last, the development of the relationship between the two main characters. The female characters both have a 'Do I? Dont I?' attitude towards the male & the obstacles in the relationship are also similar. ^.^  
reportRecommended by galaxxxy
Classic high school romance series about an unlikely couple and the numerous, often improbable problems their relationship stumbles over along the way. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
These series have same kind of feeling, romantic yet sad but also some humour included. Also if you liked HYD drawing style you propably like DDE drawing style too. 
reportRecommended by Kio_
The female leads are similar as they are pressured by their peers (at different levels of severity), they get called average by those surrounding them (looks, grades, etc) and share similar love interests. Yoo-Min and Tsukasa both bully the girls they love without realizing the troubles they're causing and are leaders of groups which are notorious within their area. There are also some similar plots, such as the female lead being kidnapped in a revenge plot against the male lead then get saved by the male lead. 
reportRecommended by Foraii
Both HYD and Cat Street are by Kamio Yoko. While their story and plot lines are different, the character interations are very similar, as well as overall plot development. In addition to that, her character styles are very similar. If you like the art and humor of HYD or CS, then you would like the other as well.  
reportRecommended by Aarana
Cipher and Hana yori Dango are probably one of the best shoujo manga's and over all manga's I have ever read. Both story lines are very well written, dramatic , constantly keeps you on the egde of your seat and you will find you self staying up all night reading them 
reportRecommended by PetalPetal
- Both of them are shoujo romances - They both go through the daily lives/romances of a group of boys and one girl - The main girl likes one of the guys but he likes someone else, so she tries to help them get together before the girl he likes goes aboard - Both deal with love triangles - Both are really funny but also have a lot of touching moments  
reportRecommended by rooj75
different social statuses girl is poor guy is rich  
reportRecommended by loveAC
I think they are prrety similar because both of them have a lot of drama,and in both of the their are two best friends,who fell in love with the same girl.In my opinion Bokura ga ita is more dramatic than Hana yori dango but I enjoyed reading them very much. 
reportRecommended by Rexi_Pepsi_Sexy
in both stories, the main characters have to confront the guys familys' resistance because the girl is regarded improper due to her low birth/background 
reportRecommended by Shiharu
While these two mangas have characters with very different ages (Kodomo is elementary and middle school while Hana Yori Dango is high school) The dynamic is similar; A bad boy who is misunderstood and the strong-willed girl that creates a change in them. This is not a shoujo of giggling awkward moments, like nervousness about holding hands or kisses, but more about the serious and adult-like situations that the characters go through together. Situations quickly turn life-threatening and will pull the reader from laughing to tears. Hana Yori Dango had underlining themes of class separation and money while Kodomo no Omocha focused on problems in  read more 
reportRecommended by shojoaddict17
Same author and same feeling. Also, the two male protagonists in Tora to Ookami have similar personalities to the protagonists of Hana yori dango. 
reportRecommended by biakudryavka
one girl surrounded by handsome guys.. but one is special.. the love-hate relationship is also similar..  
reportRecommended by kono_jinsei
these are similar because they both involve the main character being a target of the whole school - students in both stories do this because they are following a tradition. they both involve the 'boss' of the school to confront the main character and the protagonist tries to understand them. happy reading :)  
reportRecommended by i_am_tiff121297
Same feel, Both stories Bullying to the extreme over some kind of misunderstanding in romantic gesture(s) (but LIFE's a lot more dark.) 
reportRecommended by huruki
Both Female leads change how the males act towards their love interest by becoming kinder. Airen is much more adult though 
reportRecommended by Breleigh
If you liked Hana Yori Dango, you may like Girl in Heels. There definitely are differences between the two but there are also some similarities in the male leads' personalities. The guys are popular, and are both the type of guys who lead a group of friends, and they both have something odd with their hair that the girl makes fun of. The female leads are different but both do not break from bullying from the male lead and the bullying is more from the guy liking them but both guys change and improve. Hana Yori  read more 
reportRecommended by inzaratha
Both female leads are stronger from the usual characters we stumble upon in the shoujo manga world . They stand up and defend themselves and people around them, aren't afraid to work and have their first kiss stolen by the ''bad guy'' tee-hee , and both male characters have similar personas such as putting up a tough facade just to find out later than they are really sweet and caring , make ''cruel'' remarks towards our female lead just for some attention, always jumping in to rescue.  
reportRecommended by gGiakh
They both have one rich hero and one poor heroin with a very cute love story 
reportRecommended by ZoyenceAbigail
Both have a girl who is hard working and has her life completely changed by a guy's actions and not necessarily in a good way. Both also have the main pairing starting out hating each other. 
reportRecommended by silvernakami
The plot is really different between the two stories and the two main girs are different : -Makoto takes a really long time to realise her feelings for Tsukasa whereas Chouko has always loved Megane_kun. -Tsukasa and Megane-kun are somehow alike because they are impulsive, jealous, and possesive guys. But when they love they are very passionate. In my opinion, Hana Yori Dango is really a classic and it is much more better than the other manga but you still can try it because you will find some similarities in the boys behaviours. 
reportRecommended by eliiise
The prince is just like Tsukasa! Rich, unstopable, cute and basically do anything to be with the one he loves. The girl is very similar to our Tsukushi: strong, brave and simply doesn't fall in love with the male lead right away. It also has a long term story, the years goes by and it is so interesting! The ending is happy, of course, but there are too many troubles untill there. I must say 100% Perfect Girl and Hana Yori Dango are my favorites, and I like both because of the samme reason. 
reportRecommended by bearealpsycho
Both are tales of heartwarming romance centering on a strong female lead who has to overcome great obstacles. She is not appealing in the stereotypical way and transforms everyone around her. Both have some comedy and numerous atrractive males. 
reportRecommended by Sapphiregleams
Hana Yori Dango and Crossroad both have female leads who at first are quiet and feel they'll be better off alone but as the story progresses they both open themselves up and become strong with the help of the people surrounding them. They both have a sort of forbidden romance (hana yori dango has it later on) and the main female has multiple guys crushing on her.  
reportRecommended by Bunnybunbun17
Both have a group of pretty boys who seem to hold all the power in the school. Also, these groups target one person in the entire school to bully. This target unfortunately suffers from constant bullying from the entire school; however, the main targets in these two mangas take a stand and fight back. 
reportRecommended by eternal_love
Although these two mangas don't seem to have anything alike, the typical stereotype of poor girl meets rich boy appears in both stories, and we all know how those stories end.  
reportRecommended by okapis
Tsukasa is VERYYYYY similar to yamato :)) That's all though XDDD if you couldnt get enough of that narcistic pedo-ish characteristic then by all means read this manga XDDD 
reportRecommended by nikasanyuu
They have similar story about school romance where you didn't expect it to be this way in both of them you can enjoy good are and humor 
reportRecommended by valia12341
They both kind of have the same plot. A girl is being marked to be bullied by a stupid guy with three friends (though in "Nobles..." the friends are 2 guys and 1 girl). All her friends stop talking to her for being afraid; everyone in the school start teasing her making her life miserable. Even though Nobles... is not finished yet I think the ending will be quite predictable, so if that's the case it'll have a different ending than the one in HYD. I have to say that while HYD is one of my favourites mangas of all times, NLC is not that good, but you  read more 
reportRecommended by Arkiu
Although they don't have similiar plot, they remind each other alot  
reportRecommended by Melisandre
Both are great shoujo romance series about a couple no one thought would ever happen, whose biggest relationship obstacle seems to be themselves. Both also have great supporting casts who gradually get fleshed out and have their own great subplots. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Both feature strong female leads and slightly twisted male leads that are altered by the experiences they go through with the female lead. Also both have artwork which starts out really rough, but gets progressively better. The two are also from the romantic genre, but other then that, their genres and story lines are VERY different. Basara has a lot more action then Hana Yori Dango, which is purely a romantic tale. 
reportRecommended by soaring_wings
Both are shoujo romance series about an unlikely couple with seemingly incompatible personalities whose own stubbornness poses the biggest problem to their relationship. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
The triangle relationship in Anta Nante Okotowari reminded me so much of Hana Yori Dango. Kaoru and Yui didn't get off to the right foot, and Kaoru would rather tease Yui rather than admit that he's smitten. Meanwhile, Mika appears whenever the moment is right. Just like Tsukasa, Makino, and Rui.  
reportRecommended by Aarana
Both series feature a romance between an ordinary high school girl and a boy who's from a completely different world (socially in HYD, literally in MeruPuri). They also both feature memory loss plotlines that have strong similarities. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Like this story except more detailed and longer (in the relationship aspect) 
reportRecommended by PanicAtTheAbyss
Even though the plots are quite different, the fact that misunderstandings always pile up and cause the relationship to grow apart is very similar between the two.. Both are good long romantic comedies but keep in mind that the art in both starts hideous and gradually becomes much better later on 
reportRecommended by Mystic_Spirit
Both the male leads are similar in the sense that they are both feared for their fighting skills and admired by girls (more for money/social status with regards to Domyoji and looks for Gang Naru). Both female leads remain strong when facing adversity from their class mates (Makino is often bullied due to her social status - HYD, while for Ida it's because of her maid-master relationship with Mimi in HD2R) 
reportRecommended by Foraii
These two mangas are really similar, the art, the characters (seriously alot alike), the situations (such as the transfering troubles) and the never ending are they getting together or not? kinda thing.  
reportRecommended by XDKeriDX
Both are drama, romance, shoujo and with a school environment, some of the characters are quite similar. They both have playboys and easily angered, and sometimes stupid, main male leads. 
reportRecommended by XDKeriDX
Girl becomes involved in a relatiionship with someone of a higher status, facing many problems along the way to make the relationship recognised by those around them. Private Prince is much more smuttier though. 
reportRecommended by Foraii
Both girls try to stand up to a powerful group of boys and becomes involved with the leader of the group. 
reportRecommended by Emiey
Two stories about a girl that - against her own will - gets sucked into the world of the rich. There are also lots of unrequited love. Don't think these stories are alike though. This recommendation is for the people seeking the same elements. HYD is longer, and therefore it has more depth and drama.  
reportRecommended by bleeb
The triangle depth for both mangas are intriguing from the start. The perverted girl-friendly comedy is common to both stories as well. Surprisingly the set-up for both stories are realistic. 
reportRecommended by hmfan24
Let's see.. starts off with an uncaring kind of guy, the main girl does something to stand up to him (whether it would be for his disrespect or just long hair), and he responds by picking on her. And soon after that turns to love.. Both stories actually go deeper than that, with a girl that would do something you would not totally expect. For Hana Yori Dango, she's strong-willed and determined, which can be said the same for KKwH. Both heroines have an influential aspect, where their love interest is just some cold person that really stands out (really rich guy in Hana Yori  read more 
reportRecommended by HippieRox
Both have a strong girl being bullied by the main guy, who uses his high popularity to influence others into harming her. Only when she proves those tricks ineffective does he begin to see her in a different light. (It's actually a bit different for Watashi, where the relationship does not start out this way but emerges as part of the story development) For recommendations, not much can be said. Watashi is still too early to tell, but shows wonderful art and story so far; Hana Yori Dango is just full of drama, going along a great story; Both feature love triangles (between the two main  read more 
reportRecommended by HippieRox
The male character is powerful in both the political and economic worlds, yet chooses to "chase" a common girl with no known reputation? The female lead is strong and constantly denies her love for the lead male character. 
reportRecommended by Foraii
Both have strong female lead trying change the school by going against the corrupt student boss.  
reportRecommended by Pinkbismuth
While the story isn't quite identical, HBW struck me as very similar to HYD. A poor female must overcome many obstacles, including the wealthy vs. poor class separation. They also both contain very strong, independent women that are determined to be their own person.  
reportRecommended by Aarana
It is not the plot that is similar, but rather the main female lead. In case you like strong, decisive and level-headed girls, both series should bring you lots of enjoyment. 
reportRecommended by zybactik
Hana Yori Dango's known for the F4, or the four boys that are known for their looks and talent. In Full House Kiss, it's pretty much the same deal, but instead, the four boys are called La Prince. 
reportRecommended by nolongerusingbye
Hana Yori Dango is a prequel of Crazy for you (source: MangaUpdates) Same storyline: girl likes guy, guy likes another girl, but still he tries something with the other girl. yada yada yada. lots of drama!  
reportRecommended by aggie18
The female main character is strong and she never gives up.  
reportRecommended by cjwalker
both girls are poor or orphan, and are in a rich school both are overprotective of there friends and thus mess with the school's no.1 hot guy who's a jerk both are strong  
reportRecommended by Amy_Sakura1998