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Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Alternative Titles

English: Kamisama Kiss
Synonyms: Divine Nanami
Japanese: 神様はじめました


Type: Manga
Volumes: 25
Chapters: 154
Status: Finished
Published: Feb 20, 2008 to May 20, 2016
Authors: Suzuki, Julietta (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume


Score: 8.561 (scored by 22479 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1122
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #108
Members: 55,096
Favorites: 4,197


Similar characters, plot, character relations, etc :D Kamisama Kiss just really reminded me of Inuyasha as I read deeper into the story :3 
reportRecommended by bunnychii
Regular girl becomes homeless, gets taken and and involved with all sorts of supernatural things. Both are sweet, interesting stories with interesting characters  
reportRecommended by as3
Black bird and Kamisama both share similar themes, such as romance, comedy and supernatural, though they're still really different... 
reportRecommended by PlasticPaper
They both are based on japaneese mithology and have a lot of similar arcs.  
reportRecommended by leksawillin
Both series has a very strong willed heroine. Their life changes as they enter the supernatural world and meets a mysterious guy(s)?! And staying under the same roof isn't very easy. I really love Kamisama Hajimemashita manga and anime, once you read Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji you will enjoy another great series! 
reportRecommended by Chento
In both, normal girls somehow 'received' god power from a god. Though the plot in the 2 series go into different paths, become a god or remain as a human. Nanami is 'bind' by her role as a land god but Inari is going into the direction so that she can control and live with the power as a human without becoming god. Both contain their troubles with love and interaction with other gods. 
reportRecommended by hokaru
Same "girl becomes God" and has a troublesome shrine guardian kind of storyline. I prefer "Kamisama Hajimemashita" for it's ever so slightly darker humor. 
reportRecommended by Yxx
A fox spirit serving/protecting a girl, just that in this case the "Tomoe" in InuxBoku is really obedient and exaggeratedly nice to the main girl and "Nanami" (Ririchiyo in InuxBoku) is really tsundere and rude. Similar just in concept, not in story. Both are romance. 
reportRecommended by xgreeneyednekox
Similar main characters, romance, concept and plot. Both main males are foxes with similar powers and a really bad temper. (Similar personality in genral actually) They both refuse to have a romantic relationship with a human girl. Both males also have a dark past, which led them to having to protect humans for several hundred years. The main females are also similar in several ways. They both rely on the male's protection even though they really want to be able to protect themselves. Both stories have similar plot, girl lives in a shrine and goes to school while the male is going to protect her from supernatural spirits  read more 
reportRecommended by Doodlene
Coming elements of fantasy, slice of life, and a bit of romance, both series adapts a well-rounded story about supernatural beings. The main premise may not seem similar but there's a good amount of relationship building with familiarity. In fact, the main characters' personalities are similar - strong, independent, and caring towards their friends. Their role in the story is expanded as they face difficult obstacles as well as their own personal struggles. There's also a bit of romance development that becomes evident as well. Anyone interested in a lighthearted fantasy story should consider giving these two series a shot. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Despite their different premises, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime and Kamisama Hajimemashita has a familiar feel with their story. Both series' main female protagonist are self-independent and are clever with their ways of thinking. Their encounter with the main male protagonist seems to be almost like fate as they get to know each other. Both series also adapts romance that becomes more evident as the story progresses on. There is also distinctive amount of fantasy elements as we see how their world functions. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
The pacing for both of these mangas are very similar. 
reportRecommended by araragi_
The stories are very different, but in both, the girls get very attractive familiars and get involved in all sorts of supernatural events 
reportRecommended by as3
Theyre both about a girl who is homeless and is found the by god of a un-popular shrine, and ends up living with them. Once you read Kamisama Wa Ikiru No Ga Tsurai, you will definitely find the similarities!  
reportRecommended by namelessotaku
Both involve the growth of a romantic relationship between the strong female protagonist and her supernatural servant. Kamisama is a bit more light-hearted and current than Her Majesty; but if you liked one I would consider looking into the other. 
reportRecommended by nirasha
Both manga feature a girl being protected by a guy. Kamisama Hajimemashita is currently longer and funnier, but if you like one, you ought to like the other. 
reportRecommended by Sorghaghtani
-Both Nanami and Ryou need to be protected by the hero, but work on becoming more skilled so they can protect the people they love. -both female protagonists are resolute about who they love -both transition from present to past -multiple love interests 
reportRecommended by jmiserak
Two different worlds behind human knowlage. Both manga has creatures as a main characters, there is a lot of magic and also, another MC is a bit clumsy human, who get to know about everything who seems impossible. 
reportRecommended by Shadake
Both, Nanami and Usagi are women who begin very weak and dependent on their respective hero to save them. The story focuses on their struggle to be stronger and to impress the hero they love. Both, Tomoe and Hanazoe are skeptical and rebuff the heroines on their first meeting but slowly fall in love with the heroines as Nanami and Usuagi show their sincerity and dedication to their cause. Both desire the affection of the hero and get into a series of conflicts where the hero has to save them. Both heroines have multiple love interests but are always resolute about their love for the  read more 
reportRecommended by jmiserak
Kamisama Kiss and Kamichama Karin are two shojo manga series about a girl in unfortunate situations becoming a goddess. Through her struggles of learning to use her new powers, she meets a boy with similar powers to hers, though they dislike each other at first. Both series are recommended for shojo manga fans who enjoy a mix of romance and fantasy. 
reportRecommended by Fario-P
Both of these manga have youkai.It has some of the some youkai, though Nuraihyon no mago has much more. Kamisama Hajimemashita focuses more on romance with a hint of action,whereas Nurarihyon no Mago is the opposite. If you like supernatural I recommend either of these. 
reportRecommended by necomimi
The plot for these manga isn't all that similar. The episodic style of Kamisama and recurring side characters really reminded me of Princess Resurrection. Also both main girls have to prove themselves in some way.  
reportRecommended by ducks-attack
Though not completely alike in terms of plot or story length, the relationship between the main character and their supernatural love interest shares some of the same elements with Nanami and Tomoe's pairing, especially involving the past. I would elaborate, but that would spoil it.  
reportRecommended by riteofspring
MCs are very similar. You have the same feeling while reading. It's just that one is about Demons and another about Gods. The kindhearted girl who always helps others and cold boy who's by her side. And there's this one big problem they have to solve that comes from the past/future.  
reportRecommended by ChatNoir_24
Although Platinum Garden may not contain heavy supernatural-atmosphere like in Kamisama Hajimemashita, but if you pay attention, both heroine has pretty much similar path to live their life. 
reportRecommended by decembeardream
Two stories will warm your heart including time skip or time travel to save the life of the person you love  
reportRecommended by TENSHI_HANA
Both have familiar summons (althought in kamisama hijimemashita its demon familiars in Ayahatori shoukanjou its people and animals summoned from books) both have strong female leads with a strong back story (KH the father left her and she basicly raised herself, in AS she also basicly raised herself) in both the characters are confused as to weather they like each other (epically the guy) overall they just reminded me of each other, though i loved both i think KH was better it was also longer. Ii highly recommend it and i think if you liked AS then you will like KH to :)  
reportRecommended by Aka-sora
Two stories will warm your heart including time skip or time travel to save the life of the person you love  
reportRecommended by TENSHI_HANA
The stories are very, VERY different.. but there are a few similarities. Both heroines have no home left to go back to, they both live with older male guardian-like figures, and they both end up falling for them. Kamisama is much longer and it isn't as simple as Tsubaki-chou, but I really enjoy both of them. To me, they have similar feelings. 
reportRecommended by hjoiee8
- A human goddness and her guardian love relationship - Supernatural  
reportRecommended by Ana_anilist16
most everyone who likes Kamisama Hajimemashita also adores Akatsuki no Yona :-) - sweet but determined protagonists - light romance - supernatural elements - folklore and legends - great supporting characters 
reportRecommended by LeahMay
Both Akuma to Dolce and Kamisama Hajimemashita have the same author. In both manga, there is sparking love between a human girl and demon. The demon characters are quick to anger but really treasure their love interests. Both manga have their comedic sides as well!  
reportRecommended by shishiosm
Both have romance, gods, and good artwork. They also have good plots, despite the fact that the storylines are different. If you like one of them, you will definitely like the other 
reportRecommended by Kaeriii
Because of their willingness to help others both main characters get in weigh over their heads. While the main character of Kamisama helps a man in a tree escape from a dog, the main character in Eto Royals helps a dog. Both of these acts cause them to be thrown into some situations against their will. One of them becoming a shrine goddess of a shrine that a less then excited fox demon lives at. And the other main character becoming partners with the dog zodiac in a Zodiac battle against her will. Both are packed, with situations that will make you laugh! 
reportRecommended by AGlitterGoddess
both story line are about a human and a spirit and a romance. the human is a girl who falls in love with a spirit 
reportRecommended by luchel618
Both have somewhat similar feeling and the heroines will end up with a familiar to protect them and encounter different obstacles and troubles regarding supernaturals. KamiHaji is slightly more darker with the story. 
reportRecommended by Kio_
Another Demon/Human romance. Kamisama has a much subtle romance however.  
reportRecommended by Titanchain
There are two different stories but in my opinion they have the same romantic atmosphere. There are both tender and heartwarming with development of relations between characters as main theme of manga. For this reason, I suppose that this mangas differ from others with the same genre and similar stories, and because I rate this two higher and also reccomend it. 
reportRecommended by kamitsure
There are two different stories but in my opinion they have the same romantic atmosphere. They are both tender and heartwarming with development of relations between characters as main theme of manga. For this reason, I suppose that this mangas differ from others with the same genre and similar stories, and because I rated this two higher and also reccomend it. 
reportRecommended by kamitsure
In both the main girls are targeted by demons everyday and end up living with a demon that although disliked her at first and it was somehow forced to protect her, later starts to feel compassion and a growing feeling for her.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Normal girl gets involved in supernatural stuff - plus interesting shojo stories 
reportRecommended by as3
Nanami and Hikari share almost the same personality (they even look alike physically), so even though the story has nothing to do with the other, you could still enjoy them if you like the main female chara. 
reportRecommended by Kiiroi
Both stories have humans who are involved with the spirit world and they are protected by spirits. If you enjoy one, you'll probably like the other, although Natsume is far more episodic than Kamisama. 
reportRecommended by st_owly
Both are about a human girl forced into a relationship with a supernatural boy. They both hate each other, but grow to like each other. 
reportRecommended by renjikuchiki1
both dealing with girls that suddenly fall into a world of demons and monsters  
reportRecommended by amade0
Both girls are now Land Gods and there servents fall in love with them. In Kamisama Hajimemashita the girl falls in love with her servent. and in Omamori no Kamisama the servent falls in love with there master. Also simular in other ways. 
reportRecommended by MermaidGalaxies
Both have supernatural/fantasy elements, though in Kamisama, it's familiars and gods and stuff, while in Earl, it's fairies. Both are a great read, considering they have great art, and a not-so-typical storyline. They both have a bit of everything, and are sure to please. 
reportRecommended by NightsofDawn
While Barajou no Kiss is a reverse-harem it does have a few similarities. Both protagonist are given special positions (Anis becomes Rose Princess, Nanami is Land God) and both are 'masters' over men. Barajous no Kiss does deal with the supernatural, high school life, idols (Suzumura Idel vs. Shinjirou Kurama) who both have mysterious past and are fence sitters, and Anis also has an independent spirit yet also a goofy side. Other points: Anis and Nanami are both surrounded by gorgeous men whom are either in love, or have feelings, or serve them. However while Nanami singularly likes Tomoe, in Barajou we're given more drama since Anis  read more 
reportRecommended by hippokrys
The main characters are very similar in character and some of the humour reminds me of Dengeki Daisy.  
reportRecommended by chrissy12
Just a glance at the front cover shows how much these mangas are alike! They're both about fox demon spirits who protect the female protagonists. The art style is quite different, but I like both in their own respects. 
reportRecommended by octoberstormxx
The main characters from both series have unusual gifts or rather supernatural abilities that defies the laws of nature. Both series adapts a story taking place in modern time where spirits and apparitions are involved. Their style are portrayed differently but both series adapts story angles where conflicts are the result of their existence. Kamisama Hajimemashita also has more shoujo themes while Kyoukai no Rinne is known for its shounen style.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
It's similar because the main girl character in the beginning are put in this situation they can't refuse and have to deal with a rude guy. They begin not liking each other; Calling each other names especially the boys lol. Then later on fall for each other after complications(drama) :P plus the main boy characters both share a stubborn attitude towards their feelings.....and I think the story well be interesting along the run.  
reportRecommended by Tashie303
Japanese mythology abounds in these two manga full of Tengu, Sorcerers and Kitsune and a girl's heart big enough to love them all. Two great manga with incredible art a healing romance and magic everywhere.  
reportRecommended by noirgrimoir
Priestess, supernatural beings and protecting shrines as a job.  
reportRecommended by kiiroibara
In both Mangas, we have Animal Like protagonists who have interesting features and characteristics. I enjoyed reading both, the drawing style is pretty and the romance isnt too much either. So you might enjoy both of these Mangas too.  
reportRecommended by Nikathy
First off, I'll state that these two manga (Shinobi Life and Kamisama Hajimemashita) are in my top ten of all time... thus I may be biased. =) But, if you feel the same, read on: What they have in common: - The stories both revolve around the couple and their developing relationship. - Both girls in each story have the male as the protecting figure. In the case of Shinobi it's obviously a ninja, and in the case of Kamisama a fox demon. - Both girls in each story have trouble adapting to the lifestyle of their male counterpart. - Both stories have wonderful art, coming  read more 
reportRecommended by follybaby
The drawings are somewhat similar to each other, and they both got to do with shrines. It also has a common type of comedy. The plot is very different than the other, but I can't help but be reminded of KH when I read PB! o: They are both awesome. A must read! <3 
reportRecommended by Yami-