Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
Red River
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Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori

Alternative Titles

English: Red River
Synonyms: Anatolia Story, Heaven by the Red River, Orontes Renka, Orontes Love Song, Where the Sky and the Red River meet
Japanese: 天は赤い河のほとり


Type: Manga
Volumes: 28
Chapters: 96
Status: Finished
Published: Jan 5, 1995 to Jun 5, 2002
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, DramaDrama, FantasyFantasy, HistoricalHistorical, RomanceRomance, ShoujoShoujo, SupernaturalSupernatural
Authors: Shinohara, Chie (Story & Art)
Serialization: Sho-Comi


Score: 8.341 (scored by 79707,970 users)
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Ranked: #2082
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #598
Members: 18,787
Favorites: 1,268


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Nov 29, 2008
Jasonbear (All reviews)
An extremely fantastic manga, if I may say so myself.

I absolutely adore this manga and i'm honestly shocked that there are not many other reviews for this. I found this manga to be brilliant, not to mention thoroughly entertaining.

The story is basically about a girl who is brought back in time to the ancient Egyptian time by an evil queen. Sounds pretty bland and cheesy, but surprisingly it was rather fresh. Red River is a wonderful combination of genres wrapped all in one single manga and presented in a way that will, without a doubt, keep you entertained. Action, romance (definitely!), drama, evil sadistic read more
Dec 25, 2009
yukari29 (All reviews)
Anatolia Story or Red River is one of the few manga that transcends the boundaries of time. It is indeed a timeless classic that is bound to captivate the reader’s attention. It is certainly one of the best manga out there who can cope up with the fast paced innovation in the manga industry.

The story starts with a simple girl named Yuri, she is transported to the Hittites Empire by the evil queen because her blood is needed as a sacrifice in order to kill the other remaining prince. She was constantly saved by Prince Kail, a handsome and smart young man. Prince Kail read more
Jan 21, 2011
Towa_No_Hana (All reviews)
In the 10 years of my life of reading manga, I have never encountered one with such absolutely pathetic characters. Don't get me wrong, the idea was good, but the characters were so underdeveloped and the obstacles the heroin had to face were so horribly thought out, that at one point you have to think "What obstacle will they throw at use now? Will it be that the girl can't be with the guy of her dreams because he's a blonde? Oh, the horror! Society shall never approve!"

I'm one to complete my manga's, since I've learned through the years that sometimes manga's get better read more
Oct 1, 2009
Marigolden (All reviews)
I discovered Red River about last year- a friend of mine had it, told me it was worth a read, and she, myself, and another friend all decided to read it. The story is this: Yuri Suzuki is an everygirl who is transported back through time and space to the Hittite Empire, summoned by the Empress who wants to use her as a blood sacrifice to ensure her son inherits the throne. Yuri manages to escape and falls in with Prince Kail Mursili, third in line to the throne. She joins his court, and, through a series of odd coincidences, becomes mistaken for read more
Feb 12, 2015
Silerna (All reviews)
When reading the first chapters, you think it's the story of a girl in trouble and get saved by her hero and they live happily ever after. Which is surprisingly WRONG in fact it's beyond your expectations, the heroine of this Manga isn't your typical heroine. She's more then just a heroine, even how tomboyish, stubborn , insecure and scared she is , she overcomes any problem her path meets in this oldest Era. Not only the main characters are the heroes but also side characters that even have the smallest role.
The surprising turns in this story makes you keep reading and makes you travel read more
Dec 29, 2014
ICristina (All reviews)
I just finished this book and you can never fully understands how amazing it is until you have read it yourself.

story: This is a romance manga between a prince and a princess( which is actually a normal teenage girl ), that sounds exciting doesn't it? Now what you expect from the manga may be a little different from what the manga actually says , but I am really telling the truth. I don't want to give any spoilers so this is all I am going to say.

The art really took me some time to get used to, but once I got used to it, read more
Jun 24, 2010
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
Yuuri, our protagonist, is a highschool student going about her normal life like a normal highschool chick (don't you hate it when people keep saying a 'normal'-something and then something un-normal seems to happen to them?) but when her mom tells her to get a drink for her dad for dinner, the drink suddenly takes shape and... *

*:P read the manga to find out what happens next

The story is premium quality with a lot of shady ideas, it had many dimensions and it was not REALLY shallow, if you get what I mean. Honestly, the main character (the chick, Yuuri) reminds me of Jeanne of read more
Aug 1, 2012
Yuri-Chann (All reviews)
Anatolia Story is a about a typical girl who is dragged back in time to be used as a sacrifice for an evil queen; who is trying to make her son the prince. She goes through many problems, and is kidnapped countless times and is saved by none other then "HER PRINCE" Kail. :)

The two fall deeply in love and must undergo some of the most terrifying problems. Many times the queen has tried to kill her since they soon find out the Yuri is a goddess.

In my opinion, there is an anamzing amount of suspense and alot of romance for those who read more
Mar 4, 2017
s4r4h00z (All reviews)

I'm someone who's a huge fan of shoujo and romance mangas. I especially love the ones that actually make my heart jump as if i'm in the manga myself. Even now, I somewhat like reading mangas about a prince and damsel in distress falling in love. I think it could be because of the fact that in reality, there's no prince. But fiction makes our imagination go wild and that makes it all the more exhilarating.

However, one thing I hate the most are characters that are brave but at the same time, they are constantly degraded when the read more
May 4, 2011
xKaorux (All reviews)
It was amazing!

Not only is it historical it is also magical and romantic. The story line is very good and the art is beautifully done, a masterpiece. Like every story you have the wounderfull handsome Princes and those who try to get in their way like the step mother. I enjoyed this manga very much and have read it more than once, It is one of those mangas that drag you into the story itself.

The story is set in the Heiti time (Ancient Egypt). A young Japanese girl get dragged through time by a Socceress to be sacraficed. On her journey she comes across read more
Oct 13, 2011
mawaharin (All reviews)
Oh geeze, where to start with this! After reading it, it's always been my favorite. The drama is perfect, the characters are unhateable (unless we're talking about the Empress Dowager who's absolutely wonderful to hate) and overall it's got a good storyline. A lot of the time, I compare this to Fushigi Yugi and I think, "Dang. It fills in a lot of the random questions I had about Yuu Watase's story."

The entire time I read this, I was hanging off the edge of my chair, just waiting to see what happened next. I love it so much that I've read all the chapters read more
Jun 4, 2017
-Gia- (All reviews)
I don't usually write reviews, but after reading many of the reviews for this manga, I felt the need to address a couple of things. This may contain minor spoilers in regards to the mindset of the characters and their specific actions. Also, there might be a slight rant.

Story (6/10):

The story is of one about a modern girl getting sent back in time by an evil queen hoping to take her body for a ritual. The MC finds herself surrounded by many physically strong men of high social status. The story is definitely a harem romance type.

Art (8/10):

I actually liked the art. Though the art read more
Dec 10, 2010
EfiChan (All reviews)
Story - 8/10 (Sorry If it's cumbersome)
As you know (or don't know) it has something realistic. Of course all the magic stuff isn't true, but still.

The story is full of all kind of emotions: Sadness, funny (I don't know how to say it) and so on.

It's original (Unless you consider something based on reallity not original), it has some truth in it (So it's not 100% unbelievble) and you learn History XD

Art - 10/10
Sorry, I don't how can I really say a lot about it. I just like the way it was drawn (Especially Mursili)

Enjoyment - 9/10
The story was nice and all but think about read more
Jan 10, 2011
kiwigreeneyes (All reviews)
Story: The beginning of this story isn't terribly unique. It's a heck of a lot like Inuyasha, but from there it takes a much different turn. I loved the way that the story played out, it had excellent pacing and I never felt bored. (10/10)

Art: I had a difficult time rating this one. I really disliked the artwork at first. Then again, I'd been reading more modern manga, like CLAMP and Fruits Basket, both of which have beautiful artwork. But the farther I got into the story, the more I began to like the artwork. There is just something about it that is appealing. The read more
Apr 21, 2014
Czarine (All reviews)
I like to read violent seinen manga, but sometimes I want to read something light-hearted for a change, so I turn to shoujo. Thus, this review is from someone who doesn't usually read that much shoujo, so it has affected this review and scoring.

I chose to read Red River solely because of the ancient Turkey setting. I wanted to read something that was based on an ancient, middle-eastern culture, and Red River just happened to pop up. I was pleasantly surprised that the setting included ancient Egypt as well, because it fascinates me.

I didn't really expect much from the story, since my experience of shoujo read more
Aug 24, 2011
Taylorgg12 (All reviews)
Red River also known as Anatolia Story, is a historical fantasy shōjo manga series by Chie Shinohara.

The story is about a 15 year old girl named Yuri Suzuki who is transported through water from Japan to the Hittite Empire by the evil queen Nakia who means to use Yuri as a human sacrifice to kill the crown princes and put her son Juda on the throne.As the story progress, however, Yuri not only repeatedly manages to escape Nakia's scheming, she also becomes revered as an incarnation of the goddess Ishtar and falls in love with prince Kail.

The art of this manga is fairly simple and read more
Mar 30, 2012
PlasticPaper (All reviews)
Red River is the oldest manga I have ever read, having been released the year I was born. I had put off reading it due to the art style (I was used to round, fluffy shoujos) and finally, after running into it for the hundredth time last year, I decided to stop putting it off. I was caught right away, and I could not stop reading. I read every chapter in three days.
The last volume was a bit dull after the main story ended, but I liked the insight into the side characters lives, and even the little after stories. But either way, it read more
Jan 6, 2011
Mikio-chan (All reviews)
Well I have always been a big fan of shoujo mangas an old things. And here old has proven to be a great combination with shoujo.

At the beginning I really didn't like the story, art, character, but soon after that I began to love everything. And the reason for that is hw thw manga-ka sweeps you away with her ctrong characters and plot.

You can see just how much Shinohara Chie has tryed to make everything real and believable. And her amazing art gives the manga an even more special feeling. You can see small details on the clothes and buildings.

The main character is a read more
Sep 19, 2009
shiayame (All reviews)
The reason i like this manga is multiple reasons, which i will give you a few know.

The general story line is one that takes your breath away. Once you pick it up you do not wont to put it down. That is the one thing i like about good books. Also it deals abet in Egypt and around there. So even if you don't know much about Egypt it gives you a brief history of it. There are somethings that the book actual can teach you, like trust which i have so long forgotten about, and still do.
May 4, 2010
Tsirne (All reviews)
This is a historical, romance and war themed story.

The art takes getting used to, but is actually rather appealing.

It has a mature romance among the main characters, without being particularly smutty.

It has a strong plot throughout all 96 chapters, and will leave you craving more.

I highly recommend this as it is my all time favorite.