Battle Angel Alita
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Alternative Titles

English: Battle Angel Alita
Synonyms: Ganmu
Japanese: 銃夢 GUNNM


Type: Manga
Volumes: 9
Chapters: 53
Status: Finished
Published: Nov , 1990 to Mar , 1995
Genres: ActionAction, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Kishiro, Yukito (Story & Art)
Serialization: Business Jump


Score: 8.431 (scored by 2058520,585 users)
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Ranked: #1512
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Popularity: #161
Members: 59,466
Favorites: 3,702


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Apr 5, 2008
lonestar6969 (All reviews)
What a great original story this was. The art is very detailed and clear in the sense that you can actually understand whats going on in the fight scenes. For some fighting manga's it was very difficult to imagine what went on during a fight scene but Alita didnt lose me. I got a sense of excitment following Alita's develpment from innocent cyborg to bounty hunter to elite sportwomen to warrior as there was not a single boring moment. It was a thrill to see what new weapons or body she would get and how she would defeat or catch her enemies.

Not only was the read more
Jun 1, 2014
gilgamesh310 (All reviews)
When most people think of futuristic sci-fi settings involving cyborgs in anime and manga, the first thing that’s likely to come to their heads is Ghost in the Shell. While the GitS IP is a very accomplished and influential one, it greatly overshadowed another similar but in my opinion superior work. Battle Angel Alita(which goes by the vastly inferior title Gunnm in Japan) was released in 1989 and despite being an excellent manga, it never became particularly successful and only a small portion of it managed to get adapted into an anime.

The story of Battle Angel Alita begins in a scrapyard where a read more
Mar 12, 2015
Black_Butterfly (All reviews)
Nowadays, I seem to find that stories revolving around the nature of heroism, especially within anime, are rather stale. Stories about heroes, or what makes a hero a hero, are filled with protagonists who seem to be invincible, or rather, superficial in the sense that they contain no actual realism towards what makes them a hero. If you take your time to look closely and observe, you’ll find that conflicts within a majority of modern day stories are resolved with simple words of wisdom, or “power-ups” to defeat an obstacle blocking the hero from victory. This causes the heroes that read more
Jan 29, 2018
comiclove (All reviews)
Battle Angel Alita (or Gunnm) was intriguing in the sense that it somewhat defied expectations. I knew virtually nothing about this franchise besides when I watched the OVA + saw the trailer for that weird live-action adaptation, so I'm coming into this like a baby. Ultimately, it's not as great as some people have claimed, but it has redemptive factors that are hopefully expanded upon in the sequel 'Last Order'.

[Story - 6]

Our story follows the adventures of a cyborg named Alita (or Gally) in the post-apocalyptic United States; Specifically, we follow her 'coming of age' as she goes from a cloudcuckoolander amnesiac to a hardened read more
Jul 12, 2017
NVHp (All reviews)
Gunnm is a cyberpunk visual novel with a cartoonist look. By that, I mean the unique character designs. But don't let it fools you, the author can really draw some mess up stuff.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the adorable characters. But there're 3 problems I have with Gunnm

1. Death has no weight
Why? Because Alita casually killed villains and everybody is a cyborg. Firstly, Alita presents herself to be on the good side, even stopping Ido when she thinks he is doing something wrong. But when she and anybody she cared about life is in danger, Alia don't mind killing at all. This read more
Feb 14, 2019
kokuborou (All reviews)
Let’s talk about a story about existentialism told with the help of our main heroine Alita/Gally. What’s the meaning of being alive? Everybody needs a reason to live and move on. A purpose in that world were the society is divided in two classes: The poor one living in the scrap yard and the ones with a social status living in Thypares . For those from the scrap yard Thypares is a place were many of them aim to go a manifestation of their dreams and hopes it’s like a oasis in a middle of a desert were travelers can rest after their journey.

The worldbuilding read more
Feb 13, 2019
Foxtrot_67 (All reviews)
Was debating whether or not to read this for a while, then I saw the new fox trailer and thought "might as well", and I have to say I was not disappointed. I don't wanna spoil to much, but definitely check this one out.
Can say that I am a little scared to see the movie, since live actions are never good, but I am still very excited. If you're interested learning more about Alita, and what the movie is changing, I suggest you check out's Gundam showing tonight. They're going in depth of the differences between movie and the mange.
May 28, 2013
Byrdman (All reviews)
BBA was an amazing series from start to finish. I have truly enjoyed reading it and immersing myself into its fantastic world.


The story is excellent... I love the different themes that were constantly being presented, like what it is to live, moving on, doubt, love etc. and how the main character overcomes her problems.. The death race arc is my favourite one in the story .

The art is impressive... some of the best I seen recently. Love how every character was drawn with uniqueness and the action scenes were handle with professionalism with the panel space.

Characters: They were pretty impressive and easily relate-able although read more
Aug 1, 2015
Whalelala (All reviews)
When Yukito Kishiro first created Gunnm (Battle Angel), he started with the world. It's basically future post-apocalyptic, but it's well thought out, and perfectly feasible. He even has little notes here and there throughout the book giving details on some of the new (or old) technology. Like most manga, the artwork is fairly simple, but beautiful. Vehicles, landscapes, character designs.. you name it. All of it has that futuristic dirty feel to it that the original Star Wars movies have, with more than a bit of Mad Max thrown in. But, the characters are where it's at. The main character starts at the bottom. She read more
Sep 7, 2012
tlne (All reviews)
Battle Angel Alita (or GUNNM) is a dystopia featuring Alita’s (or Gally, in some translations) journey as a moral, conscious being in the Scrapyard --a ruthless world that resides underneath the god-like Tiphares. What is right and wrong? And when is someone considered truly “human”? Battle Angel Alita delves into the realm of consciousness, morals, and staying true to yourself. As a manga, it's very, very good. Still, Battle Angel Alita is a far cry from a masterpiece.

The setting in Battle Angel Alita was one of the story’s most important features, keeping the reader engaged in it’s mysteries. Comparable to something like Nausicaa, it has read more
Aug 3, 2011
old_boy22 (All reviews)

Gun Dream is the sci fi cyberpunk story of an empty shell character Gally (U.S. translation "Alita") coming into a world and evolving into its own person, ultimately seeking a place for them self in life. It is set several hundred years from the present (in the 2500's) in a dystopian Midwestern United States. The story unfolds over the span of fourteen years and owns a diverse and intriguing cast of characters. Many get side tracked by the action in the series but the ultimate point to Gun Dream is Gally's journey of finding herself and her definition of life.


read more
Dec 16, 2015
ItIsIDio (All reviews)
This review applies only for the first 6 chapters of the manga and it will not constitute the overall value of the manga and will instead focus on the aspects you might dislike, or like, in the first 6 chapters. If you happen to not consider anything as bad points or the good outweighing the bad, you should check the manga, because the manga itself wasn't the greatest pick for me but rather something I might've possibly liked on the whim of a friend, despite it being set in a world that isn't likely I would be the fan of. So I gave it a read more
Feb 21, 2013
Shura-shurato (All reviews)
MOTORBALL IS THE NAME OF THE GAME! one of the best and essential thing´s that make´s the alita manga a cyberpunk Gem! the story , like the 2 ova´s starts great has an great number of chara, side chara with each an important, dark, filthy cyber backstory or past! With an animation thats fitting like hell and totally shows its true potential at the mecha design drawings wich made me melt , TOTALLY! as the story progresses further than the anime, with more about tiphares, the scrapyard that once was called earth, Alita´s past and the involvement with the cyberdoctors. Violence here read more
May 16, 2017
Hussin (All reviews)
warning! this is not good long review. this is short review. my first ever review. take it easy on me please.

i just finished the first manga. Holly shit , how did i miss this gem all these?! well maybe b/c this is my first manga.

-my impressions of the manga-

gunnm is great storytelling of a cyberpunk world, mainly about a girl named Alita or gally or Yoko. who lost her memories after her revival by a cyber doctor called Ido.
throughout the story, the character wants to solve several puzzles about her self and world and what is the meaning of humanity. she encounter some interesting events read more
Feb 9, 2018
usaking (All reviews)
There's really only one way to describe Battle Angel Alita - EPIC. This is one of the greatest sci-fi / action adventure stories I've ever read. Love, horror, happiness, sadness, etc... - this is what Battle Angel Alita has to offer and thensome.

Although I could be wrong, I feel like a lot of Battle Angel Alita was inspired by Hollywood movies of the 80's. In particular, the manga feels like a mix of Blade Runner and Mad Max. Certain areas have a wasteland type of feel, while others are more futuristic and full of sci-fi elements. There's a ton of action in Battle Angel read more
Jun 30, 2013
TuesdaysDusk (All reviews)
Battle Angel Alita is the kind of manga that has a fan base that isn't necessarily huge, but seems to be incredibly avid about the book. This makes sense, as it is the kind of cult classic that isn't quite cult, but still remains classic. The book is an excellent sci-fi story with a very distinct art style and intriguing world. It is also one of the early stories that could be classified as cyberpunk.

The manga is about Alita, a cyborg who is discovered by Dr. Ido in the junkyard with no memory of her past. It follows her as she lives her life and read more
Jan 10, 2019
Binks_Brew (All reviews)
A great read! I think my favorite thing about Gunnm is Alita herself. She's incredibly well written, she's fun, and you want to root for her. Of all the comics and manga I've read, she's probably my favorite female protagonist, and definitely in my Top 5 overall.

Between all the action, there are some pretty good life lessons, such as growing up, your first heartbreak, trusting your parental figures, dealing with loss, and remembering that your value isn't tied to what you've won and lost.

I bought the Hardcover additions that Kondansha is currently running, so if you are looking to get into this series, buy read more
Nov 18, 2020
TheDarkhorse (All reviews)
Finished a long time ago.

First read and completed all 9 Vol at 2005 or 06,

then watched the OVA, saw the movie on 2019 (its was good, could be better),

and it made me reread all 9 vol again.

I can't say I'm a mega fan, since I have not read The Last Order yet.
I know, it's a problem, I'll fix it.

I do consider Galley (Alita) my first Waifu.

And so far she has no competition with me, yet.

It's an 8 out of 10 on my list, and on my Favorites list.

If Kung Fu, Blade Masters, Gunslingers and Cyborgs in a Madmax setting tickles read more