Boku no Hero Academia
My Hero Academia
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Boku no Hero Academia

Alternative Titles

English: My Hero Academia
Japanese: 僕のヒーローアカデミア


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jul 7, 2014 to ?
Genres: Action Action, Comedy Comedy
Themes: School School, Super Power Super Power
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)
Authors: Horikoshi, Kouhei (Story & Art)


Score: 8.271 (scored by 169321169,321 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #3022
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #6
Members: 350,020
Favorites: 27,212

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I have felt like Boku no Hero Academia is the Spiritual successor to Naruto in Jump for a while now. While these series feel very different (imo) they do share some striking similarities. The main protagonist from each series Naruto (Naruto) and Midoriya (BnHA) share a weakling persona in the world that they live in. They also share a dream reaching the top of their respective societies (Hokage for Naruto and #1 Hero for Mirdoriy). Each protagonist is also paired with a much more gifted and talented rival. The setting are very different but both series revolve around students gaining the proper training, experience,  read more 
reportRecommended by logic340
A character who seems like an average kid but possesses a will and power beyond what people can imagine. They are considered heroes (or at least by what they are known) in both series. Not only are the main protagonists' personalities are alike but there is also a great focus on the conflict they get into with others. Most of this is portrayed in a shounen fashion with an appeal to comedy and action. Recommended for fans who are looking for something out of the ordinary. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both shonen have a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and focus on combat and fast pace. BNHA is more childish in its themes and more easygoing while HxH is deeper and more serious. HxH has more at stake and is cleverer, though BNHA has its moments of cleverness too and has some moments of tension. Both have a good mixture of plot and characterization. 
reportRecommended by Dragon
Both series explores the growth of the main characters as they discover their true potentials. Dedicating to a variety of shounen themes, both series crafts elements of unnatural powers. For Black Cover, it involves magic while Boku no Hero Academia deals with super powers. As the story progresses, we learn more about these powers with clear details. There is also distinctive character relationships that are often explored in both series as well in particular with the main protagonists. Recommended for fans who are looking for classic shounen. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
both of the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed, give up easily and bullied by their peers.In Boku no Hero Academia the main protagonist is smart however alienated by his classmates for being the only one not having superpowers.While in Katekyo Hitman Reborn the main protagonist is bullied simply because he is bad at everything, from sports,to school and social life.As the plot deepens however they grow stronger as an individual. 
reportRecommended by forgottenangel94
Since Gakuen Alice is over, you're probably looking for a new fix. Boku no Hero Academia is a shounen manga about a boy who gained superpowers and thus, got into a school for superheroes. "Why would you recommend a shounen manga to shoujo readers?" Because it's pretty good and it has kids with powers, isn't that why we liked Gakuen Alice in the first place? The excitement of a different world, an elite school, the Alices, and the battles and struggles of Mikan Sakura against the evil principal. Although there's no love interests yet in BnoHA, it's still worth a look. Bonus points that might  read more 
reportRecommended by momiji-no-kimi
The main characters have similar personalities, both mangas have similar comedic styles. It's a great try!  
reportRecommended by AGlitterGoddess
Ratman and Boku no Hero Academia has a main protagonist whose life changes one day after one faithful event. They both have an ambition to make a dream come true although they face many obstacles along the way. There is a wide degree of action present in both series as well as comedy when appropriate. The main protagonist aren't any special at firsthand but does prove their worth during certain occasions. Their development of both inner strengths and dream are motivations that drives the story. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Heroes stories with MC still weak at the start stories but with good development 
reportRecommended by Darksteros
There's a lot of similarities but to me the biggest one is between the main characters: Nagisa and Midoriya. Both of them are sweet boys that people initially gave NOTHING for but that slowly become the best in their entire class. Both of them write notes, one about his teacher's weaknesses and the other notes about superheroes in general, so they're very analytical characters. They also build a kind of father-son relationship with their respective teachers. I'm sure that whoever liked one of these will also like the other one 
reportRecommended by isahbellah
They both have fun and interesting characters.... They both have awesome action and humor.. kaiju 8 is basically BNHA with an adult male lead. 
reportRecommended by Star2000n
Both are currently publishing Shonen Jump series. Zipman!!'s art is very reminiscent of MHA/BnHA. Both have themes of heroism and main characters who strive to be a good embodiment of a hero who can protect people. Both have great character designs. 
reportRecommended by JVskunkape
Iris Zero and Boku no Hero Academia accounts for people with supernatural abilities. However, the catch is that the main male protagonist in both series doesn't have any special powers. Yet, they still try to adapt with others and the life they live in their world. Both series are known for the developments of various characters. Throughout the story, mechanics of the various powers in both series are explained. There is also certain mystery regarding a few of the characters including their past; some that has influences in the present. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Boku no Hero Academia and World Trigger adapts a typical shounen story involving a cast of characters with supernatural powers. The main protagonist from both series recently discovers their own potential and vows to fight for what they believe in. In retrospect, they have similar personalities and a selfless nature to help others. Throughout both series, they build meaningful connections with other characters and rivalries as well. Recommended for fans of super power-shounen. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
At their core, these two manga have similar setup, so if you liked one, you should check the other too: 1) Characters go to a magic or special ability school; 2) Main characters are not originally power holders; 3) Everyone thinks the main character is the strongest (or has the potential) but in reality the situation is way more complicated; 4) Main characters have to hide the source of their powers; 5) Main characters are supported by a charismatic teacher and it's just fun to read; 
reportRecommended by Lylaaz
From borderline powerless individuals to some of the greatest of all. Both MHA and SL follow two individuals who start from zero slowly progressing through the ranks of the ultimate power passed down to them. With MHA doing this with Deku and his newly found quirk "One for All". SL doing this with Sung Jin-woo, the weakest hunter, gaining a new power from this "system". Both are great reads full of great action whenever possible. No letdowns at any point in that matter. 
reportRecommended by NextUniverse
Imagine a world like BnHA, where many people are blessed with abilities known as Oracles instead of Quirks. Follow the main character, Saike, on a heartwarming, but sometimes dark journey to save his friends. 
reportRecommended by rubixuitous
Both are crazy awesome shonen with some really strange abilities and great character writing 
reportRecommended by LSSJ_Gaming
Both series are fun shonen with crazy power scaling and hilarious character interactions 
reportRecommended by LSSJ_Gaming
Both series are by the same author, Kouhei Horikoshi. Barrage is the manga before the huge hit, My Hero Academia. Both series contained: - Monster like people with powers. - A young, feeble protagonist that grows strong and brave. - Protagonists who put others before themselves with saving people. - Protagonists destined to save the world after meeting a special someone who made them significant after being lesser than a nobody. 
reportRecommended by Todoroqueen
Superhero politics and corruption. Both series deal with a hero based society, more or less. Whereas one is based upon mainstream comic book superheroes, the other focuses more on the Japanese Tokusatsu side of things.  
reportRecommended by Iamkingdomhearts
Both manga have great art, character development in Eyeshield is reminiscent of BNHA but I'd say the development in Eyeshield is better. Eyeshield is an American football manga (which was also published in SJ). Some similarities: - Large colorful + likable casts of characters who are (mostly) all paid attention to and developed - Both MC's are originally meek/bullied (Izuku has no particular talent other than being smart pretty much and Sena is similar but happens to be a very fast runner) - Characters work hard to improve themselves and have superpowers or talents (BNHA - quirks, Eyeshield - special moves/techniques) - Training arcs + tournament arcs, rivals and  read more 
reportRecommended by Xerneassery
The author of Red Hood previously worked with Horikoshi on BNHA. They have similar artstyles and earnest, intelligent protagonists. Both involve a cast of characters with diverse skillsets. 
reportRecommended by moose_man
while the plots may not seem similar, the way that the manga’s are set up and a lot of other parts are similar enough that it makes a good rec! i love both of these manga’s and i know you will to! 
reportRecommended by StupidMink
The manga is great and emotional with awesome fights. I recommend it. 
reportRecommended by Aoi_UwU
Both are shounen ofc. A lot of funny moments too that surely will make u smile :)) And the most important part is the fighting moments.  
reportRecommended by naim_nakano
As much as the manga tries to focus on the protagonist, the secondary characters still gain a lot of prominence as the story progresses, it's who you think will be the villain ends up becoming "friend" of the protagonist both works are very well done, with "tests" of the characters' powers to become stronger or even come together to face the villains of each arc. 
reportRecommended by Renan_02
both of these series have a lot of funny moments that will you enjoy your time and also have a dramatic moments that will make you cry so much  
reportRecommended by ammarbahij5150
Both revolve in a world where people with superpowers are something normal, thought Hero Academia is more cheerful and kids friendly. 
reportRecommended by edwardo
Boku no hero Academia is just like a new, more serious Kinnikuman. Both are centered arround heroes and both main character inherit the power to become the best hero and stand above everyone else, but strugle to do it at first. In both mangas, the main character is guided by the best hero of a generation past (Suguru's father and Prince Kamehame in Kinnikuman, and All might in BnHA). 
reportRecommended by Urameshi-Kun
Both involve societies where individuals have peculiar powers (quirks and sweets). Both involve fights with crazy powers and are set in a generic fictional version of modern day Japan.  
reportRecommended by Fluttershy_Swag
Two very weak male protagonists who are bullied and criticized by old childhood friends. Both main characters give their blood, sweat, and tears into training to become stronger so when the time comes they can protect those around them. Both manga's show amazing character development and very close relationships that are made as the narrative unwinds. Both manga's share Action, School, and Comedy genre components.  
reportRecommended by Obeythealfa
Tokyo ESP and Boku no Hero Academia shares a familiar theme of super powers in their worlds. The main character from both series hopes to use their power to prove something and make a difference. Throughout both series, they come into conflict with others beings with supernatural powers that rivals their own. At the same time, we also learn about the origins of the powers portrayed and plot revelations that affects the roles of the characters. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Beelzebub and Boku no Hero Academia follows many standard battle shounen mechanics that includes super powers and characterization. The main male protagonist has a hotblooded personality but also a kind heart. While their settings aren't alike, both series does introduce many characters (friends and rivals) from a school/academy setting. As the series progresses, we also learn more about characters' backgrounds including their past, purpose, and roles that become pivotal to the story. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both are about people being born in a world where you have super powers and can become a hero. Hero's can have corporate sponsors. All Might and Wild Tiger have a limit on how long they can use their powers.  
reportRecommended by animedude1287
Anyone who is interested in action with a hero gimmick should consider giving Zetman and Boku no Hero Academia. Why? The reason revolves around the main character who has the potential to be a hero despite growing up being a normal kid. Both series adapts a story that involves the main character's growing potential as they try to fulfill their goal/dream. Do note that Zetman has a much darker setting as compared to Boku no Hero Academia.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Set in a world where most of us would love to lived with. In a world where humanity gain superpowers. Both series are built on the insanely detailed art and impulsive plot that will make you wish for more. 
reportRecommended by Ahkrin
This is a character based recommendation. The main characters: Tatara of BeY and Deku of BNHA are nearly exactly the same: - both freak out when forced to think about something when in a relaxed environment, nervous in general - however, they are geniuses at analyzing and learning from others - both have puffy hair - both are freaks at what they do when they need to do their thing (deku's fighting, tatara's dancing) on a bigger stage - unlimited potential It's highly entertaining watching these two be main characters and be driving forces for their environments. They make the people around them that much more interesting. 
reportRecommended by Sekaiou
-Both are set in a high school for powerful figures in their own world, Boku no Hero Academia has the school for heroes and Sousei no Onmyouji has the school for Onmyouji. -Both have a powerful male lead who is being mentored by some of the most powerful people in their worlds, Boku no Hero Academia has all might and the teachers of UA while Sousei no Onmyouji has the twelve guardians and the head Onmyouji. 
reportRecommended by VolcanicHawk92
All Out!! is similar to MHA in the sense they feature a protagonist with a handicap that makes them have to work towards their goal more than their peers and even has a large cast of memorable character designs, although in the case of All Out, the focus is more on the group of characters as a group than the protagonist.  
reportRecommended by QueenNothing
Well the premises are different from each other, but they are quite similar:- - Both mc's try to achieve the highest spot attending high school. - Both mc's undergo a similar kind of training, to face the world from a different mentor - Both mc's gain helpful friends in their school life. - they have a knack of helping others 
reportRecommended by Spectre007
Both are set in a world where superheroes and super-villains are commonplace 
reportRecommended by saedo
Both of them have main characters with interesting personalities. Both are battle shounen manga with excellent art, filled with action scenes. Both have main characters that desire to become heroes, but in different ways. Both are about saving people, rescuing those in need and in despair. Both of them are relatively fast paced. Both have memorable side characters that fill the manga with life. Both of them have excellent character designs in general. Both of them have really cool looking and memorable villains.  
reportRecommended by alpha_shadow
These two aren't the most similar in terms of story; but both have characters which change their body in order to help people.  
reportRecommended by symbiotic
BHA is a series that has taken a mass of shounen tropes and concepts, polished them to a sheer shine and implemented them into a unique world, creating a narrative that is both nostalgic and unique in its own right. With that in mind, Helck takes very similar tropes and refines them in a similiar way, but to a very different effect. Where BHA uses its tropes to develop a wide range of characters and themes, Helck focuses on a smaller group of characters and themes and uses its tropes more as a means of creating drama, comedy, and world building. If you enjoy BHA  read more 
reportRecommended by nikiyasha