Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu

Alternative Titles

Japanese: 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~
English: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
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Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jan 23, 2014 to ?
Genre: Fantasy Fantasy
Themes: Isekai Isekai, Reincarnation Reincarnation
Serialization: None
Authors: Rifujin na Magonote (Story), Sirotaka (Art)


Score: 8.771 (scored by 2741727,417 users)
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Ranked: #382
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Popularity: #193
Members: 67,580
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In both series the MC is taken into another world, but in Mushoku Tensei the character is reincarnated while in Tate No Yuusha the character is simply transported still both series have great Main Characters that you will love and I would recommend both series to anyone since they are great. 
reportRecommended by Altay545
Protagonists reincarnate with their memories intact, full of regrets in their previous life. During this second life of theirs, they pledge to live their life to the fullest. They are reborn in a loving family, and because of their determination, they rise up as talented prodigies. They get more and more powerful, enabling them to protect their loved ones (family, friends, and lovers alike).  
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
Guy gets transported into a different world and as it show out, he is absurdly overpowered, to the point he alters the fate of the whole new world. While the protagonist of Mushoku Tensei isn't so evil as in Overlord, he is kind of selfish and pursuing own interests and as it is later shown, has the potencial of doing evil. 
reportRecommended by abystoma2
7/10 same with Mushoku Tensei IMO, should read if your fan of MK 
reportRecommended by manhtu2711
Both the heroes die and revivein a fantasy world They both vow to live their lives to the fullest and protect people The both become badasses 
reportRecommended by KuroRazgriz
Similar wirting style and humorous, OP MC, that's all you need. 
reportRecommended by manhtu2711
- both MCs get reincarnated in a fantasy world - follows the MCs while they grows up - fights many battles, becomes a reowned warrior/ magician - building their own little harems - both series have badass MCs 
reportRecommended by Trumpkin
Basically, both series feature the main character reincarnating into a fantasy world and becoming the most badass person out there. In mushoku tensei the main character is a fat NEET that dies in an accident and decides to live life properly after reincarnation, eventually becoming the most OP magician. In Souen no Historia, the main character is kind of a normal person who dies after saving a girl and is reincarnated into the most OP butler in existence (Think Hayate no Gotoku). Both series feature harems and are amazing reads. If you like one you'll most likely like the other too. 
reportRecommended by vampdruid
1) Both of the main characters die and are reincarnated in another world. 2) Both are reincarnated into a fantasy world where magic is abundant. 3) Both have memories of their past lives. 3) Both become some of the strongest magic user's in the world. 4) Both are interesting, funny characters. 
reportRecommended by Inelli
You will enjoy life stories in another world with MC's daily life. MC has a lot of female characters that allow to the harem. Background like mmorpg. For the who like stories with themes of fantasy and life in another beautiful world, where all we want can be achieved easily. I recommend this. 
reportRecommended by ivialvamart
-Both MC gets a second chance in life after an unfortunate sad life -Both are reincarnated as a baby while retaining previous memories. -Both receive a new family who loves them -Both MC are considered a child progidy -Both receive a loli magic instructor -Both MC leave their houses at young age -Both MC become instructors  
reportRecommended by MadanielFL
If you like melancholy, story, world building and character interactions then you might like these. Mushoku Tensei and Sousou no Frieren are about going over massive obstacles, character interactions, sadness, happiness, loss, change, discovering yourself and everything in between. 
reportRecommended by Newezy
-Isekai -The character development is pretty much similar -Both related to god and stuff. 
reportRecommended by MrFishstupid
The shows have very similar vibes, on how the MC acts towards characters or in certain situations. The harem in both the series are very well made too. The characters don't feel forced and each have their own thoughts and actions is a plus. I feel that Isekai Tensei Soudouki is more jovial and the story doesn't get too serious even if there are several political struggles and stuff (till volume 4 which is currently translated), which might not be the case for the other. It is even similar in how both the father and son in both shows are playboys, and not to tell  read more 
reportRecommended by KanekiTale
Both characters have similar living circumstances living as a talent boy in his village for the beginning chapters 
reportRecommended by Creampie_Nation
Tensei shichatta yo is a less ordered, less fun and less complete version of Mushoku Tensei. Both feature MCs dying on Earth, where their lives were less than ideal and being reborn into a noble family in another world, where they vow to study and work hard and just happen win the love of many girls around them. If you really liked the hard work and incremental power-ups and journeys Rudeus goes through in Mushoku Tensei, don't expect much in this LN. Will (The MC of Tensei shichatta yo) is OP pretty much from the start. Regardless, the trials the MCs face and their  read more 
reportRecommended by Sorghaghtani
Both anime's main point is showing the growth of characters, similiar to Vinland Saga. Both Rudeus and Thorfinn shows big character developments in the series, both mentally and physically. 
reportRecommended by PattisL
Shares Fantasy and Magic but follows the path adolescent child in redemption. Heavy correlation between themes but almost no connection to how the story is portrayed 
reportRecommended by Progenitor-Mx0_0
Both are reincarnation stories with similar atmosphere. They both feature comedy, adventure and magic and have a child genius as the protagonist. Honestly, I think that 'Mushoku Tensei' is the original otaku reincarnation into a new world of sword and magic [from my perspective], and 'Isekai Tensei Soudouki' is the same, but with a samurai personality included. Both have: -Multiple love interest -Swords and Magic -Reincarnation trope -Genius MC -Comedy If you like one, you will definitely like the other. [Also, please read the novels] 
reportRecommended by jaycibo
Protagonists from the modern era, reincarnate into a magic-fantasy world with their memories of their past lives. They rise up as talented prodigies and get more and more powerful, enabling them to protect their loved ones (family, friends, and lovers). 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
Both protagonists get a second chance at life. They make an effort to change themselves and their actions hoping something can change for a better future. One is a game developer, the other is a boy born in a common noble family. 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
Both protagonists get a second chance at life. They make an effort to change themselves and their actions hoping something can change for a better future. One is a young man from a small village, the other is a boy born in a common noble family. 
reportRecommended by MagicFlier
Both series feature the main character (a NEET) reincarnating into a fantasy world, where he decided to become a hardworking person. Also, both stories have a slice-of-life approach. Now the differences: Tilea's is a gender bender comedy (the MC reincarnated as a girl) where the jokes are based on her denial to accept she is not as normal as she thinks. About the narrative, It doesn't go to deep into the world and focus on the relationship between characters. On the other side Mushoku has a more serious approach with the hero being pretty conscious of his own ability, which he keeps training through the story. Also, the  read more 
reportRecommended by NoHeart
Both stories go around a male MC sent to a world of magic and swords where he ends in the middle of a tipical romantic harem comedy development while having to surf the goes and comes of a fantasy adventure. However the differences start with how they ended on those worlds: in Mushoku it's a reincarnation, while in Shinka the MC is "teleported". Another thing to take on count is that in Mushoku the MC is not exactly an OP... While in Shinka a good amount of the jokes come from the MC commplaining about being an OP. The next difference is that Mushoku has a more  read more 
reportRecommended by NoHeart
The only 2 Isekai Fantasy novels I've come across, whereby the MC and his Harem form a believable family unit. No pointless meanderings & misunderstandings. -Mushoku Tensei- is more Action Adventure, with an MC able to hold his own and with the best illustrations of its genre. -How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom- is more about Kingdom Building, with an MC more focused on the pen than the sword. 
reportRecommended by Master10K
Both series feature the main character reincarnating into a fantasy world. However, while in Mushoku the character goes through the actual reincarnation process: where he comes back to life as a baby… In Princess the main character just awoke as the game character he created for a MMORPG. Also, in Mushoku, you will see the MC working hard to become a good person (since he was a NEET in his previous life). While in Princess the hardworking MC (a male) awokes in this fantasy world as a vampire princess with a whole country for himself/herself after dying in Japan. The last differences goes in the prespective: Mushoku is  read more 
reportRecommended by NoHeart
RPG-like series, where protagonists were summoned to fantasy world by some unknown force. Both mangas give off harem vibe. Mushoku Tensei is more detailed and slowpased because of reincarnation theme.  
reportRecommended by Klimari
Start in fantasy world - both MC have some kind of mysterious past ( not for reader but to his family and friend ) - MC is an abnormally strong character, both due to his knowledge from the past life. - MC's harem kept getting bigger and bigger 
reportRecommended by Hangetsu
The protagonist gets killed in an accident in the beginning of the series and finds himself reincarnated in a magic world. Retaining memories of his previous life, he becomes a prodigy at a very early age, receiving widespread recognition among his peers. The series follows the hero starting from birth, chronicling in detail his growth in the new world. In Mushoku Tensei, Rudeus aims to become the strongest mage in existence, with magic power rivaling that of demon god Laplace. In Knights & Magic, Ernesti strives to become a Knight Runner, a pilot of the Silhouette Knight. 
reportRecommended by -Karoshi-
Grand party-based adventures, across similar styled fantasy worlds, with an MC who eventually leaves a legacy. Main differences... 7th (Sevens) is more light-hearted, is NOT an Isekai novel, world feels smaller, MC uses mainly swords & skills and his harem gets absurdly large. Mushoku Tensei is more down-to-earth, it IS an Isekai novel, world feels huge, MC uses mostly magic and the romance is a lot more mature in content. 
reportRecommended by Master10K
Like in Mushoku Tensei (where it is a NEET Otaku adult Boy), a Highschool girl die and reborn in a fantastic medieval World with all her memories. Daughter of a poor noble, she will start gradually to use modern knowledge to improve their lives ... and maybe the world.  
reportRecommended by Zelloss
they both are fantasy and a profound history. Rokka is about a battle against the majin, some kind of magic demon who wants to destroy the world. mushoku tensei record about a character who can remember his past life and now are in a fantasy world when human and demon race are in a tense relatioship. 
reportRecommended by tsuguruni
Each of them is an awesome story about a reincarnated guy in a fantasy world having kept his past life's memories and living his second chance to its fullest. If you like one of them, you HAVE to read the other. 
reportRecommended by myut
Almost identical setting of main protagonist reborn in fantasy world with cheat-like abilites and working hard to make the best out of his second life. 
reportRecommended by Noitrus
Though Smartphone does not have its MC be reborn into another world, the domestic lives of the MCs are quite similar in both series. Smartphone has much less drama than MT, but I think the characters deal with situations in a very similar manner. If you like Rudeus, you'll probably like Touya.  
reportRecommended by Sorghaghtani