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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Alternative Titles

English: The Rising of the Shield Hero: The Manga Companion
Japanese: 盾の勇者の成り上がり


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Feb 5, 2014 to ?
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Seinen
Authors: Aiya, Kyu (Art), Aneko, Yusagi (Story)
Serialization: Comic Flapper


Score: 8.211 (scored by 27400 users)
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Ranked: #5142
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Popularity: #60
Members: 71,006
Favorites: 3,092


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Sep 26, 2014
chierii (All reviews)
(This review may contain minor spoilers. Please continue reading at the risk of spoilers.)

As I was reading the first chapter, I was thinking, Is this just a typical seinen manga about some random person travelling to another world? But boy, was I wrong about this one. It illustrated the meaning of how it was to be downgraded by society but with the essence of fantasy in a different world.

I was captivated by the story. It started with a simple cliché, that somehow lead into something much greater that makes me love this manga so much. It demonstrated the meaning of betrayal and what it meant read more
Dec 3, 2014
Anchorman77 (All reviews)
This is my first review and I really hope I help anyone looking for insight on this manga. I will portray my own thoughts as a critic and hopefully you agree with and enjoy reading my review.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Story: 8.5
A seinen fantasy manga about a boy who get sucked into a fantasy game-like world full of magic and swordplay. Right from the start I can't say I haven't seen this before in a seinen manga. My first though was "ugh...here we go again" but there is a lot more to it than that. The story really drives that harshness of society, betrayal, and read more
Jan 2, 2015
Zeroskye (All reviews)
Ever since the first chapter was released, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari has been increasing exponentially in popularity. It is quickly rising up the ranks and it isn't very hard to see why.

Story: 9

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is a story of betrayal, revenge, & redemption. The story follows Naofumi Iwatani as he is suddenly brought to another world. There he is deemed as the shield hero, the weakest of the 4 heroes due to lack of attacking power. Because of that, no one wants to be his companion and what's worse is, he's eventually betrayed and framed. Scorned and loathed by the people who read more
Nov 12, 2014
Kryner (All reviews)
Now before reading this series, i was skeptic.At first i thought it was your regular summoned MC with overpowered abilities and destined to save the world. And seeing how the MC gets Shield makes me think that his shield might contain some overpowered abilities,but i was wrong, it caught me off guard and the way the personality of the main character did a 180 completely surprise me

Story: 9/10
As i have thought i was completely caught of guard by the series and how the story takes another route.You thought this is gonna be another overpowered MC? nope you are wrong the MC is completely powerless read more
Dec 10, 2014
Albatorz (All reviews)
Only 10 english chapters are out but I only see positive reviews so I thought I'd share a "negative" opinion.

::: TL;DR :::
You should read/like this if:
-you don't look for depth
-you don't question character motives or plot
-you have a victim/persecution complex

If the above is applicable then you'll see a cool anti-hero MC fighting constant adversity in a video game-esque world while slowly surrounding himself with a harem of cute girls.
If the above isn't applicable then you'll see a trite setting with characters and plot points so laughably shallow/incongruous it actually becomes painful to read a times.

Not trolling, I would bet there is a correlation between read more
Aug 24, 2017
Rubenferro (All reviews)
There are two things I have heard about this story. Frist, that this is SAO done right, and secondly, that it's got an interesting main character who, thanks to a betrayal at the beginning of the story, becomes an untrusting bitter person. Unfortunately, the manga failed to live up to my (not particularly high) expectations. I have read 25 chapters, but I have little desire to continue. I would like to advise caution to everyone, who wishes to read it because, in my opinion, this manga is not worth more than 4 overall.

Let's start with the main hero. In light of the synopsis, I've expected read more
Aug 18, 2015
Blazingshot147 (All reviews)

Starting off in the summer of 2014, I was a very bored person. I had no job, not much to do, and overall I was pretty bored. Then however after browsing around on my manga app for my tablet, I noticed that there was a new manga that I hadn't seen before; Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari.

At the time, there was only three chapters, so there wasn't much to go off of, but those three chapters alone, hooked me in for a ride I wasn't expecting. A ride that would lead me to probably, my favorite series in all of manga. (Just a little heads read more
Dec 22, 2014
benriya (All reviews)
(sorry for the bad grammar as this is the first post that i made in english here)

Good point of this manga:
#story: one thing that i like from being in 2014 is, the author become more creative and excellent at elaborating plot line, as it is become eminent that the plot of this manga had a bright future of plot, though i still don't know about the next chapters, but definetly i will wait it to release soon.
#art: now days art is sky and earth comparision, escpecially with this kind of art, it's hard in 2010 to found manga like this, but suddenly it burst up read more
Jan 2, 2019
forster82 (All reviews)
Spoiler free review:
With the release of the anime adaptation (with an amazing first episode btw) I finally decided to give Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari a read. I personally really enjoy Isekais and the first few chapters are one of the best out there for the Isekai genre. The story is quite different than other Isekais out there and it got me hooked with just the first few chapters. The MCs motives and story are also something I really enjoyed.

Minor spoiler:
Sadly after the first dozen chapters I started to realize that this Manga started to become a more and more generic Isekai with the typical read more
Dec 26, 2014
Caimthehero (All reviews)
This story is awesomesauce! Many stories have problems with constantly screwing over their hero but this one has no such qualms. The main character practically wakes up and gets punched in the dong just for existing. While you might feel bad for him and wish Thor to smite the villains with lightning's justice, it helps keep the reader guessing and keep tension. Also not to cause any spoilers but the series depicts what being accused of a certain crime is like for an innocent.

There is however a few problems with this series. The biggest one is the current love interest is a little girl. read more
Jan 29, 2017
TheHonest_Senpai (All reviews)
One of the very first things that I wanted to know before I read this amazing Novel was " Whats THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NOVEL AND THE MANGA " Then the question " WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WEBNOVEL AND THE LIGHT NOVEL", If you want to know just scroll down to the lower half of the review.

Story and characters : the story about an average Otaku who is drawn to a world and becomes a hero and then is betrayed and becomes a hatefull cold amazing human being , One of the best traits about this novel/manga is that the protagonist is a character read more
Jan 31, 2019
LiedElfen (All reviews)
Tate no yuusha no nariagari is an exciting read and deserving of recognition as one of the most interesting and captivating stories currently ongoing. It does many things well and is capable of getting you hooked in it's story after only reading the first chapter.

The story is about a man that gets summoned into a medieval era as one of four heroes which destiny is to save the world and that way the protagonist named Naofumi becomes a hero which weapon would be the shield that way becoming the shield hero. The shield hero isn't as revered in the kingdom as the rest of read more
Apr 11, 2015
ArcLeak (All reviews)
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.
Where do I start... oh right.
Story- 8
Some people consider this as a somewhat typical storyline.
The "hero" is taken from his world to another to fight against "Waves" of monsters that spawn once an hourglass in the center of the town turns to 0.
It's a manga with heavy RPG elements and a pretty good plot.
Art- 10
The art is amazing.
Characters are well drawn, with beautiful backgrounds.
The action is clean, and I love the way the armor and weapons of the different heroes are depicted.
Characters- 10
The main character is far from the typical selfless hero.
He's cynical with a negative outlook on the world around read more
Feb 26, 2018
Juarez (All reviews)
Tate Yuusha is not your average hero story, that's what I want to emphasize from the start. If you expect things started great/awesome from the beginning, and can't tolerate a little bit drama, I suggest you to look away, as you'll be disappointed anyway. I think it's clear from the synopsis too.

Okay lets move to the actual review, I think this could be one of the best isekai(another world) stories I've read or watch until now. If you have a lot of experience in isekai anime/manga, you'll find this to be unique. This might remind you a lot to real life, where tyrant and corrupt read more
Apr 13, 2015
-searching- (All reviews)
It's an interesting and different story from all the other adventure-action series. The characters are memorable and NOT ANNOYING. The relationships seems legit and the plot is definitely outstanding. The series has some minor issues but it's nothing to fret over. The art style is good, the main characters are likable, the plot is original, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Our hero finds himself in a game-like world where he and some others are heroes. Unfortunately he is betrayed and turns into a "villain." With the help of some people and monsters he is able to help innocent lives when the Royal Kingdom will not. He read more
Sep 24, 2016
CyanPile66 (All reviews)
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is a great manga based on a web novel and it was truly one, if not the most favourite manga for some time because of the story and the main character.
Story may seem cliché as the setting which is used here is very common but it has some terrific moments.
What I liked in the main character is that he was presented as a normal boy. Well, of course he is MC so there has to be something special to him but what I meant by saying "normal" is the way in which he is presented. Normal boy in different world read more
Feb 1, 2019
TheGreatHako (All reviews)
Waste of time...
Besides starting as your generic edgy isekai manga the characters are just white and black, never gray.
MC will be the " good guy " who had to endure injustice. Meanwhile all the other characters will be jerks. They won't ever have any single redeeming quality.
Okay so let me explain a little bit further. Our MC is transferred into this stupid world with RPG elements (because otherwise how would you ride on isekai wave right?) along with 3 other people as heroes. I said heroes but only MC would be called hero. The other 3 are just useless piece of shi-
Well read more
Aug 7, 2018
inuyashaxears (All reviews)
Overall is an 8/10. I can sympathize with the main character and was impressed once the reveals started coming in. When I say the story begins opening up after 20 or so chapters, I do mean that. In fact, I suggest skipping to chapter 14 if you find his initial state displeasing. You might question a few things at first, but you will have skipped most of the unpleasantness without missing the key points.

I give the story an 8/10:

This is a story in which the hated shield hero must develop and grow to save a country. He asks for no pity as he quickly read more
Dec 23, 2017
Splair (All reviews)
At first glance this looks like your typical cliched isekai manga, I read the synopsis all like 'hero seeking revenge...?' 'he saves a slave girl...?' 'loli type characters everywhere?? no way this will be good' but thank the lord it was actually good, great even.

The main thing to take away from this manga is that yes, it does have cliched parts everywhere- However the execution of these cliches is done very well through realistic characters. Even the bad guys don't come off as that unrealistic since they aren't bad for the sake of it but are instead victims of deliberate misinformation, believing that they are read more
Nov 30, 2017
SeaTactics (All reviews)
Shield Hero is one of those going in I wasn’t really sure what to expect since it was based off a Isekai Light Novel series. And at the time I had also just got done reading about 16 chapters Arifureta which was basically every Isekai trope ever. So I wasn’t too keen on reading yet another Isekai, but at the same time I was open minded enough to give it a shot, and also because Condifiction is pretty darn good at recommending me only the best Anime and Manga. But I do want to say right now that this is an incomplete review, the manga read more