Tenkuu Shinpan
High-rise Invasion
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Tenkuu Shinpan

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Sky-High Survival, Sky Violation
Japanese: 天空侵犯
English: High-rise Invasion
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 21
Chapters: 258
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 5, 2013 to Apr 4, 2019
Genres: Action Action, Horror Horror, Mystery Mystery
Theme: Gore Gore
Serialization: Manga Box
Authors: Miura, Tsuina (Story), Oba, Takahiro (Art)


Score: 7.171 (scored by 1570715,707 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #58152
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #312
Members: 46,310
Favorites: 985

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Preliminary Spoiler
May 18, 2015
Preliminary (72/258 chp)
I really enjoyed this work of art. The story is full of plot twists. It's not just an ordinary survival thing. If you are action/horror/suspense lover then I guarantee that you will enjoy this.

I'm not really a person who keeps eye on the art in manga or anime so I can't really comment on it. But I really did like the way they made the masks for the masked people.

There are lots of characters but mainly supporting ones. There are bad and good people and you might fall in love with how brave some of them are. I was excepting it to be male ...
Mar 18, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I managed to finish the series. The fact that that's the first thought I had (it's finally finished!) is not a great sign for this manga. I went in to this series, excited for something new and interesting. And the premise is very intriguing. The mask system is neat and the sky-rise setting is certainly something I haven't ever seen before.

However... the concept is not enough to save the execution.

I was sourly disappointed by this manga. The horror element died off very quickly after starting - probably within the first volume or two honestly. There feels like there's nothing at stake and you're ...
Jul 12, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (28/258 chp)
I'll get straight to the point: This manga has moments where it does show uniqueness and it is a very easy read, but its plot is filled to the brim with clichés and awful characters.

That the manga is an 'easy read' is probably the best compliment I can give it because it seems the author really worked hard at that aspect.

To begin, the manga drops you right immediately into the action. I do mean 'right immediately' -- from page 1. Other such manga would take at least a single chapter, if not two or three before the action takes place. It's understandable too as the ...
May 21, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I'm gonna be honest and not do a summery. This manga, while not a terrible experience, is a general waste of time. The story is unfinished, the overall concept is not polished, and the characters range from pretty good to underdeveloped. Some authors need to realize that not everyone can be the next Oda or SUI, and that this kind of long term development requires actually planning ahead and not throwing shit on the wall every week trying to make constant cool twists and turns.

And its a shame because to about the halfway mark, I was feeling like this manga was pretty good, ...
Mar 5, 2020
Here we go the 1st non-Preliminary review.

Tl;Dr don't care about the mean score given above (7.42) at the time of this review.
Give it a try.

I started reading this one some years ago. I read about 10 chapters then I put on hold as it was a good marathon material and it was still publishing, and everyone knows the pain of waiting for the next week chapter in a thriller manga, also chapters were about 6-10 pages so those who read it week by week ended up giving a low score....probably dropping it.

I was searching for a manga to read on my on-hold list ...
Mar 31, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (258/258 chp)
Well, Tenkuu Shinpan ended. This is one of the first manga that I started reading because it caught my attention and the interesting plot... I really regret to see how it ended.

I must say that despite everything I like the manga, but that does not prevent me from being disappointed.

There will be spoilers

The manga itself presented an interesting story, the story is about a young girl named Yuri who is transported to a world where you can only walk between buildings (or so it is at the beginning) while a person wearing masks and weapons murders all people What do you see. Well, the story ...
Aug 7, 2020
Mixed Feelings
TLDR: Although it has an interesting concept and a strong start, the plot starts slipping around the middle point and ends in an unsatisfying manner.

The first 80 chapters are probably as good as the manga gets. With the world slowly unravelling itself, new characters are being introduced while still struggling to survive. It felt it could've been a very special manga within the survival game genre. You are filled with questions and excitement towards the future of the series.

Unfortunately, you will soon realize all the characters are one-dimensional and severely lacking in character development. None of them will grow in any substantial ways in ...
Aug 25, 2017
Preliminary (180/258 chp)
Spoiler warnings up to chapter 180.

Tenkuu Shinpan is a psychological and horror manga. To put the plot as simply as possible, it’s about masked humans killing innocent people who are trapped at the high-end of buildings. Our main character is Yuri Honjo, a teenage highschool girl who will have to adapt to her horrific surroundings. Along the way, she will meet a few important characters along the way while introducing new characters. However, what is most important in this manga, in my opinion, would be how Yuri actually adapted into this horror-themed setting.

Plot - 7

The plot is as basic as can get- the main ...
Jan 2, 2017
Preliminary (44/258 chp)
so this manga is kinda garbage, and a lot of aspects are at fault for this. To kick off my first review ever I'm setting some ground rules, first this review will try and be as short as possible. Second, if you read this review and still enjoy Tenkuuu Shipan, good for you i hope you enjoy this cup of tea. and lastly, i dropped this manga for reasons that i will get into.

so this story kicks off with Yuri (Female lead) watching a guy get his head split by an ax swinging redneck with a smiling mask on. Sounds cool right? It was, but ...
Sep 26, 2017
Preliminary (145/258 chp)
Cheeky brat who's lost in a parallel world and has a guilt to escape from every con-artist and dares hunts they're prey in sick twisted way.

The flow in this plot are just utter crap. Edgy sociopaths antagonize most of his victim to committed suicide and die in worst possible death. It does have those kind appeal but the scenarios are either off, Prioritizing what goal does the villain contradict. Plenty intentions wrap some different turn based to it's standard. Skyscapers, high invasions, massive killing non stop attempt. Surely having these weird setting felt a little cliche roundabout with ecchi tone. The predecessor who's behind of ...
Jul 6, 2018
Preliminary (208/258 chp)
This manga is creative to the point of showing a kind of common dread in humans that I personally had never seen portrayed in that way. The fear of the unknown, the despair of being suddenly thrown into a new reality that you are totally unaware of is a factor present in many stories, both manga and Western bestsellers, and so it can be said that there is an expectation when reading any of these stories. We hope that the initial shock will happen, and we also look forward to the adaptation of the protagonist, which we usually, if not predict, imagine, looking for similar ...
Apr 5, 2021
*Review contains spoilers*

Story 7/10
To be honest, I found this manga very entertaining, and what I mean when I say "entertaining" is that I at least was eager to continue reading and discover what would happen next. I think the author was very creative on devising this dystopian world, because, although it shares some similarities to other stories out there, it still managed to have some unique aspects such as the masks and the types, people being controlled by a program that controls brains and unlocks powers depending on the person. I also liked the plots twists such as Sniper Mask and Rika being siblings, Kusakabe ...
Apr 3, 2019
Preliminary (258/258 chp)
This story is quite entertaining from beginning to end. The story develops suspense in nearly every chapter and always leaves you second-guessing what will happen next. Unfortunately, the story's ending was rushed and leaves a rather undesirable, inconclusive end.

The art itself is really well done. There is a lot of gore, a lot of ecchi scenes (which unfortunately were censored from the official online English localization, but are available in print form in some localizations), and the action is spectacular.

The characters are all quite likable, even the antagonists. Unfortunately, many characters are stereotypical personalities, while others are rather unpredictable in a disorienting sense. Often times ...
Dec 18, 2016
Preliminary (149/258 chp)
Easy to read and has a unique touch to it while still maintaining the classic balance. The system of characters fits well with the story, and the heroine eventhough not being the best one, is also the most suitable in the storyline. At least it's better to have lucky and courageous with no real strength like other manga with female protagonist.

The minus for the story is the forced ecchi scenes (sometimes it's good and sometimes it's unnecessary and too much of coincidence) and the appearance of the brother, kind of losing the impact that should have been expected since he was built through the ...
Dec 21, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Tenkuu Shinpan, or High-Rise Invasion recently popped up in a lot of people's rear-view mirrors with the upcoming Netflix anime adaptation. For me, it was a refresher of this insane series I read about a year ago. And as the memories came flushing back to me as I sat there watching the absolutely grotesque animation (I mean seriously, the adaptation is NOT garnering any admiration from me right now), I got an urge to revisit the series and give it a thorough examination for a review. And then I remembered why I forgot it existed.

*Spoilers ahead*

Story: 5
Why must interesting premises always derail into non-sensical battle ...
Apr 13, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (258/258 chp)
I read everything in one go. with my slowly vanishing memory, here's a quick summary. includes some spoiler

art is great

story is great until the part where aizawa is killed. there were a good amount of mind games and strategies thrown around before that part. afterwards it's just a matter of powerful people showing up and the characters also going stronger. the pattern repeats for a lot of times until the end

the beginning was excellent and gives good amount of suspense, but my feeling of thrill slowly disappears as the boredom and chore of reading the text appears at the same speed

i need more fanarts of ...
Nov 22, 2021
High Rise Invasion stands out from other manga because it's about two girls kicking butt and taking names.

The genre of this manga is action, with some horror elements. When you come in with this expectation, this manga will make you happy. If you are expecting some hardcore survival games or psychological eldritch horror, or a complex story, you will not be happy. Many people will die, some right after they introduced, and some characters will be caricatures - but fun ones!

Two things that are unique about this manga is the world of masks and high-rises, which is oddly compelling, and of course, the ...
Apr 24, 2018
Preliminary (5/258 chp)
Please note that this review is based on the first 5 chapters, and in turn I have no knowledge of further plot threads or if the quality of the story improves, however I doubt that it does.

Art: 8

So, lets start with the strong point of the series, the art. From the character designs to the excellent use of shadows and hard angles to give a sense of scale to the world, the art is a feast for the eyes. every detail is really well drawn, from each curve of the ladies, to the way the first villain's fat rolls around his sides, it is all ...
Apr 11, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Tenkuu Shinpan / High Rise Invasion starts strong by putting you in the action right away, it's really interesting from the start, cool characters and intriguing plot however the story's sense of direction is just not there at all, everything gets changed completely even the character's decision making doesn't make sense at all, character development also isn't great. There are lots of fan service on this manga, I didn't really enjoy that part as it lowers the quality of the manga by a lot, immature people would love that part though.

The initial plot is interesting it's really sad that the author doesn't really seem to ...
Oct 9, 2021
High-rise invasion is a mystery manga. The characters are sucked into an alternative dimension where only high-rise buildings exist. The buildings are connected by sky bridges. There are masked killers who hunt the unmasked characters. The story evolves around the mystery of this high-rise world. Why are they here? What is the purpose of the this world? Who are the masked killers? etc.

As a mystery manga, it works very well, each vol reveals a little bit of the puzzle. It is a little bit like the TV show Lost. The mystery itself kept me reading it. The later half of ...