All You Need Is Kill
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All You Need Is Kill

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Edge of Tomorrow
Japanese: All You Need Is Kill
English: All You Need Is Kill
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 17
Status: Finished
Published: Jan 9, 2014 to May 29, 2014
Genres: Action Action, Sci-Fi Sci-Fi
Themes: Military Military, Time Travel Time Travel
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: Young Jump
Authors: Obata, Takeshi (Art), Sakurazaka, Hiroshi (Story), Takeuchi, Ryousuke (Story)


Score: 7.791 (scored by 6536665,366 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12612
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #79
Members: 121,051
Favorites: 2,776

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Preliminary Spoiler
Jul 4, 2015
If you've read some of my other reviews, you know one concept that interests me is that of immortality. Time looping is another concept I find enthralling. It's almost like being immortal, except you live the same time period over and over again. In some ways, I feel this could be even worse than immortality, since usually the situation that is repeated is an unpleasant one.

Before we dive into the story, I'd like to mention the artwork. It's absolutely top notch. Every panel has a painstaking amount of detail, from the character designs, to the suits, to the environments. Obata Takeshi is responsible for ...
Jun 10, 2014
The manga is now finished, so it's the time to make a review based on full read through and here is what I ended up with:

Story - as far as story and concept goes, I think that's the weakest aspect of this manga..
Concept of the story is pretty much a continued session of 'loops' of the exact same time period happening. Some people who maybe have just started with reading manga may find it innovating, but it really isn't, as such concept was used in numerous manga series already.
Story itself was a bit disappointing too - the story is based on the light novel, ...
Jul 27, 2015
Japanese light novels (novels with illustrations that normally target the young-adult demographic) are widely popular, in Japan, that is. Sadly, most of these novels are never properly translated and fans have to use fan-translations. All You Need is Kill is an exception to this ruler, even receiving a manga adaptation and Hollywood movie adaptation.

All You Need is Kill is the manga adaptation of the science-fiction light novel of the same name. While the original novel was released in 2004, the manga adaptation was made one decade later, to coincide with the release of the movie adaptation, Edge of Tomorrow. While the original story was created ...
Oct 12, 2014
Mixed Feelings
After the release of the live-action movie "Edge of Tomorrow", it was interesting to find that it was actually based on a Japanese light-novel. It came even more as a surprise to see that a manga version had been released, likely coming after the acclaim of the live-action film. The film had some good characters, writing, and some interesting use of the plot's lore. It shouldn't have been a stretch to expect even more from the actual source material, not being held back by the hour and a half length of the movie. However, the biggest surprise came when it became clear that the movie ...
Feb 11, 2014
Preliminary (Unknown/17 chp)
Some years ago, I found myself bored and searching for something good to read. While I was looking online for something similar to the "Forever War" and " The groundhog day," I came across this book, which story wonderfully mixes the time loops of "the groundhog day" with the war against some nonhuman beings of the "Forever war". I wasn't really expecting something that great, but I was proven wrong.

The story is really well written; I really enjoy reading it. The main concept of the manga is having a time loop during a battle that is taking place between the human race and some kind ...
Feb 25, 2017
AUNIK, All You Need is Kill - Manga vs Motion Picture

If you've read some of the personal information, you know that I usually like to complete some of the author's works to fully enjoy the experience of that certain mangaka. In this particular case, I will dive into one of the most famous works of Obata Takeshi: All You Need Is Kill.
This little unique story uses immortality and time loops to build the setting, which is something very interesting due to the fact that, in some cases, it is very rare to find stories like this.

Before I dive into the concrete story, I'd like to ...
Mar 6, 2015
I bought the two volumes of All You Need is Kill as soon as they were for sale. The moment I heard the ST&RS author and Takeshi Obata were gonna be in charge of the manga adaptation, I knew this was a must buy.

I just wanna clarify that as of this moment, I have not read the original "All You Need Is Kill" novel, so I'm just gonna be talking about the manga and won't make any comparison with the original work.

I gave the story an 7/10. The story itself is pretty good, it hooks you up as soon as you start reading. The script ...
Jun 5, 2017
Honestly, I haven't enjoyed a manga this much since... well... Doubt. This series had so much dark and gritty enjoyment to be had out of it's premise that I actually fully read the entire thing in the space of just a few hours. Each dark moment that occurred in the series was legitimately intense for each of the characters involved. The primary conflict of the series was captivating and extremely captivating.

The art style of the series was beautiful, which is to be expected from such a veteran as Takeshi Obata. Each of the character designs represented in the series were unique in their own way, ...
Jan 22, 2017
take a long time reading & enjoying each page !
story :
it's kind of a known story about the humanity fighting against aliens , but the aliens here are Mimics and the humanity are a good training army .
but what make it special is the way things going , and the END was satisfied as much as I expect it to be , even though you can't tell what the next action is .
art :
every page is an amazing piece of art , it took me a few minutes to turn the page , the ability of drawing war scenes and the fighting moves makes ...
Nov 10, 2016
So I only just finished this manga and i binge read it in 2 hours. My friend said I should read it and so he gave me the book. As you can see the artist is Takeshi Obata who i'm a big fan of and i love his work especially in death note. The characters are well plotted and the artwork is truly amazing. The story line is well thought out and if anyone knows that there is an anime of this please tell me! i really enjoyed the book as it was so creative. The book is a sc-fi kind of book and ...
Jul 23, 2019
It is a very engaging and well-developed science fiction story with an ending that left me satisfied, I liked it, although they could have put some more things that I will not say by spoiler, but they are only details, and it contains a good dose of action with the excellent Obate-sensei drawing.They will not regret reading it, or at least giving it a chance. One of the things I would like to see in the future, and that is very unlikely, is to see an animated film of the work (Since an anime would be to extend the work), but I doubt that will ...
Sep 18, 2017
All you need is kill is a manga from 2014 based on a novel from 2004. The story of the original novel was also made into a film called "Edge of tomorrow" in 2014 as well. The story is about Keiji who once he dies, is brought back to life 30 hours before his death at the hands of an alien monster called a mimic. It is his duty to try and discover why he keeps getting resurrected and to stop the war.

The art is by Takeshi Obata, responsible for the character art of Death Note. While overall it looks fantastic, there are time's I ...
Mar 19, 2018
Fairly solid, short and sweet action manga.

I don't have much to say about what's good about this manga. It executes its time loop premise very well. The drama, action, and character moments are all there. The most notable strong point would probably be Takeshi Obata's outstanding art, especially when the manga shifts into more intense scenes with glorious detail in shading (although the character designs are way too similar to Bakuman).

So anyone looking for a quick, satisfying read that does almost everything right should try reading this.

Otherwise, while the execution is top-notch, the manga's concept is kind of weak. It suffers a little from ...
May 13, 2020
In the battle for Tokyo, Keiji Kiriya - a young Japanese soldier from the exoskeleton squad - is brutally murdered by the Mimics - alien fleas bigger than a horse ... In the battle for Tokyo, Keiji Kiriya- a young Japanese soldier from the exoskeleton squad - is brutally murdered by the Mimics - alien fleas bigger than a horse ... In the battle for Tokyo ... WAIT! Hasn't this happened before?
This is exactly the plot for ALL YOU NEED IS KILL!

The hero lives in a constant loop from the day before his death and must do everything to change his fatal future. In just ...
May 26, 2019
All You Need Is Kill is a short yet interesting dive into a concept that really deserves more attention and further exploration of its story elements from its author.

Coming off as "It's too short but it's very good" after reading this Manga I was sadly left wanting more than what I was left with.

A few flaws happen throughout the story and a few elements presented don't come across as fully thought out or entirely believable though that can be easily forgiven for its unique concept and short story that can be completed in a single sitting.

I could easily see myself recommending this short story to ...
Feb 25, 2016
Making a review on a 17 chapters manga is kind of a challenge, for with the slightest spoil, you end up revealing a significant part of the show. And to me, this manga is best appreciated when knowing nothing of it and discovering its content page by page. A point of view not shared by other reviewers of “All you need is kill” at the moment. As such, if you are satisfied what you will have read in this review, I would like to advise you not to read the other reviews before reading the manga. This may sound terribly arrogant, but ...
Apr 29, 2020
This is the first manga I have read so I thought I'd leave a review for other beginners like myself.

Story (7/10): The story is good but not great, regardless of if you have any form of spoilers it remains predictable throughout the majority of the chapters. However, just because it's predictable doesn't mean it's not enjoyable.

Art (8/10): The art is superb but won't leave you starstruck. Some panels feel illegible at times, mainly the large battle scenes due to the level of detail. Part of me wishes we had more scenery shown to us, but it's also nice that we can form our own individual ...
Nov 12, 2021
Mixed Feelings
A 5 may seem harsh but hear me out. This is good if you are now getting into manga. This is good if you don't think about it after you are done (which I have done many times, it's not a bad thing). But if you have a bit of reading experience behind you and if you reflect on the 17 chapters... you will be in the exact same spot as me.

I have done a whole video review on this. If you feel like it, you can see that from my profile.

Now to elaborate on my earlier point.

Story - 6
If you haven't experienced ...
Jul 3, 2022
Mixed Feelings
All You Need is Kill tries to experiment with the idea of time loop, which is already a pretty overdone idea in the si-fi genre, and sadly not even this manga succeeds in using it in a fresh and original way. The story doesn't focus on the concept of time loop itself but rather the psychological burden that the victims of the time loop have to bear, and its mental consequences. It is a captivating idea on paper, but in practice that is an internal turmoil that we only hear about from the narrator in a very cold and plain way, rather than seeing it ...
Feb 7, 2018
i picked this up one day and read it in 1 sitting, honestly took my by surprise how good it is. no spoilers its about a guy whose about to go into a battle war zone the next day but he keeps dying in battle only to wake up in bed and find out its still the day before battle, the goal is to figure out why or how this is happening. it really keeps you interested in seeing all the different methods that are tried. character development isnt really there except for the MC though. its a good pick up if you have extra ...