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Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Alternative Titles

English: Vampire Knight
Synonyms: Watashi to Fukigen na Panya-san, The Sour-Faced Baker and Me, The Sullen Baker and Me
Japanese: ヴァンパイア騎士〈ナイト〉


Type: Manga
Volumes: 19
Chapters: 102
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 24, 2004 to May 24, 2013
Authors: Hino, Matsuri (Story & Art)
Serialization: LaLa


Score: 7.681 (scored by 39643 users)
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Ranked: #21732
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Popularity: #39
Members: 70,192
Favorites: 6,623


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Nov 27, 2008
LoonyB (All reviews)
I belive I'm the first one to give this a lower review.

I'm going to go through this bit by bit, please bear with me and do not give me any trouble if you're a fan, this is my right of speech.

At first I quite liked the story, it was easy to get into. However as it went on I think that the writer has one to many themes that are just way to smiliar to have in this type of story. Long lost family, family stituations in general, unriquited love (and lots of it), 'incest', almost yaoi. While this can sometimes mean a good story, read more
May 31, 2013
hippokrys (All reviews)
VK is not a manga to be taken seriously. After 93 chapters of devotion: hoping that characters would evolve, that you would get some satisfaction or at least closure, you get absolutely nothing - only the bitter taste of disappointment.

Story 6/10:

There’s a great sense of mystery in the beginning, and the relationship between Yuki, Kaname and Zero is so deliciously mysterious and drama-filled that it’s easy to get hooked. You have the basic ingredients for a love triangle and lots of angst. You have the taboo vampire/human relationship and the beauty of longing for something out of reach. There was a sort of self-deprecating read more
Apr 18, 2010
Jazze (All reviews)
The drawings are gorgeous, that's a given. It's a lot better than those silly flowery scenes in typical shoujo manga. I first started reading Vampire Knight yesterday, and it was really interesting enough for me to pull through all of the fifty-nine chapters (as of this writing), so I can not deny its appeal. However, there are some points that I feel need significant improvements.

For me, Vampire Knight is a guilty read. Why? Certainly not because of Twilight (okay, maybe so). But it's because of the tension in this manga. For me, the character interactions between all characters were appealing, even though their actual development read more
Mar 11, 2008
nataliexkathryne (All reviews)
i first got into vampire knight after stealing a classmate's manga in our free period, i've been hooked ever since.

there are a few key elements that i think, make this a very decent manga.
the first, and probably most important, is the interpretation hino give us of vampires. i'm be blatantly honest, i truly believed i would hate this manga just from the title. in my experience vampire/horror manga all contain the same basic element which make the storylines very predictable. what i love about vampire knight is that they don't stick to vampiric rules.
there is no aversion to sunlight, no fear of garlic or stakes, read more
Apr 2, 2008
Reya (All reviews)
A friend of mine on a forum was raving about this manga and for good reason. It has a very captivating story, great (and attractive) characters, and good realistic conversation and story.

Some thing that bugs me about what people always rave about this manga (though this does not ditract from the enjoyment of the manga) is that the manga isn't as Vampire ground breaking as everyone claims. There are several, less know, stories of vampires who can go out in day light, take pills instead of drink blood, or vampires attending a boarding school in the night class while 'normal' humans attend the read more
Apr 21, 2009
StarryNight (All reviews)
Matsuri Hino is a great artist, but unfortunately the story of ‘Vampire Knight’ is sorely lacking when it comes to story elements.

The main three of the story are completely unequal when it comes to development:
Hino writes such a complete and compelling story for one male character, and get fans on his side, only to have things go to h*** in a handbasket for him.
The other male character is left completely in shadow, yet is ultimately the one who makes *All* of the pivotal plot decisions. Readers don’t know about his personality during any of these decisions, though, and this leaves read more
Nov 5, 2010
musicvidnut96 (All reviews)
I've read up to the current chapter and have decided to review the series.

Story: 6/10
In the beginning, it was quite easy to understand. It wasn't complicated. It was just a simple beginning. Then, after the death of one of the antagonists, it slowly grew more complicated. There were a lot of twists and a lot of scenarios that did not make a lot of sense. A majority of the aspects slowly meld together. At the beginning, it was interesting, but, 66 chapters later, it's dull. It feels dragged on. If it wasn't so dull and repetative, read more
Aug 30, 2011
Ambertsarina (All reviews)
Vampire Knights is the typical Vampire story with all blood stained love and unexpected crazy turns. well this is all my personal opinions as i am i pure shojo fan; here goes~

Personally i feel Vampire Knights is a really good vampire story to start with. It has a sweet atmosphere and a good concept of creating a school where Vampires and Humans study in different time periods.. Coexistence of Vampires and Humans is a good thought, really nice one but as you go deep and deep into the story it getts totally messed up!!!! Its quite complicated. once you get an analogy (or you read more
Nov 27, 2008
arsanii (All reviews)
To be quite honest, I think the only really good part of this manga is the art. However even so the talking bubbles can be confusing and all the characters are too "undeniably beautiful". It's a beautiful style but just having good art isn't enough.

It's boring. I'll admit at first I thought I was curious and found it interesting. But over time, the repitiveness becomes annoying and irritating. It seems as if the same three main characters of this manga receive too much attention while all the others, who are probably even better than the main protagonists, receives a very minimum screentime. (Or linetime, w/e) read more
Feb 7, 2017
MoonlightSparkle (All reviews)
When I was much, much younger I actually was a fan of this series, but as I grew older I started to dislike it and I'll try to explain why.

First of all, the artwork is beautiful. The characters are well-drawn and the whole drawings are wonderful. But I think that's the best I can say about Vampire Knight.

At first the story started quite mediocre. The idea of a Night Class seems as a kinda desperate attempt to integrate Vampires in the Story. I do not agree with the concept of Vampires going to school even though they don't have to. But that's just my read more
May 24, 2013
Wanderer6 (All reviews)
I could write lots of good and bad things about this manga. It had its own downhills and uphills, but have finally finished with a - in my opinion - beautiful ending.

Let's face it, the story wasn't that original to start with and the characters were stereotypes or idealized men and women. Although Yuuki - our heroine - is like that too, she was my favourite character in the beggining, but that changed when an important incident occurred(don't want to spoiler it for you, although it's quite obvious). She is cheerful, hard-working, always trying to do her best. Kaname and Zero are typical male characters: read more
Jun 6, 2008
EtherealFae (All reviews)
The story itsself is captivating from the very beginning. The whole time I kept wondering what was going to happen next. There were things I would have never expected- excellent plot twists- and even a smidge of humor for good measure. It's got the right balance of everything: Horror, Angst, Romance, Drama, Comedy. It has it all.

The art was beautifully executed. Each major plot scene gave just enough imagery to make it not too gory or not enough. Again, it had just the right balance. Also, there were some different angles thrown in there to make it that much more read more
Aug 6, 2009
Kuran_Yuki (All reviews)
This was my first shoujo in quite a long and boy did I get lucky. It's fantastic! The world of beautiful vampires and school, what a combo. It wasn't too surprising that everyone in the series was drawn to be breathtakingly beautiful. The humor is well placed as well is the drama and action. It's a little bit of everything, so if you want to cross over from shoujo and shounen or vise a versa, this is a great series for it, doesn't matter which direction you want to go. Yuki's sweetness may get on your nerves, nobody's that pure especially a vampire and Kaname's read more
Mar 30, 2008
Kitiara_as (All reviews)
At fist, after reading the summaty I didn't think much about Vampire night.
Another silly vampire story, I though, but after reading the fisrt few pages I was hooked by the beatifull art.

Moreover, not only the characters are excellently well drawn but their personalities are awesome. You cannot love them.

The bonus is de plot, witch is much more complex than your usuall shoujo plot and is very enternaining and misterous. ^^ Have fun reading it!
May 18, 2015
euchelon (All reviews)
Although I'm gonna criticize the parts I didn’t like about this manga, I rate Vampire Knight with a well-deserved 10! A total master piece!

It is said (well, at least I say it....) that the things you're more judgmental about are the ones you like the most. That applies in this case.

If you like manga about vampires, intrigue, with a thousand and one stories intertwined, past-present-future, fights, blood, love, hate, secrets, and so on YOU SHOULD DEFINATELY READ VAMPIRE KNIGHT! All characters are thoroughly designed and the drawings are spectacular. You get hooked from page 1.


Why I'm gonna criticize it? Well, for once I do not read more
Feb 18, 2017
CBCAnime (All reviews)
Hello there, everyone. Britt here, reviewing one of the worst manga I've ever read. Well, worst manga endings I've read at least. And that manga is called: Vampire Knight. Now, let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Story: "Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects of the academy, and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. As the Night Class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is read more
May 25, 2012
SarahPanthera (All reviews)
To be completely honest, I never finished this manga.
There are plenty of reasons that one should read it, yet the drawbacks to this series, in my opinion, outweigh the good.

The artwork was simply wonderful, some of the best I've seen. Everything is done in careful detail, and it's clear that a lot of time and effort went into crafting every scene. If only just for the beautiful drawings, I feel that this manga should be, at the very least, skimmed through. I did have issues differentiating some minor characters, as their depictions were very similar, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they read more
Oct 15, 2014
JuuzouSuzaya (All reviews)
Manyyyyy people seem to not like this manga. Is it cuz it reminds them of that so-called vampire movie that every girl fangirls over? but let me get started on one of the most amazing reviews you'll ever read. leeetttsss not forget its by yours truly, dats right TOBI9790!!!! :D ..........if you die from the awesomeness of dis review please dont sue me. now shall we begin?

dis story is good for a shojo its about a girl dat attends dis academy which seems normal but their is a huge secret. nope not like the dirty magazines under your big (dats not even a big read more
May 25, 2017
PassTheCheese (All reviews)
The things I loved about Vampire Knight initially: the art and that it was a high school drama but with vampires (substitute teenage hormones for blood lust). A little overdone these days, but keep in mind this manga started in 2005. Then the story really dips in the middle, like a sagging mattress. What kept me going was finding out what happens to all the characters I'd grown to love.

Having finished this manga in 2016 thinking and 'meh' and 'finally I'm done'. Coming back to it in 2017 after forgetting how it all ended, I read through a chapter summary page, re-read some key scenes read more
Nov 16, 2009
mangafreak327 (All reviews)
i really like this manga, and the art is particularly compelling to me, but somehow i really feel like the story is repeating itself. something horrible happens, there's like 4 pages of meaningless dialogue, and yuuki and kaname have some sort of 'steamy' conversation. throw in a few shots of zero being miserable, and kaien being silly, and you've got all 54 chapters. i've been watching and reading for about a month now, and i really hope with all my heart that Hino-Sensei makes a bit of a turnaround for this manga, because it's rather promising.