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Alternative Titles

English: Freezing
Synonyms: Freezing Second Season
Japanese: フリージング


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Jan 27, 2007 to ?
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, EcchiEcchi, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Im, Dal Young (Story), Kim, Kwang Hyun (Art)
Serialization: Comic Valkyrie


Score: 7.381 (scored by 1576115,761 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #34862
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #273
Members: 36,958
Favorites: 1,338


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Apr 15, 2010
Livesordies (All reviews)
Judging by the cover art for each volume, one might assume that Freezing is a series comprised of martial arts, romance, and a touch of ecchi. Even the first few chapters might mislead you into thinking that this manga is apart of the all too common genre starring a plucky hero who somehow manages to be surrounded by nothing but beautiful girls willing to fight to the ends of the world, all in the name of love. A genre where no matter how bad or one-sided a fight seems, the heroes always come out unscathed. However, Freezing is far from being a fighter-harem and at read more
Feb 12, 2009
RaiStorM (All reviews)
The Story take place in a time after an extra-dimensional Invasion by the sol-called "Nova's" using tools called "Stigmata", but those Tsigmata allowed the Mankind to fight back, those who fight are the "Pandora's" one of these was Aoi Kazuha, a Pandora who passed away at the end of a fierce battle four years ago as a Heroine.
Four years later and bound by the dying wish of his older Sister, Aoi Kazuya enrolled in the "Academy for Extradimensional Affairs and Genetics" to support the Pandoras in their fight as a *limiter" who are able to use the "Freezing" as a important support for the read more
Jan 9, 2013
Psycho_Sanji (All reviews)
Freezing is deeply rooted in cliche, and it's mix of genres is not a very enjoyable one.

In a nutshell, it's about a guy and a girl who are in love almost at first sight, then it relies on "will they or won't they" soap opera insanity. Anything and everything gets between them getting together, and there's no logic to it.

Here author, I'll do it for you. Take one of those scenes where there's no fight going on and they're just hanging around. Have them go into a room together and just hang out uninterrupted for a minute. Maybe they'll even cuddle, who knows!

As for the read more
Mar 22, 2013
KingsofLeon (All reviews)
I figured that I would give my $0.02 on Freezing after catching up to the latest chapter, especially since the plot has thickened in the last 10-20 chapters. The initial setting that the reader is introduced to is our male lead Kazuya Aoi, who enrolls at West Genetics (think of it as a fancy synonym for high school) where he meets our female lead,Satellizer el Bridget. Anyway, the story originates from other worldly beings called 'Novas' that appear on Earth every 3 or so years and go on a rampage of destruction. Female warriors termed 'Pandoras' are the weapons to defend mankind.

Story - 7
It's read more
Jun 6, 2014
EdenEast22 (All reviews)
Story 8: It is basically like Claymore in a semi-futuristic setting. It is Claymore in the sense that the ones that are fighting are mainly girls. They are being attacked by monsters from another dimension called Novas which in Claymore they are called Yomas (not that they are from another dimension but you get the gist). In order to fight them, Pandoras were created. Pandoras are like the Claymores in Freezing. They can not also go past their limit just like in Claymore. Where they Novalize but in Claymore it is called Awakening. And instead of putting the flesh of a yoma inside of you, read more
Mar 16, 2010
Dunkjoe (All reviews)
Reviewing till chapter 29
[Atmosphere/mood: medium-heavy mostly]
[Notable pickings: Action:10 l Drama:10 l Tragedy:11/10 l Flow of story:10 l Thrilling:10 l Fanservice:0? l Ecchi:1 l Bloody scenes:4 ]

Short summary: This is the best no-nonsense manga/anime I've seen ever... tragedy and drama picked off from the first chapter. There seems to be no fanservice, and story is incredibly smooth. This manga may be way UNDERRATED. However, there might be some reasons why this manga is not accepted well. Read on.

This series is a explanation-event-explanation-event kind, with the explanation being heavy at times, but properly explaning the features presented in this manga, like pandoras, limiters novas etc. Finish the read more
Nov 10, 2009
Quartz (All reviews)
When I first started to read the manga I felt a bit of skepticism of toward the story since it involves women fighting, but after some chapters (2-4) I'm convinced that it one of those mangas that's 'must read'. The plot's smooth development, and easy to understand. However there are some terminologies that the reader need to know since they are repetitive. The arts are well with occasional blur due to lots of action happening spontaneously.
Oct 15, 2013
Strikefreedom117 (All reviews)
reading the manga online saves me a lot of time plus the anime, so i started from where the last released episode ended. im not a manga fan, but because the anime is going to stop without going as far as it could, reading the manga gave me a lot to offer.

Story- 8: The e-pandora plot is really juicy with betrayal written everywhere, then the valkryie plot is even more of a page turner(page clicker), i just wish the manga was done so i didnt have to wait for more volumes to be released. The ecchi isnt the big part, half the time it wasnt read more
Jul 28, 2013
list95 (All reviews)
Freezing is one of Im Dal Young works or should i say one of his special one‘s .


Aliens from another dimension called the Nova invaded earth , human resit with training female fighters called Pandoras and their male partners, called Limiters, who use a special power called "freezing" to limit their opponent's mobility.

Satellizer el Bridget who appears to be the most powerful Pandora in her class, but has not yet chosen a male partner to be her Limiter, and in spite of the warnings of all his friends a Japanese boy named Kazuya Aoi decides to be her Limiter.

The read more
Nov 20, 2010
2Precious (All reviews)
Nova's the main threat from a dimension have started a war with mankind. To counter this threat, an military like academy called "Genetics" that trains female warriors into becoming a nova like human called "Pandora," who can wield special weaponry and armor. Kazuya Aoi a boy, who decides to enroll in this school because of a promise with his sister, an outstanding Pandora who died in battle. There he meets a second year Satellizer L. Bridgette, better known as "The Untouchable Queen" due to her solitary manner and delinquent behavior, but also top of her class whose battle simulation streak is undefeated, until read more
Jan 5, 2013
roflww (All reviews)
Action is the most notable trait of this series. You can see that by looking at how far they go to keep everyone fighting the whole time. Thats probably good. If you are one of those who think "love + fight = suck", then thats probably bad.

There is plenty of good funny moments, bishies, ecchi (although mostly restricted to random boobage) and awkwardness. Most importantly, it is nicely adapted to today's teenage. Thats good if you are into it.

The "freezing effect" seems secondary to the series, and probably will only have deeper "Deus Ex Machina" meanings about love. Poorly explored. This is bad.

Overall, the series read more
Mar 21, 2017
Angeldawn666 (All reviews)
My first manga review. I have been quite surprised about the the whole Freezing story thus far. I began with the anime originally and since it was not going to be continued I decided to read the manga.
the story does go to many different areas but so far it hasn't lost me yet. I enjoy Satellizer and Kuzuya's growing relationship and also the other characters growth as well. The art is fantastic and the story is dark. Freezing reminds me more of Neon Genesis Evangelion without the bio mecha. Probably why I enjoy Freezing.
Over all I am still reading it and will continue to do read more
Jan 14, 2021
Nuka-Raider (All reviews)
This manga is currently in hiatus for the longest time. The author ain't gonna finish this anytime soon.

- Very ecchi, tons of partial nudity
- Tons of suffering, victims of circumstances everywhere
- Tons of fetishes
- The main plot went off the rails regarding the origins of the aliens called Nova and it's very clear the Author has written himself in a corner regarding them
- The huge secret that the main character's Grandfather knows that's supposed to justify all his terrible actions is slowly about to be revealed in full but the Author just dropped the series as it was clear that read more
Aug 24, 2014
Drake-R (All reviews)
What have here, is something else folks. It might not be to some, those who've been reading manga and watching anime since it's inception of sorts, but trust me when I say 'The potential of this manga is vast'. Now some of you may have watched the anime first and have the thought "If the anime was shit, why would I bother with the manga?". Let me tell you why. The anime was undoubtedly shit, no one try to change my mind here please. And I read the manga first so it was even worse. Don't go with the anime whatsoever. The levels on which read more
Feb 20, 2017
SgtHong (All reviews)
Something isn't right, I had a copy of "Freezing" vol 1-3 in 2007 from Busan, South Korean, and not in Japanese language. The artwork and author is from South Korea, yet these covers online show them in Japanese? The humor is clearly Korean, even watching the anime I noticed the story type (tragedy and dramatics) and humor was all Korean, but in Japanese language (which screwed up some more of the humor) and in English subtitles made me upset that the humor was being destroyed. If they had to redo this anime, they would of elaborated more on the sense of humor read more