Hourou Musuko
Wandering Son
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Hourou Musuko

Alternative Titles

English: Wandering Son
Synonyms: The Transient Son
Japanese: 放浪息子


Type: Manga
Volumes: 15
Chapters: 123
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 12, 2002 to Jul 12, 2013
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, SchoolSchool, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, SeinenSeinen, Gender BenderGender Bender
Authors: Shimura, Takako (Story & Art)
Serialization: Comic Beam


Score: 8.321 (scored by 71957,195 users)
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Ranked: #2432
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Popularity: #477
Members: 21,845
Favorites: 1,198


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Feb 1, 2008
Jiji (All reviews)
Title: Hourou Musuko (”The Transient Son” / 放浪息子)
Mangaka: Takako Shimura / 志村貴子
Originally Serialized in: Comic Beam (Enter Brain)
Scanlated by: Kotonoha

Nitori has always been a bit of a girly kind of boy. He likes to cook, he’s sensative and has little in common with the other 5th-grade boys. He’s even cuter than his older sister, Maho, who wants to be a model. Saori Chiba is a classmate who seems to understand him, but mostly just likes dressing him up. He strikes up a friendship with Takatsuki, a tall girl who is very much a tomboy and who everyone calls “Takatsuki-kun”. They meet and befriend a gorgeous read more
Feb 27, 2020
Varjosoturi (All reviews)
Hourou Musuko at first glance is what seems like a rare gem of good representation in the muddy grounds of LGBT+ characters being fetishized or used as comic relief, but soon enough proves itself to be no better.

First things first – trigger warning. The manga contains quite a lot of graphic language and events that can easily be triggering for transgender individuals. I advise you to approach this manga with caution, so that you don't have to suffer like I did... The following review also contains some core spoilers, but if you found yourself feeling iffy after the things I've just said, I suggest you read more
Aug 19, 2018
somaisbatman (All reviews)
After having a tough time getting into the series and having to restart a few times, I raced through the second half of Wandering Son in a single day. Now I’m just lying here in a haze, trying to collect myself into a human being again. I feel like this writeup is a necessary step in the process. Let’s do this.

Wandering Son, or Hourou Musuko, is a manga about the self. It's extremely introverted, with characters lost in thought, staying home from school, and mulling over their anxieties all the time. When a character makes a particularly bold decision, they’re often ridiculed and punished for read more
Nov 27, 2010
Damonashu (All reviews)
From the standpoint of a storyteller, the slice of life genre is the biggest you can use and because it's slice of life it can make for a long story. The problem however, is that the genre is almost always filled with generic things. You'll get a protagonist in a high school full of tropes, and despite what the writer might want you to believe, if you've watch or read slice of life then you've probably seen it all before. That's where Hourou Musuko stands out. While it is slice of life, it is more specifically the characters' life, which makes it one of few read more
Jan 15, 2013
Gersen (All reviews)
Hourou Musuko is nothing more than your run of the mill shoujo manga with a crossdressing twist. If you are like me and come expecting a story about boys and girls growing up as transsexuals, this will leave you sorely disappointed. What this title offers instead is loads of teenage drama, love triangles, love confessions, first dates...- everything strictly heterosexual and involving kids as young as 12 years old.

There's one actual MtF, adult transsexual in the story, but she's presented as a sexual deviant and a predator, making sexual advances on a preteen child.

As for the main characters, they seem more confused than anything. The read more
Feb 10, 2018
sweetsweetlain (All reviews)
I would say if you've ever struggled with your gender identity you have to read this. If you've never struggled with your gender identity, you still have to read this it's so good.

Ok so, the review, i read this whole series over the course of two days and it destroyed me emotionally. I think the ways in which the two main characters struggle with their gender identities is shockingly real and hit incredibly close to home for me. I'm a trans girl and like I have never found a character who I can see myself so clearly in. I think the characters and their growth read more
Mar 10, 2019
Ankithadam (All reviews)
Sexuality and gender orientation is the topic debated for many generations and is also still continuing.
This manga is a story about a guy named Shuuichi Nitori (Shuu) who has a best friend(a girl) named Yoshino Takatsuki who wants to be a boy, so she makes him wear her clothes instead of her. Although a bit reluctant at first but also interested, Shuu starts cross-dressing on the demands of her, various friends and even his sister as they all admire his cute personality. What started as a fun habit or for admiration, later leads to a point which makes him question his gender orientation.

So as to read more
Apr 27, 2009
ChibiHime (All reviews)
Hourou Musuko or The Transient Son is a beautiful slice of life story that you can relate to and seems so realistic.

It's about Nitori Suuichi, a boy who not only looks cute as a girl but seems so well suited as one. Thing is, he does want to become a girl. And his friend, Takatsuki Yoshino is quite the opposite. She is a girl who wants to become a boy...

Story: 9

When I first looked at this manga I first thought 'ewww, there are gays in here!'. Man was I wrong. The story is so realistic you can't help but continue to read. Not everyone has read more
Nov 20, 2018
emmeka (All reviews)
I'll just start by saying this: I've never seen any media, manga or otherwise, deal with trans youth as well as this series. The messy, confusing and difficult nature of handling the transition through puberty as a sexual minority is handled here with nothing held back, characters are not locked into stereotypes but grow and change as they mature to the point where they are scarcely recognizable by the series' end. If that premise alone interests you it is a must-read. That being said I will stop short of calling it a masterpiece due to some issues with the way the plot progresses and is read more
Aug 1, 2019
shysnail (All reviews)
If there's one word to describe Hourou Musuko, it's meandering. It's long, and it feels long. You cover a group of kids' entire school days in the span of the manga, which is pretty impressive. In that way, you do grow attached to the characters. They're with you for so long that they become very familiar.

And I think they will be with you a long time, because this really isn't a manga to storm through in a couple of "can't wait for the next chapter, must keep reading!" sittings. There aren't many cliffhangers, and the pace can seem quite glacial at times, circling back on read more
Sep 6, 2020
ANormalUser (All reviews)
A manga that talks about gender identity is rare, and when it happens it usually also introduces comedy so this covers and ridicules the theme. It's even rarer the fact that it talks about gender identity in children and young people in a serious and mature way, so in my opinion, Hourou Musuko is very precious. This manga is very good at conveying an important and serious message while being bearable to read, it is also a good reflection of Japanese culture in terms of gender.

- Story (9/10): It has the right content of each thing, drama, romance, comedy, etc. Among those types of content, read more
Sep 2, 2020
llorando (All reviews)
Spoilers bellow


I have a soft spot for Shimura Takako's idiosyncrasies as a writer. She tells mundane stories about mundane people - even if the subject matter is something fantastical, like "Sayonara, Otokonoko", it's still told in a way that resembles everyday life - but the way she does it is not very conventional in itself. The story is always jumping from present to past and then to present again, from a real situation to a imaginary one, from reality to dream. Sometimes a conversation is being held by two characters and in the very next panel - without warning or proper closure - different characters read more
Jul 21, 2020
lemozine (All reviews)
For the last year or so, I've been thinking about the power of telling stories. Stepping into the shoes of a character we may be unfamiliar with in our own lives and seeing the world through their eyes does more for educating than emotionless facts and statistics ever could. Whenever someone asks me what fictitious story has most changed my life, I immediately think of Hourou Musuko. This is truly an incredible read, and I highly recommend it for everyone, regardless of whether you are completely ignorant of trans people or you feel like you already know more than enough.

TLDR: This story does an amazing read more
Feb 26, 2020
RegalRascal (All reviews)
Story: Trans kids growing up and going through puberty.

Actual story: Young kids being confused about gender identity because they don't fit their own gender's norms and attribuating it to not being their sex. Also, transgender girls being taken more seriously kinda, even though the kiddo isn't a trans girl but a crossdresssing boy.

It seems really liked and hyped, especially by the lgbt community, probably cuz there isn't anything else that is so openly ''trans'' with its story setting.
It's not a trans story though, so I don't get the praise for that specific aspect. It's a story about kids being confused and not conforming to read more