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Alternative Titles

Japanese: CLAYMORE
English: Claymore
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 27
Chapters: 159
Status: Finished
Published: May 6, 2001 to Oct 4, 2014
Genres: Action Action, Adventure Adventure, Fantasy Fantasy, Horror Horror
Theme: Gore Gore
Demographic: Shounen Shounen
Serialization: Jump SQ.
Authors: Yagi, Norihiro (Story & Art)


Score: 8.301 (scored by 7612076,120 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2842
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #38
Members: 173,674
Favorites: 12,349

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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 26, 2010
Preliminary (96/159 chp)
Story - well. It might be difficult to see any value in its story for the first few chapters. Initially it seems predictable and like a typical "let's watch as some badass kills monsters in this ~fantastical~ weird world" story, but with more interesting characters and concepts. It seems like it doesn't plan on doing anything special with the characters or the story. Yet it still has this weird charm to it that keeps you reading.

But it picks up quickly. Despite the predictability of these first chapters, I found myself pulled in. I typically have trouble getting into manga, since I'm more used to watching ...
Nov 17, 2014
Claymore is the incarnation of an RPG similar manga, the eerie atmosphere at times with just the right amount of gore and "Breasts" this manga truly stand out just like a well cooked mild curry dish, not too much spices and not too little.

1-Story 10/10
this is the most amazing part of this manga , the characters didn't really pop up but the story was more than sufficient to overshadow the shortcomings of them.
at most times the story wasn't really omnidirectional and it was more of a narrative type to me i think that this story might have been better in a novel type but ...
Jan 13, 2008
Preliminary (76/159 chp)
This is the best manga by far. The story is about girls with big swords (called Claymores by others) hunting down Yomas (demons who plague the world). It's incredibly violent and bloody which is awesome. The story only gets more interesting once it reaches the Teresa Arc, which talks about Teresa, the strongest Claymore ever, and how she meets Clare (the main character). This story is interesting because of the many conflicts and plot twists that will keep you reading it over and over. There's mild nudity too, not bad.

Must read.
May 17, 2010
Preliminary (103/159 chp)
Okay Claymore is one of the best if not the best in terms of balancing action and plot development. The story takes place in a country where monsters called 'Youma' feed on humans and that is where the introduction to the main character Clare is made. There is an organization that recruits and trains young female warriors (half-human, half-youma) in order to fend off the population of Youma, however they do this service for a fee. Clare is one of the so-called 'Claymores' (nicknamed by the villagers because of the weapon they carry) and simply enough she carries out orders from the organization. However like ...
Apr 24, 2016
Convenient. A lot of things take place for the sake of progression. There's no real sense of urgency or fear when reading this work, as each fight is recovered by an unknown savior stepping in at the last minute. With a work putting so much emphasis on the overwhelming power of the enemy, it's unfortunate to find it undermined by poor directive decisions.

There's a mishandling of dialogue and combat. This is a work that is plagued with characters pausing in the middle of a fight to take out the proverbial tea-table and chew the fat over some expositional dialogue. It can become very arduous and ...
Jan 25, 2015
Claymore, a manga with lot of story arcs.

It starts off simple, with claymores (aka silver eyed witches) doing their job. A character bonds with one, and they do things together.

Things get a lot more complicated later on, but it maintains its general flow. The main problem I had with it is how long is dragged things on sometimes. I generally like to avoid animes such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and all of the others like that for that very reason. Fights take forever, and there can be a lot of talking sometimes. So obviously if this will bother you, it might not ...
May 7, 2014
Preliminary (150/159 chp)
Plot development and storyline :
The storyline of Claymore is set up on a medieval island world, infested with monsters called “Youma”. Youmas can shift their shape, disguise and live as humans within society. They retain the memories and knowledge of the human body they reside in, so normal humans can’t recognize them in their perfect disguise. Youmas eat human innards to live and can’t resist the urge to eat innards more than two weeks. So eventually they end up murdering humans brutally, to eat their guts.
A mysterious group called “The Organization” creates half human-half youma hybrid female warriors who kill youmas in exchange of money, ...
Oct 25, 2020
Typically I am not one to watch or read many dark fantasy stories but Claymore was a rather intriguing experience.

The main focus of the story centers around an organization of Claymores fighting different monsters of varying strength and power. Despite what seemingly could become a rather formulaic plot, it manages to maintain a looming sense of mystery about the world slowly building on what's been previously established and adds many twists along the way keeping things unpredictable. There would often be moments of uncertainty if a character would make it out of a life threatening situation as there are many deaths throughout. The violence featured ...
Mar 2, 2015
Claymore is the story of the "Silver Eyed Witches", half-human half-demon beings who fight man-eating monsters called Youma. The main protagonist is one of these witches-warriors named Claire, and the majority of the plot is about her quest for revenge. Despite the basic premise, the story evolves to become a bit more complex; in the end I found it to be Claymore's weakest aspect, as it remains largely predictable. The one time it tries to surprise the reader with a big revelation it does introduce some unexpected elements, but the author did not employ the said elements in any other way throughout the manga ...
Jul 16, 2008
Preliminary (81/159 chp)
Claymore is an amazing manga, everyone who wants to read any type of shounen manga must read claymore!
It takes place in medieval times, but that doesnt even matter. I dont think that it would really make a difference if it took place in the year 2020. You dont really even notice the time period as you read it.
Anyway, first you must know what a claymore is. A claymore is a WOMAN not man for reasons explained in the manga, who is a demon, but has a human mind. Claymores are made by the organization, which is just called the organization. I dont recall seeing ...
May 7, 2009
Preliminary (103/159 chp)
“Die for others, live for others”

As the story begins there’s a little drama and horror beneath it that gave me a shot to continue reading. As I continue, the flow of the story begins intriguing and exciting, then soon I noticed that I have been hooked up in continuing reading it. Protecting and revenging are the main cause of this manga, they have been passed over to be able to live longer and do what is incorrect.
An action, sci-fi and adventure type of story that revolves on the life and belief of the main character. There are also mysteries and intrigues that I found ...
Aug 29, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Claymore lost its way somewhere.

in the form of revealing the structure the story follows, because it's the primary reason for my score. No plot specifics will be discussed.

Several years ago I followed Claymore probably first in anime and then in manga, both making a fairly decent impression on me. I didn't like Raki or some other things here and there, but it was a pretty nice story with a respectable pace and, a rare treat, power-level explanations that actually made sense relative to each other to a good extent and meshed in well with the progression of the story. Overall, as a ...
Oct 22, 2014
If you're looking to read a great shounen manga, then you must read Claymore, the best Shounen manga I've ever read. Claymore is an exceedingly long manga that's plot is dark, intense, interesting and overall very, very enjoyable to read.

The plot takes place in an alternative medieval world where humans coexist alongside creatures called Yoma (humanoid monsters that feed on human flesh). A nameless and highly secretive organization has produced a species of half-human-half-yoma warriors (All female, and it's explained why) to slay the nefarious yoma and protect humans, but for a large price. The people of this world refer to them as "Claymores" due ...
Apr 6, 2012
Preliminary (Unknown/159 chp)
Story: The original concept is fairly decent, the fights are also quite entertaining. The world is not very rich though, it feels very plain overall. I also had a hard time getting into it because of some other problem which I describe below.

Art: The artwork is actually fairly good, the main issue is that it is way too repetitive. It's very focused on the characters and lacks background also.

Character: I can't tell who is who, can you? No seriously. This is also why I put so low marks for the art. Poor creativity there. Character progression is also almost non-existent.

Enjoyment: It's very hard to ...
Aug 23, 2014
Preliminary (153/159 chp)
Claymore is a manga definitely worth reading.

When I first began, it looked alright to me. Not too interesting but enough to make me continue the series. As it progresses, you'll notice the fights get bigger and more destructive (not to mention super awesome).

From my viewpoint there, wasn't much character development; most of the characters stay the same. Though this doesn't have a huge impact on the story. The story is really interesting once you get farther, it surprised me entirely and had a twist I wasn't expecting. There's also the art, which is amazing.

This entire series hasn't failed to amaze me nor ...
Apr 1, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (137/159 chp)
Had I written this review a year ago, I would have given it a 7 or an 8. But unfortunately time has not been kind to this silver eyed warrior. I loved this manga when I started reading it. But thanks to an uncreative story line and horrible translations, I have lost my passion for it. I still read it occasionally, but it is not one of my must reads. This is one case in which the anime was prematurely ended while the manga continues to this day. At first I was furious at the broadcasters decision but now I can see it was for ...
Aug 7, 2014
Preliminary (89/159 chp)
This is my first review,correct me if wrong,and sorry for bad grammars :)

Dark fantasy manga with bunch of ladies hunting around monsters? why not? since i'm fan of manga with dark fantasy genre (not big fans),i thought this manga would give me a big shot,and thats work.

Claymore is about Clare,who want to revenge for someone who she loved so much,Teresa,who get killed by her own comrade. by joining the organization,she hunt for things that called "youma",the monster who eat a human guts. from village to village she wandering for killing that creepy things. one day,on the one village for killing Youma,she meet a boy named ...
Nov 19, 2010
Preliminary (91/159 chp)
This anime is simply perfect. You don't need anymore words. This manga has no single scene that will make anybody bored. Every single chapter is an extreme excitement and perfect. What makes me exciting is the part where this manga has the best power balance when fighting. Awesome plans and it's never cheesy or something like Waa!! I'm angry so I'm gonna release my hidden power or suddenly change into a strong hero. There may be a little but it has the reasons and it's not cheesy. Even Naruto fight is boring compared to this real thrilling fight scenes.
Dec 3, 2014
Plot 7/10- standard let's fight monsters, take down those in power who are evil, and get revenge for the losing those we love to those monsters...
as the story goes along, about halfway through and towards the end it starts to get a little confusing at times..also at points it doesn't make much sense...overall I still found it enjoyable

Art-8/ was refreshing to see such detail put into the claymores that they actually all had a unique facial design, hair, ears, nose, eyes etc.. The monsters themselves, were also well designed and distinct, I wouldn't call them mind blowing or anything. The fight scenes were well drawn, ...
Dec 14, 2013
Preliminary (145/159 chp)
Up to chapter 145, I believe that I have seen a number of plot twists and mini arcs that Claymore has to offer. And I have to say, the art has drastically improved a lot since Angel Densetsu.

Anyways, the series I have read by Yagi Norihiro, Angel Densetsu, was vastly different from the mood and premise in this manga, especially after a certain arc. And boy, was I surprised, when all the gore and tragedy flooded later on.

From what I see, Claymore is shounen, drama, tragedy, adventure, supernatural (or fantasy later on), and action.

Without further adue, let's look at the storyline. Well, I think ...