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Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy

Alternative Titles

English: Dengeki Daisy
Synonyms: Hetakuso Cupid, The Hopeless Cupid
Japanese: 電撃デイジー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 16
Chapters: 80
Status: Finished
Published: May 12, 2007 to Dec 24, 2013
Authors: Motomi, Kyousuke (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 8.451 (scored by 41319 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1752
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #38
Members: 90,931
Favorites: 8,223


the similarities are the main heroine is not too feminine, and the guy is protecting her in case of danger. 
reportRecommended by rizzy07
A kind, older guy who does not really show his concern towards the heroine, except at moments it is really needed. And the heroine is a strong person, who has a deep love for her family, but that is not going so smooth (because of other reasons). Both stories do show the love growing between both characters, but it also pays more attention to other factors, like seeking support, finding solutions to problems etc.  
reportRecommended by Konataku
Both girls have a person who's anonymous through internet protecting them through hard times. The drama and depth in Dengeki Daisy is deeper then Koko ni Iru yo and at the same time has more comedy in it. Koko ni Iru yo is a shorter story. 
reportRecommended by AlbinoMamba
Both heroines will make you laugh a thousand times over with their un-shoujo-like charms. They are both perfect for a reader who is looking for a great manga that has characters with strong well-developed personalities. 
reportRecommended by Breezie-D
Each has a boy who tries to protect a girl because of their love. They're both adorable. 
reportRecommended by WickedHeroine
Both have as protagonists a tomboy girl with a very energetic and optimistic personality, and willpower. She ends up being helped and protected by a serious good looking boy, and starts to get along with him everyday. The boy, who in the beginning only had the goal of helping her, actually starts smiling around her, and slowly changing, opening his heart, while the feelings between the two start to grow. A lot of comedy and sweet moments:) 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
In both mangas, there is an older guy that protects and an high school girl that is protected, making the relationship between them really sweet. Also, both Kurosaki and Kazuma like to tease the girls so it is really funny to see the way the girls react. Another similarity between both male characters is that they are always trying to control their feelings and impulses because of the age gap...(In Kurosaki's case, he also doesn't want to be called a lollicon XD) 
reportRecommended by Pikena
Both characters are in similar situations. They both lost their older brother, and have been entrusted to their older brother's best friend. The older brother's death is very mysterious and almost suspicious in both manga, and in both cases appear to be more important to the plot than we think at first. Both main characters fall in love with their brother's best friend, who, in both manga, is an adult and much older than the Main, and is often referred to as a pedophile (jokingly by friends, usually.) Both main characters are cute, awkward and shy, but still very mentally and emotionally strong and intelligent, unlike  read more 
reportRecommended by Xephia
Really innocent and cute like fruits basket, but also with a deep trauma, just like furuba its a manga for smiles and sad faces 
reportRecommended by jessicams
Very much similar relationships. Both male main characters are much alike. 
reportRecommended by CyanAura
Both does have the same genres of Romance, Shoujo, and Comedy. The Sadist cool guy who is actually soft-heartened deep inside; And the Masochist innocent girl who gets into a lot of trouble that needs to be protected. There are also sweet moments that can catch one's eyes for every chapter. 
reportRecommended by Beezheen
In both manga the story revolves around a girl who lost her family and is protected by a boy, who takes care of her. The girl is strong-minded and is trying to solve her and her friends problems and the guy hides some secrets from the girl, but protects her. 
reportRecommended by -Alice-
Maybe it's not so similar story, but in both manga the main male character is trying to take care of the girl he is in love with ( but she doesn't know that ). In the end, she fall in love with him and can't live without him. 
reportRecommended by Shadake
Ok, here is a recommendation for male readers and more mature readers of Dengeki Daisy, try Mel Kano. Mel Kano is a seinen/mature shounen but they have some similarities of theme. Both stories have online internet and email communication as a strong theme of the story and both stories have a romance in the back ground but also a group of computer experts trying to solve crime mysteries that involve online and computer themes. Both also have a lot of comedy and a guy who is a computer wiz and smart guy but who also is very tough fighter  read more 
reportRecommended by inzaratha
-MUST READ-Both manga are really good and if you in to romance then you must read this-Both Protagonist due to their past(dengeki daisy)/what he is(hana to akuma) are both reluctant to get too close to the heroine and try and suppress their feelings. You get really hooked and cant stop reading and its really surprising cause im not really into shoujo manga. Also READ KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA although a shoujo manga i found myself unable to stop reading, its a really cute manga somewhere round the time when the protagonist finally confesses  
reportRecommended by bob22
Both are about mysterious guys protecting orphaned girls. Rensou no Aria is way shorter but has a similar feel to the story. 
reportRecommended by Moon_River
Both stories are different, but I find the sense of humour similar. Fights between couples are really alike too. 
reportRecommended by PushingIdeas
Both titles are by the same mangaka and also the heroine has a strong personality.^^ Both are awesome manga to read! 
reportRecommended by chie_shou13
Both main female character has a guardian that they can rely on but no idea who the person is. In dengeki daisy she can contact him using her brother's mobile phone while in orange planet she is writing letters to him. 
reportRecommended by yHam
The both give you a similar feeling. The main guy is a anti social boy and the main girl is a clumsy kind hearted girl that had/has an overprotective brother. A secret in the past connects the protagonists.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Both titles have this innocent and intense love with many involved feelings. They have some circumstances that makes their love forbidden, so the main characters hold all their feelings just to be with the person they like. Dengeki Daisy and Strobe Edge can convey this innocent and intense feelings to the reader making you feel your heart thump or a tingling in your hands.... So...if you like all this...read both. :D 
reportRecommended by Sameien
same concept, first kiss not with the she love and it forced kiss if you like full metal panic story you will more like dengeki daisy 
reportRecommended by PotanX
if you like the love relationship in Glass Mask then you will Certainly like the relationship in Dengeki Daisy . because both of them is about teenage girl who have relationship with adult man , the girl hate the man at the Beginning but she start to love him slowly, the men is secretly in love with the girl , the men play the role of a mean person in front of the girl but they are very gentle in reality and they have another secret Identity and they use their secret identity to help the girl and encourage her  read more 
reportRecommended by HebaDA49
These two series have a good mix of funny and dramatic and love to lampshade and lampoon Shojo tropes. The two lead heroines are fiercely loyal to their friends and not afraid to speak their minds which gets them in trouble from time to time.  
reportRecommended by xxxATiON
Dengeki Daisy and Akuma to Love Song involves a main female character who isn't shy to express her thoughts. But deep down, she is an honest girl whose personality becomes evident through her relationship with the main male characters. Both series takes place in a school life setting with events that connects between the past and present. There is romance as well that deals with the main girl and how she shows their true selves more and more. Recommended for fans of shoujo. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
the couple goes through long and hard road to be together. If you liked this manga you should definitely read Dengeki daisy  
reportRecommended by falen_one
same concept, first kiss not with the she love and it forced kiss if you like full metal panic story you will more like dengeki daisy 
reportRecommended by PotanX
• In both series, the main characters do not express their feelings honestly, but put up an act of intolerance towards one another. • Both are very funny — precisely because of the main characters' tireless effort of pretending they do not like eachother. • Both female leads are highschoolers and notably younger than the male leads. 
reportRecommended by DairyRoadway
Both the main characters are high school girls with an older love interest. Both male leads become somewhat like their protectors. While Daisy is a hacker, Hino is their family lawyer. 
reportRecommended by Bhavi-chan
Both have female protagonists who lost people they love (her brother is dead in Dengeki Daisy and her dad sold her away in Shinshi Doumei Cross). Both girls have crushes on the people who are watching over them The people who are watching over them feel the same way and are hiding secrets from the girls. Funny and romantic 
reportRecommended by MahouAkumu
I was expecting Dengeki Daisy to be more recommended but I'm surprised that nobody did. This manga reminds me a lot of it. There were some instances wherein Teru and Karin looked alike. :) Both guys in Dengeki Daisy and Kare First Love has lost someone they cared about and thinks it's their fault -- in Dengeki Daisy, Kurosaki lost Teru's brother which was like a brother to him as well and in Kare First Love, Kiriya lost his brother. The cause of the two brothers' death are different though. And both have cute romance between the characters. :) 
reportRecommended by Rei-chii
Both stories are really gripping. The heroines fall in love with an adult, who saved them in dangerous situations. The relationship of them turns out to be very difficult, because of the age gap. I love both stories and both are worth to read. 
reportRecommended by Sunkychan
Both guys have a job to protect the girl and are unsure what to do with they're feelings for her. Both girls are spirited and reckless and slowly realize they're feelings but don't notice the others. Both are absolutely hilarious and deserve to be read. When i read one i think of the other.  
reportRecommended by Bazooka_Joe
Though the setting is totally different for these two mangas, one relates to kingdoms and royalties while the other relates to computers and technologies, they are similar in the way the characters are set up. In both of them, the main female character is protected by the respective male protagonists as well as other side-characters, but that doesn't make them weak. The heroines are very capable of protecting themselves as well as the ones they love when the time comes. The male protagonists know this and respect and believe their beloved "princesses". The main characters in both the mangas know well how they feel towards  read more 
reportRecommended by SakuraAme
> both are shoujo manga with a story that makes you want to keep on reading. > both have deep and intelligent characters personally i finished both of them as fast as i could and i didn't get bored or irritaded, so you might enjoy them to PS: both are completed so you dond have to wait for each chapter 
reportRecommended by Miauu
Chemistry between two leading characters. Tone of the manga are similar - it mixes comedy with personal drama. Both main characters have a sad past. The romance in Kono Oto Tomare! is still developing but it a gives similar vibe to Dengeki Daisy. 
reportRecommended by EXYA
The main character's love interest in both mangas has an age gap. Though, Dengeki Daisy's age gap is 8 years while Kore wa koi no hanashi is 21 years. The men in both manga's watch over the main character and care about them deeply.  
reportRecommended by Rhazel
Both manga have underlying storylines where multiple people close to the main heroine protect her by keeping secrets from her. The female protagonists (Mikan in GA and Teru in DD) are both very thoughtful, intelligent, and often do things that are unexpected in shoujo manga. Both titles use the tragedy tags quite well, though there is considerably more in GA, mixed in with fantasy and magic. Ultimately, they're both really great shoujo manga, sometimes having the same feeling of dread or mystery, and definitely psychological aspects that make you want to burst out in tears. GA is 180 chapters while DD is 75 :) 
reportRecommended by luxraysrock
These 2 mangas take place predominantly in a school setting (as do most shoujo), and what I felt was pleasantly similar between them was how desperate the male protagonist would become whenever the main girl was in (or suspected to be in) some sort of danger. They lose their usual cool headedness and rush to the rescue. In both cases, the girl and the guy have a unique relationship that makes them very close but the girl refuses to entertain the thought that the guy might have romantic feelings for her. The adventure of how these characters transition into a couple is very enjoyable and  read more 
reportRecommended by lunafly
there is not as much romance in DC, but in both, there is a guy hiding their identity as another person to protect the girl. 
reportRecommended by PotakuCat
Well there aren't many similarities but some of the plots Love Sick will make you remember Dengeki Daisy.. 1. A person is died leaving a girl behind. 2. That person leaves a video behind with evidence. 3. The heroine is quite similar i.e strong both mentally and physically . 4. In Dengeki Daisy Teru's brother was annoyingly in love her and brags about it to everyone that how cute she is. And in Love Sick Shiki's father did the same thing. 5. The other main characters were close to the dead person. Cant remember anymore point. :3 
reportRecommended by Celestial_Pixie
at first the male and female lead dont get along but after that some feelings develop  
reportRecommended by anime132465
In both manga girls are strong and stubborn - never give up. Don't really know what love is, never expirience any relationship and also - are behaving like a tomboy. The guys are fallen in love with them from the start but as well they like to tease the one they cherish. 
reportRecommended by Shadake
Both manga about Daddy Long Legs. Dengeki Daisy is Shoujo Manga and Ashinaga Ojisama is BL Manga  
reportRecommended by Madokaneechan78
Dengeki Daisy is shoujo and Chou yo Hana yo is josei aimed for mature audience - but they share some similarities: - Both love interests have a master-servant relationship. -Older guy/younger girl combination. -The male lead takes responsibility for the girl's misfortune (in Dengeki Daisy's case, it was the heroine's brother's death; and in Chou yo Hana yo, it was her family's bankruptcy). - Although the male lead bullies the heroine (mostly because of work), he was actually secretly in love with her. 
reportRecommended by Eitoku
Dengeki Daisy and Library Wars: Love and War are kind of similar. Both contain action and violence, as well as romance, except in Dengeki Daisy, there's more comedy and the main character doesn't cry as much. There is no computer stuff in Library Wars, but there is a bunch in Dengeki Daisy. In Dengeki Daisy there is no library stuff, either. If you liked the violence and romance Library Wars, you may like Dengeki Daisy. 
reportRecommended by HousekiGirl
Both manga have the whole "cool-tough-guy-on-the-outside-yet-soft-and-lovable-guy-on-the-inside" role down packed. The relationship between the male and female leads are relatable to anyone who has ever had some form of girlish/boyish love that could never truely be conveyed fully. I'm only on ch. 4 of DD and I cannot tell you how much I was shreaking like some love sick fan girl. Taking a moment to let the familiar feeling sink in I realized this reminded me of JTT. If you value halariously pure and relatable plot and characters, complete with just the right dose of overly supportive friends and exaggerated denial, read BOTH. 
reportRecommended by KohakuKun93
Both are about a girl and older guys protecting her, even if they are mean to her. 
reportRecommended by DoctorSluice
Both are sweet shojo fluff aimed at the same audience. The plots aren't too similar, but the feel of them is. 
reportRecommended by adamantine
A story about high school student and her guardian 
reportRecommended by doorotka
both involve someone with hackin' capabalities that use's it so that he can protect the ppl he loves only dengeki is on a smaller scale and a shoujo thus more loveydovey and bloody on a big scale and a shounen thus more action , and both r awesome fcourse 
reportRecommended by JohnnyWaIker
these mangas both pass off as the hilarious good-for nothing manga to pass time. Don't get me wrong; some of the time it was like that. But once you read deeper into them, you will notice a deeper theme and complicated relationships. Both have hilarious moments and bittersweet moments that will make you want so much more.  
reportRecommended by asianlilyflower
the plots of this stories are different, but the main heroines have similar characters, they both strong, kind, open-hearted and also both of them have no any relatives((( and they have some kind of relationship (it's love of course, they just haven't understand it yet) with a handsome guy who's an adult. love so life is a very sweet and warm story, so if you liked Dengeki Daisy, I'm sure you'll like Love So Life too.. 
reportRecommended by Lenka-Penka
Both mangas have beautiful art and an unusual cute love between the protagonists. Both leave you with a sweet feeling after you read them;D 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Same story, the girl is alone (Her father and mother passed away) and a guy comes and protects her, really cute :) 
reportRecommended by DoUnicorn
Both series have heroines who are self-reliant, resourceful girls, who have a mind of their own. The squabbling relationship between them and their love interests are very similar as well. 
reportRecommended by Breezie-D
The main heroines remind me of each other a bit with their personalities: independent, sarcastic, and intelligent. They are both great examples of female shoujo leads who step outside of the stereotype box. 
reportRecommended by Breezie-D
Both involve a girl who has lost their family and is contacting a friend through mail, and the person who she contacts regularly helps her and is someone that is close to her.  
reportRecommended by XDKeriDX
Both are sweet and funny stories, with an older guy taking care of a younger orphan girl 
reportRecommended by as3
Cute and funny story about a relationship between a high school girl and an older guy. In both, the female lead is strong and quirky while the male lead has his own talents too, 
reportRecommended by as3
Young girl, older male, protective aura, deep and complex regarding some things happening in the past ... SLOW romance. Dark atmposphere and though, pointing at the nice things of life. Both girls have a somehow similar relationship/feelings regarding the males. <3 
reportRecommended by raubkatze
Both girls have hot guys who are swearing on their lives to protect them... kind of different, but both have strong heroines and lots of lovely romantic scenes (: 
reportRecommended by jayjayy
The guy is protecting this girl in secret for her deceased brother and then they end up falling in love but he's a few years older and she's in high school. Also it's not a oneshot and its ongoing still. The same vibe is definantly there too. 
reportRecommended by Ardnaed
The main characters are very similar in character and some of the humour reminds me of Dengeki Daisy.  
reportRecommended by chrissy12
i think its got similar art work. its with a boy and girl as well but this manga is very dramatic. A MUST READ!! 
reportRecommended by BabYrHii
A really good romance story, where the guy is slightly perverted and will 'protect the girl no-matter what'. I highly recommend reading both. 
reportRecommended by xUsotsukiHana
The relationship between Kurosaki and Teru really reminds me of the relationship between Ran and Ichiki. The older guys is always teasing the clumsy girl and making her be his slave buttt save her whenever she's in trouble :) Both are very cute ^^ 
reportRecommended by jocwawa
the same kind of story girl hates guy,guy loves girl,girl starts to fall for the guy it's pretty much the same in that sense.and in the sense that the guy is trying to protect the girl at all costs both mangas are wonderful. 
reportRecommended by sailorcess
In both mangas does she talks with someone she didn't know, and realizes that the person isn't even that far. However in Dengeki Daisy she fell in love with that person, in Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta it is just a friend of hers. Both of the main characters have no experience with boyfriends and love. 
reportRecommended by xChanChan
they both have characters that are suffering because they caused the death of somebody, and they have a person that wont let them be happy remembering their sin. they both are very good stories, with good art 
reportRecommended by nanees
Dengeki Daisy is more romantic, but Pretty Haru is similar to it, because it is funny and dramatic. But funnier than Dengeki Daisy, REALLY REALLY FUNNY. Laugh out loud in parts. 
reportRecommended by embarrassed
Both give you the same warm and snuggly feeling, both really GREAT mangas.. 
reportRecommended by Rubberducki
They both have romance and the protagonists have similar personalities. They're very interesting and original in their own way. 
reportRecommended by JungTaco
Although the stories are quite different they both contain female protagonists who have a brain in their heads; they have elements of comedy and romance that will have you giggling; and while they're both shoujo they manage to avoid most of the terrible cliche's associated with the genre.  
reportRecommended by thethirdkibeth
The 2 manga are quite different but when I read dengeki daisy it makes me remember how Kaname told Zero to protect Yuki just like Teru's brother told Kurosaki to take care of her and how they can't be together. Although VK has vampires and everything you kinda get the same feeling. If you like one of them you might like the other one  
reportRecommended by flakizs
Same author. This manga makes the reader jubilant. What I mean is it can amuse and entertain the reader. Readers might feel hoity-toity reading Dengeki Daisy. You should also try it :) 
reportRecommended by Beezheen