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Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy

Alternative Titles

English: Dengeki Daisy
Synonyms: Hetakuso Cupid, The Hopeless Cupid
Japanese: 電撃デイジー


Type: Manga
Volumes: 16
Chapters: 80
Status: Finished
Published: May 12, 2007 to Dec 24, 2013
Authors: Motomi, Kyousuke (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 8.451 (scored by 41323 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1752
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #38
Members: 90,943
Favorites: 8,221


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Nov 6, 2009
Velkan (All reviews)
I recall my initial thoughts on Dengeki Daisy as I first came across its information page: Another overrated shoujo manga with a simple plot and the cliche catch phrase "I'll protect you".

Oh, how wrong was I.

Shoujo is known for its obscenely perfect guys as well as the air-headed heroines who fall for them. On the outside, our cast here seems to be no exception. However, the protagonists contain a surprisingly high amount of depth. In essence, we follow the lives of two characters at the same time. Teru, who is cheered on by a text-friend whom she has never met, and Kurosaki, who lives a read more
Feb 10, 2010
Nia9001 (All reviews)
“No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

Where have I read this line? Wait. Let me think.

Oh right, from oodles of shoujo mangas I read. I remembered dropping a lot because they were a lot too similar to each other. It just differs from the art to its supporting characters and leads. There’re a lot of arcs being used over and over and over again. Hotsprings, going on field trips, getting locked in a gym storage room and whatnot.

Of course, Dengeki Daisy springs out the cliché plots at its peak.

As another fan of the shoujo genre, I am once again amused on how Motomi Kyousuke handles read more
Mar 30, 2009
blue-heavens (All reviews)
I can't believe that there isn't any review yet.

The story is just amazing.

The art is really detailed. en kurosaki is just hot. Motomi Kyousuke is a really nice drawer. The art has it own style, if you see it, you know that Motomi Kyousuke is the drawer, because al of his characters in al of his manga's are the same, and that means. really much hotties^^

Characters are just amazing either, the female lead, teru, is strong willed, and really sturborn, she is not a annoying weak girl, but she ins't to perfect either, its a nice combination, and kurosaki, the male lead, is really read more
Apr 10, 2009
cheropteran (All reviews)
I loved this manga! even though it's not done yet i know that there will be an excellent ending!

The story is quite amazing! And I loved the characters. Kurosaki is good-looking, hot, and always there when teru needs him the most, even though he's often cruel to Teru. Kurosaki is always looking after Teru, and had always loved her. Teru in the other hand have this very special person to her, Daisy, a text mate who her brother introduced to always help her in her times of need. Teru is quite smart and hard-working, she lost her brother a year ago, she is currently working read more
Jul 2, 2015
Melanie_Morales (All reviews)
EDIT: This was my first review, and it wasn't well-executed, at that. If you want a truly good, informative review, please refer to the one below me. I definitely recommend that one. :)


Story: 10

At first, I believed this was going to be the typical manga where the female protagonist is whiny, child-like, dependent, and –overall– someone who doesn't stand up for herself. I thought this would be that one story with the pair of infamous main leads: the girl who's constantly a damsel in distress and the guy who's just a bit too perfect and arrogant for his own good. However, this manga is read more
May 3, 2011
LordessMeep (All reviews)
If there were one shoujo manga I could have everyone read, regardless of gender or personal preference, it'd be this one.

I first heard of it when it began being scanlated (is that a word??) and the summary made me scoff. "I will always protect you.."? What kind of crap is that? Sometime in early 2010, I went by the Dengeki Daisy page on mangaupdates.com and looking at the ratings, I was shocked. An average of 9.1/10? It is a standard unheard of in shoujo manga. The shoujo genre is always one riddled with criticism due to its reliance on cliches and stock characters, however, this read more
May 2, 2012
Melike (All reviews)
i don't really understand what appeal does this manga have for its readers, why people like it, why they think it deserves a score:8.81, but for me it was huge disapointment (because of the good opinions i have read-i have had high expectations) and it was like reading a dragging, random, meaningless things happening to heroin and while the hero was in the process of saving her from that absurd situations, he somehow fell for her...
So i dropped this but let me tell you this: you may or may not like this but i'm 100% sure you will agree there is no way the plot read more
Mar 24, 2015
neekoneko (All reviews)
Let me start with what I loved the most about this manga. (And this is going to be a long list...)

1. Characters.

There's no place for a Mary Sue (or Gary Stu) in Dengeki Daisy. No one is perfect. You cannot just use a blanket descriptor like "kind" or "sweet" for any of them.

Especially the two main characters, Teru and Kurosaki. Dear lord, these two. They're real people - when you finish the manga, you feel like you've known them forever. You understand the things that worry them, the things that make them happy, the things that MAKE them. Their past, their feelings, everything defines and read more
Apr 27, 2013
NEKO-est (All reviews)
Even though I don't usually read Shoujo, after going back to Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I found this Dengeki Daisy. I thought 'since they are similar why not try it?'

I didn't regret my choice at all, because I do love this manga. I've just recently started, and in just a few hours, I can't stop reading, I've cried MORE than just "a couple times," but I've also laughed, actually laugh.

The art is great; the story line is very interesting and mysterious; even though it has many cliche ideas like hot springs trip and whatnot, it still manages to make it look unique and just plainly interesting. read more
Jun 1, 2013
Eitoku (All reviews)
This is one of my favorite series cause it has everything I'm looking for in a shoujo manga:
- An emotionally strong heroine
- Likeable and interesting characters
- An original and unpredictable plot
- Plenty of romantic scenes between a very functional pairing
- Character development
- Beautiful and unique art style
- Too many laugh-out-loud moments

But more importantly, what I enjoyed the most in this manga is the relationship between the two main characters: Teru and Kurosaki.

I've read plenty of older guy/younger girl series where the male lead has to act as the wise and responsible one - traits that make him more superior to the heroine. It read more
Oct 3, 2009
redclouds (All reviews)
This is something that you can expect more out of a shoujo manga. Not only the storyline is really interesting that is very attracting, it makes you want more of this manga. If you are the kind that hates crying and irritating female leads, expect none from this manga! *Time to rejoice*
The female lead (Teru) is a very very strong girl and has a very likable character, I really like her.

This is not your typical romance story where the two male and female leads get together in the first few chapters. There's more to it; that can make you happy, and sad. read more
May 13, 2009
Bluesander (All reviews)
I really love how this manga is going. I've only read 7 chapters, but already it's got me hooked.

Story: 10/10
Why? It's original. A hacker protecting a girl...and all around it are story developments in both the past and future. Not every manga I've read has the same quality of intriguing development in BOTH past and future. It's hard to do that, but I believe Dengeki Daisy has done that fairly well.

Art: 10/10
I really like the art. Better than most manga I've read. It's not messy and it really adds to the enjoyment of the manga.

Character: 9/10
The characters are incredibly interesting and eye-catching, but there read more
May 25, 2010
MermaidGalaxies (All reviews)
Don't let the title or anything else fool you, this manga is not like anything else you have ever read before, its much, much better! Not only will the story make you want more and more, the art work is simply beautiful., Plus the heart warming relationship between Teru (Main) and Kurosaki (Main) I highly recommend this manga to anyone. One if the things i Love most is it not a manga thats just so gross you wanna puke. (so far, so good) Its also Super super funny! I recommend it to all ages and genders. :)
Nov 25, 2011
erialc (All reviews)
To put it: Dengeki Daisy is not your common shoujo manga.

STORY : 10/10
This story is purely original. I'm serious, after reading the first 10 chapters of DD, I dropped reading most of the flowery shoujo manga I had.

My reason? When you laugh, you laugh until your oxygen supplies run out. When you go all "Kya~!", you wake up your roommate or your neighbor. When the plot gets serious, you take time to understand everything. When the story gets touching, fat tears come down from your tears. When you got confused, you go back to reread. When you get angry with a character, you curse them read more
Feb 10, 2015
domodoggie (All reviews)
I this is my first review, so bear with me, please.

Dengeki Daisy is an amazing story. It truly captures shoujo in its own way. This story has beautiful characters that shine in their own way. Of course, this story has its flaws, but (as of late) I cannot find any. I liked this manga so much because the characters were definitely not ordinary. Each character had a past that intertwines with everyone's. The story itself is sad, enchanting, funny. It made me laugh, cry, and cheer for the main character's romance. Understand, I cannot even express how much I love this manga. Do not get read more
Jun 9, 2011
-Forgotten- (All reviews)
Starting off with the ratings:
Story - 7.5(but since there's no such rating, I'll be giving an 8)
Art - 8.5(once again, upped to a 9)
Character - 9
Enjoyment - 7(the reason for the sudden drop in rating may be due to a personal belief but yeah...)

Overall - 8

Honestly speaking, there isn't really anything particularly special about the storyline. It's just the usual type you see with a conflict going on.(Teru's PHONE being wanted due to her brother's history, not sure if "history" is the right word though, which in turn causes Teru herself to get into trouble and the wonderful male lead will come to her read more
May 11, 2010
miniature-waffle (All reviews)
Okay, let me start with: Motomi Kyousuke, you fucking genius.
i don't remember how i came across this manga, but thank you God for showing me it.
seriously, thank you.
i love the idea, the art is frickin' awesome, and i had to show my reaction every time i read this manga somewhere. this manga made me laugh my soul out and i'm not joking.
Art 1000/10
as you can see, i like the art a lot.
plus, Kurosaki kun is so damn hot and cute!!!!
i love him!

story 10/10
the story is original and interesting and i love it!!!

character 10/10
awasome. i adore them.
Teru chan is so cute and Kurosaki kun is read more
Sep 18, 2009
mizu_girl (All reviews)
Very awesome! I really adore Motomi Kyousuke-sensei!

The storyline is fresh, complex, enjoyable, just like real life! I found many shoujo mangas has common storyline, and a bit crazy, too many love scenes. This manga really different. I swear you'll really love it and laugh a lot!

I (and all the fans) really hope it has it own anime!
Oct 11, 2009
Aureole (All reviews)
Dengeki Daisy is one of the best shoujo manga I've ever read. Okay, I have to admit it, It really is the best one.

The story is really interesting, It's about a orphan girl named Teru, and the only thing left from her family: her phone and the contact to Daisy.
Daisy is really hot when he's smoking, and Teru is the second girl I was able to stomach in shoujo manga (the other one was Haruhi from Ouran Host Club).

The art is really detailed, I love to read it slowly, realising every single detail involved to the story. At some parts, I want to cry badly read more
Dec 14, 2012
jas83 (All reviews)
i have been looking for a manga like this for so long! its perfect. I was really skeptical about it at first cause of the name, actually hahaha. "daisy" sounded lame, so i was about to skip over it. im soo glad i gave it a chance though, because this manga is amazing! For one, the female lead in this manga is honestly just a normal girl - ive found a lot of other shoujo girls to be ridiculous; they are too sweet, have no backbone, fall too easily. it weirds me out, and bothers the hell out of me when i read those because read more