Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku.
The Gods Lie.
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Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku.

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Kami-sama ga Uso wo Tsuku., Gods Tell Lies, Our Summer Holiday
Japanese: 神様がうそをつく。
English: The Gods Lie.
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 5
Status: Finished
Published: Mar 25, 2013 to Jul 25, 2013
Genres: Drama Drama, Romance Romance, Slice of Life Slice of Life
Theme: School School
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: Afternoon
Authors: Ozaki, Kaori (Story & Art)


Score: 7.921 (scored by 2852928,529 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8892
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #272
Members: 53,429
Favorites: 1,266

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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 27, 2013
"God Lies" easily ranks amongst my favourite short series. Overall, the story was reminiscent of the movie "Stand by me". Life goes on even if the world is painted bright blue from afar and cynical and more than a little screwed up on on closer inspection, even for grader schoolers. The two main characters Natsuru and Rio seem to fill the adult role better than their own parents. The outcome of the story is deeply satisfying to see and because of it's length/timespan in the manga, it is perhaps more poignant than "Immortal Rain".

Nothing is farfetched in "God Lies" and it portrays a realistic albeit ...
Dec 5, 2013
Sometimes the cover really doesn't convey the story in a book and sometimes short things can really have a long story to tell, this is really one of those occasions. When I first started this manga I thought it will be short and sweet (or was hoping) romantic story, but now I can gladly say it was so much more. I am really amazed at how much the writer really was able to convey in just 5 chapters. While there is a bit unrealistic nature in some aspects of the slice of life it is without a doubt a unique manga and definitely one of ...
Nov 15, 2014
Before you get turned off by the title "God Tells Lies," there is no sacrilegious connotations or references within the work. You will fully understand, towards the end of your reading, why the mangaka chose to title his work as such. The title is a perfect fit.

Every detail of this story is perfect… the height of the heroine in elementary school, the white, crippled kitten named Tofu abandoned by the bridge, the flowers along the street and the flower on the girl’s hair, the death of a beetle, how the grandfather falls with the money for his endearing grandchildren in his hands, the trusting younger ...
Jul 5, 2015
In a market full of shounen cliches and harems galore, it's nice to see a gem like this get unearthed. It may have a little dirt on it, but once you clean the dirt off it shines all the same.

There are plenty of things that seem rather farfetched in this manga, and it is best to keep your suspension of disbelief high. Even so, the story is fairly simple with a... different sort of twist. Nothing in the story department will blow your mind, though you may contract a case of the feels.

The characters are also pretty simple, yet at the same time seem ...
Jun 19, 2014
Without a doubt the most touching and beautiful manga I have ever had the pleasure to read.

It's such a gloriously simple premise - A poor young girl lives day to day looking after her little brother on next to nothing, due to absent parents. She's befriended by a young boy, her classmate, and a big fan of football/soccer.

The sheer realism is what makes it for me. It's extremely believable and grabbed me from the go. It's the most I've ever felt for a character, the little girl's struggles... god damn. Despite being so very tragic and making a genuinely say "fuck no..." at some ...
May 7, 2017
Once in a while, there is that anime or manga that reminds me why I fell in love with both mediums in the first place. And after nearly 15 years and hundreds upon hundreds of titles, it's happening increasingly less frequently.

"God Lies" is more than the sum of it's parts. The art is pretty simple. The characters are endearing, but nothing special. And the story - minus a macabre twist - is quite straight forward. But when it ends, you can't help feeling you wish there was more; and not because the story is lacking, or the ending botched.

It just strikes a chord you'd ...
Oct 11, 2020
For a first try, I really enjoyed reading manga. (I've tried others many years ago, but I've never finished them.) Ok, this is a short one, but it's a beginning.
It's a love story with some social background. Although the story is not long, I think the characters are well-developed. It is not pretentious. The whole story takes place in a couple of months - a little more than the summer vacation. Where I live, there isn't anything like Summer vacation, so I don't know if it's, in fact, a whole summer.
The relationship between Nanao and Rio feels so real. It's so pure ...
Mar 15, 2018
The more manga I read the more I realize I'm falling in love with these subtle real-world romance stories. The Gods Lie is a diamond in the rough, I feel, when you consider all of the shounen manga that's wildly available nowadays.

Though this is a one-shot, the character development is deep. In a way I identified with Natsuo, which helped me dig deeper into the story. He is a kid that feels like he needs to do things for himself, while also struggling with the feelings of wanting to have fun and do things a kid wants to do. Rio, on the other hand, ...
Mar 17, 2016
While I haven't completed many manga, this is one of my favorites. This is a wonderful story of love, loss, and family.

The story centers around Natsuru and Rio, neither of whom have particularly strong families. Natsuru's dad passed away when he was young, and Rio lives alone with her younger brother, Yuuta. In the first chapter, we see Natsuru playing soccer, a sport he loves. Sadly, his old coach is in the hospital with cancer, and he's been presented with a new coach who, sadly, isn't very nice. Through happenstance he happens to meet Rio, and this is the beginning of something beautiful.

The art ...
May 8, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I was watching a youtube video about this guy's "underground" (?) manga recommendations, a.k.a manga that he liked and that not many people know about or at least not many people talk about. When he introduced The Gods Lie and told us about the basic plot, I thought: meh, this is not for me.

But then he said there was a "plot twist" and I, like the plot twist addict that I am, immediately decided to read it. He didn't give any spoilers for the said plot twist, but based on the title I had kind of an idea of what it would be like.

Aaannnnddd... nope. ...
Dec 8, 2015
I'm dissapointed that much that I think I'm going to cry.
This manga... was absolutly amazing...truly amazing, the story, the character, everything... But It was to short, if it was more detailed and longer with more development in the story and character it would be easily an 11/10.

I can't say really nothing more about the story, just read the synopsis or I will spoiler too much since the manga is so short.

I promise you will not regreat reading this 5 chapters, you will regret the fact that is so short, that's for sure.

The story is so sad, but also so heartwarming, the mentality of characters suit ...
Sep 22, 2015
In many ways, this is a story about the end of childhood.

The manga primarily took place over the course of a summer holiday, when a pair of sixth-graders connected. The boy, a soccer kid raised by single mother, had become disillusioned after his favorite coach is hospitalized with cancer. The girl, an unusual kid conspicuously taller than her classmates, carried with her an unimaginable burden. Yes, there’s eventually the development of that first love, but don’t be mistaken: this is heavy stuff, more nuanced and wistful than what seems to be your standard puppy love scenario. There’s melancholia frequently etched on the pages of ...
Aug 18, 2021
the gods lie. (神様がうそをつく。) is a single-volume, seinen, drama, romance manga that takes place during summer vacation and follows an eleven-year-old boy named Natsuru Nanao. Then he encounters a girl named Rio Suzumura who is the tallest girl in his class. Through chance encounters, they begin spending their summer together until one day Natsuru learns about Rio’s dark secret, altering the shape of their bond forever.

As I sat down to read this manga, I was somewhat aware of the fact that it was going to be sad and emotional. What I did not expect, was to be utterly floored by the depth of the narrative ...
Sep 7, 2020
For this short story, I will keep my review short.

Story - 7
Art - 8
Character - 8
Enjoyment - 8
Overall - 7.75 (8)

The Gods Lie is probably one of the most pleasant stories I've come across. It is the essence of short and sweet. I literally read this in a few hours on one night and my reading speed is god awful. I went in blind without reading the synopsis and forgetting the first few pages that I read some time ago. But after completing the story, I have thought wow. For something so small, it does really well as a standalone.
May 3, 2021
"The Gods Lie" - an outstanding masterpiece that perfectly depicts the bond between two teenagers in a way that not many people understand... A bond that not even adults understand and the way they take care of each other...
It's a story of the premature maturity of teens and the problems they go through...
A story about love and trust and how this love evolves. It also depicts family problems and the wicked ways society works.
I really like this manga because also depicts the school life of the teens and how human bonds really work throwing away all superficial values and focusing on the core values like ...
Oct 25, 2021
I bought this manga a few months ago blindly, and it sat on my ever-growing TBR list until this past weekend. I had the pleasure to sit and read this book to its completion and experience the emotional rollercoaster of Natsuru Nanao’s summer vacation along with him. There comes a point when a moment or a person upturns life as you knew it. Lies that are so small to tell, but have immense consequences, or secrets that were never meant to be secrets at all with the burden of carrying them. While that seems heavy, for sixth graders Natsuru and Suzumura it becomes their reality.

The ...
Dec 7, 2016
Firstly, I found this manga at the corner of the shelf, the place where nobody looks because the series they came to buy (popular shounen) usually lie in the middle of my local comic books store, lying in insignificance like a treasure chest. I've never heard this manga before but the name and the introduction on the back cover intrigued me. I decided to give it a shot and the rest is a story of love at the first sight. Now, The Gods Lie is one of my favourite manga.

The story is really heartwarming and characters fit in the context. You can find something from ...
Aug 17, 2019

This is an underappreciated one shot.

I really like the artwork, it's a nicely drawn manga, and I think it would look very good if turned into a movie. I want to see this animated so bad!

I really enjoyed the story.
As you see the kids on the cover are holding hands, but this isn't a romance story. There is romance, but it's not the main focus of the story. It just gets glossed over.

The most interesting aspect of this story is the main girl Rio and her private life.
Jul 8, 2019
=Spoiler free review=

I came across this manga in a discord server I was in, where I saw someone recommending it and labeling it as "the best drama manga I've ever read".
I decided not to read it online and I bought the only volume and read it under an hour. This is my first ever manga review.

"Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku." is a deep story which is very well put together and with distinctive characters who each have their own personalities and weird tics.
The story introduces to you the main character as a 11 year old boy called Natsuru Nanao who's living with his mom. ...
Aug 16, 2020
Story: 9
The story is very touching. For anyone who wants to feel again, try reading this story. It will probably warm your cold, cold heart.

Art: 8
The drawing and atmosphere created by the mangaka is nice. This looks like a typical, nice shojo manga drawing, if you catch my drift. I wouldn't call it the best drawing like in Fire Force or I am a Hero, but nothing to complain about the drawing.

Characters: 9
All the characters, I would say I can relate to and understand where they are coming from, except for the shitty adults. But they are shitty adults, soooo.

Enjoyment: 9
All in all, I ...