Ajin: Demi-Human
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Alternative Titles

English: Ajin: Demi-Human
Japanese: 亜人


Type: Manga
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 84
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 6, 2012 to Feb 5, 2021
Genres: Action Action, Horror Horror, Mystery Mystery, Supernatural Supernatural
Demographic: Seinen Seinen
Serialization: good! Afternoon
Authors: Sakurai, Gamon (Story & Art), Miura, Tsuina (Story)


Score: 7.931 (scored by 2977329,773 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #8342
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #97
Members: 91,996
Favorites: 2,935

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Ajin has slightly better art, and isslightly darker than tokyo ghoul. Both have great world building and focus on the main character 'becoming a monster'. Once you get passed the first chapter of tokyo ghoul both hold your attention.  
reportRecommended by airyie
While Kiseijuu involves people who are infected by something alien and Ajin seem to be transformed humans, there's a common thread of people trying to survive in a brutal world where they don't know who they can trust. 
reportRecommended by fiore777
A highly intelligent protagonist against an even smarter villain. Supernatural creatures disrupting peace in the world. Interesting characters, an amazing plot, and the most beautifully orchestrated plans that will all leave you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed one of these two series, you will surely love the other. 
reportRecommended by TheFifthRider
Much the same when it comes to dark forces hunting and stalking the main character. Both protagonists come to learn they have hidden powers that drives them into exile, not to mention others looking to harm them because of what they have become. Even though the protagonists have very powerful and dark powers they are still kind hearted and will do what's right in the end. Both stories indulge in Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, and Psychological genre components.  
reportRecommended by Obeythealfa
Undying characters trying to kill each other in creative ways, similar art style (though Ajin is more detailed), and well fleshed-out characters from the very beginning. Fire Punch is more humorous in its random obscenity, but Ajin actually makes sense. 
reportRecommended by Cerisine
Both the main characters became aware of that they are beings different from humans, beings that are hated by society. Trying to survive this harsh reality they meet pain, dispair and, finally, their true selfs. 
reportRecommended by Ship_of_Theseus
In Ajin and Birdmen, some people thought that the existence of the them (Ajin & Birdmen) would threaten the humanity. Some of them (Ajin & Birdmen) are bad but some of them are good.  
reportRecommended by Justamalayboy
One day, his life turned upside down and never be the same since then. MC must to run away from the government forces because of his uniqueness. Which it means, he is homeless now. Not only that, he also got a companion to help him out.  
reportRecommended by Justamalayboy
Okite Nemuru and Ajin crafts horror and supernatural concepts that becomes a main core of its main story. The male protagonist gets involved in very unusual events that changes their live forever. There is also certain mystery throughout both series that defines the origins of the main premise; some with startling revelations. Anyone interested in horror fiction should give these two titles a shot. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Ajin and Deadman Wonderland experiments with entities that are features non-human attributes. The main male protagonist's life also changes one day after coming face to face with death (near-death in the case for Deadman Wonderland). From there forward, they discover startling truths about their society. Both series also focuses on various mysterious entitles with supernatural abilities. If you are interested in a thrilling series about inhuman power and dark experiments, then these two series are a choice to consider.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
Written by the same author (Miura Tsuina), both series involves a thrilling story for survival. The male characters gets themselves involved in life threatening events that has large impacts of their future. There is also a distinctive amount of story unfolding elements that revolves around the origins of the characters. As both series' story progresses, we see how much the character changes in order to survive. Recommended for fans who are interested in mystery and horror fiction. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Planes being used as weapons by unkillable sociopath villains that take bullets from armies of normal humans, then get back up and kill everyone shooting at them, no puks given. The same sort of entertaining craziness, in short. 
reportRecommended by AironicallyHuman
Mysterious powers bestowed on only some people, very powerful protagonist, excellent artwork, gripping story. 
reportRecommended by cr0ybot
Both series cover similar plot elements (teenagers discovering they're not human), focus more heavily on adult characters and plotlines, deal with government corruption, and deal with the struggle of not being quite human. 
reportRecommended by Romiress
Same basic set-up: normal highschool boy is suddenly not-so-human, and has to struggle with the government/people/their own psyche. They both run away with others of their own kind. 
reportRecommended by SaxyGeek
Artsyle wise, both of these are some of the most realistic feeling manga I have ever read. Both are dark seinens with a sci-fi/supernatural edge. Both main characters are even named Kei, and aren't all that likable at first ;p Gantz is the more vulgar between the two, but both have a similar feel that I am sure Ajin fans would like.  
reportRecommended by Capnskart
Both have the same athmosphere, same pace, same juicy intelligent plot with twists! There is nothing classic or even remotely guessable in both of the series. Wonderful characters, life-like and believable. Highly recommend!  
reportRecommended by kalliope1
Both manga are utterly bananas and two of the most consistently thrill-inducing hype machines I know of. They each tackle the scenario of a minority gifted with superpowers, apply the theme of human perseverance and balance the supernatural spectacle with in-universe scientific explanations. If you love seeing authors as well as their characters channel their maximum intensity and creativity by delivering on some of the most bombastic action displays in the medium, take my word and add these to your list. 
reportRecommended by Papa_Gen
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both have memorable side characters 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both have memorable side characters 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
Both follow a seemingly average protagonist with some sort of 'genius' aspect. In Monster, its a genius surgeon and in Ajin its a highschool kid with what can be described as a really high IQ. Both protags are fighting an evil genius antag alongside (mostly) likable side characters. Monster's protagonists are all adults while Ajin follows highschoolers and adults, plus the settings are different. Ajin takes place entirely in Japan with some references to places like the United States, and Monster takes place almost entirely in Germany (and Czech Republic). Both are good underdog stories, and I'd say the art in Monster isn't as good  read more 
reportRecommended by Xerneassery
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both have memorable side characters 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both have memorable side characters 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both have memorable side characters 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
both have characters that can control ghosts. both have fights between said ghosts. both stories have a certain gory horror aspect to it both stories have villans that "want to live a queit life. both have a certain mystery aspect to it 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
both are centered about some theme of death similar artstyle great writing lots of actions in both tho bleach has swords while ajin has guns 
reportRecommended by Wafeeqrox
they both have this feeling of fatality where death is a real thing, like even the mc could die 
reportRecommended by edroxel
The main male protagonist's life changes. They get involved in a society where there are supernatural beings beyond human comprehension. Then, they discover secrets that are untold unless experienced firsthand. A dark journey of mind riveting troubles. If you're interested in a horror series about non-humans with thriller suspense, then check these two series out. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Well they are both very good, gory contains monsters and stuff...  
reportRecommended by Neonbulle
Although the history is kind of different we notice that in both cases the main character are forced to fight for their life and using any means for it. Another similarity is the way that the drawing is exposed; with violence in an adequate quantity 
reportRecommended by chew7
Both manga deal with the main protagonist trying to be exterminated by scientists and are being hunted by an evil organization. The main character in both anime are considered to be a danger to other people and has a companion to help them escape from evil. Both are action-packed manga with lots of violence and blood. If you liked one, you'd like the other. 
reportRecommended by Hellspawn28
The main protagonist in both manga are thrown into a life of darkness and possess a special ability (Kei being immortal and Akira Fudo becoming a demon). The main protagonist in both manga must learn how to handle their new abilities and slowly become more violent, stronger and determined over time. They are also both filled with violence, action, and blood with a dark and gritty atmosphere. If you like one, you may enjoy the other as well.  
reportRecommended by Hellspawn28
Both have shoot-outs, evil scientists doing unethical experiments, prison scenes, attempted rape, appearances by the Chinese mafia, old men who are obsessed with teenage boys, and bromance. Banana Fish has BL subtext though. 
reportRecommended by lunarsensitive
The main protagonist in both manga find out that they are immortal and can regenerate after they die. Both manga deal with the idea of what it means to be immortal and that the main protagonist in both manga have to use their newly found power to fight against evil forces. Both manga are also both filled with violence, action and blood with a dark and gritty atmosphere. If you liked one, you'd like the other.  
reportRecommended by Hellspawn28
Both manga have humans that cannot die. They are wanted in Society and if you happen to find one, you can get a reward.  
reportRecommended by Kosourbites
People are fighting with a summoned monster and there many gore scenes. 
reportRecommended by shinomonogatari
Like Ajin, but roles reversed where in mortals are prosecuted, and are fewer in number. Similarities include: -Bloody action -Police/Detectives -Multiple prospectives -Mysterious origins Differences: -*slightly* more light-hearted -more focused on the detective/mystery aspect of the story  
reportRecommended by OwlBiceps
Both are science fiction/horror manga that focus rather heavily on the tense relationships between humanity and those who possess something that makes them somewhat not human. 
reportRecommended by Karmatics
The main character in both stories got a super power and both stories follows the main character's life as the main characther is trying to survive. 
reportRecommended by haatsunemiku
these 2 have the same mature feeling great fights and characters 
reportRecommended by edroxel
Both series have a young male protagonist with special ability to conjure shadow creature. Both protagonists gets "hunted" / they have to live in hiding. In Ajin though, the protagonist rather tries to stop the crimes of his brethren~~ 
reportRecommended by WeiWeiWei
The art style , the atmosphere , the story feels kind of similar for both the series . Both are centered around a young boy getting unique ability . They discovers various uses of their power by trying it out . In Ajin the boy has black ghost called IBM . And in Platinum End -Mirai has angel . They can order their IBM or Angel  
reportRecommended by SHUVO
Male character that is against most of his kind The enemy is also similar to each other Death Both great mangas But Alive: the final evolution doesn’t have an anime adaptation  
reportRecommended by Mingus2712