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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Alternative Titles

English: Reborn!
Synonyms: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!, Minna no Sasai na Nichijou, Kaibutsu-Zukai Tsuna!
Japanese: 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!


Type: Manga
Volumes: 42
Chapters: 411
Status: Finished
Published: May 24, 2004 to Nov 12, 2012
Authors: Amano, Akira (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shounen Jump (Weekly)


Score: 8.211 (scored by 51753 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #5012
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #36
Members: 89,180
Favorites: 9,387


both of the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed, give up easily and bullied by their peers.In Boku no Hero Academia the main protagonist is smart however alienated by his classmates for being the only one not having superpowers.While in Katekyo Hitman Reborn the main protagonist is bullied simply because he is bad at everything, from sports,to school and social life.As the plot deepens however they grow stronger as an individual. 
reportRecommended by forgottenangel94
Both of these Weekly Jump titles revolve around male protagonists who are the successors of highly decorated organisations (the Nura clan in Nurarihyon no Mago and the Vongola family in Reborn!). The narrative of both titles generally feature the male protagonist developing alliances with other characters, as well as fighting those that get in their way. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
the main characters start out very similar both very weak willed and give up easy, the story's although very different bring about change to them and along with the help of some brilliant supporting characters they find out they are far stronger then they first thought. 
reportRecommended by drognen
Same author. And the Main character in both story's end up turning to be something they don't want. KHR(mafia leader) elDLIVE(space police) 
reportRecommended by riqueterremoto
Both start with the main character meeting a baby with strange powers. Also, both start as a comedy manga, but quickly evolve to a more action oriented one. 
reportRecommended by CrashRHCP
Although the theme of Reborn! and One Piece are entirely different, the values they represent are quite similar. For instance, you have the whole concept of "family" in Reborn! which complimenets One Piece's notion of a "nakama". Another similarity is that you have various organisations - different mafia groups in Reborn! as oppose to different pirate groups in One Piece. In addition, each character, in both mangas, tends to have a specific way of fighting. Thus, highlighting another similarity found between Reborn! and One Piece. 
reportRecommended by radiantfire
The fights, the enemies and the reason why they fight. The first 7 tankoubon are crack but then it starts the good part of the history. 
reportRecommended by sakurita_chan92
Both are shonen series revolving around the Italian mafia that involve fights with supernatural abilities. 
reportRecommended by Rade-chan
-In The Breaker it's clans but in Hitman Reborn! it's a mafia family. -Main characters have to train their powers -Main Characters are dragged into a world unknown to others. (Mafia and Murim) -Both have an excellent teacher -Both characters are wimpy at first, but grow to be more mature. 
reportRecommended by Shuc49
Both involve students, hitmans and supernatural elements. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
Both series start off as a slice of life/gag manga but quickly start to root themselves into a light fight manga.  
reportRecommended by musumane
its similar in the way that is about a boy(good for nothing coward boy) and has no friends and gets pick on a lot in school then he gets a master(s)(tutor) and by training that boy starts the road to become the greatest strongest (fighter)mafia boss in the world and gets to meet friends along the way and this friends being strong fight by his side 
reportRecommended by thecooler22
The two mangas are based around two cowards who are forced to become stronger to become the boss or master of a supernatural group. The only differences is that Hyde and Closer focuses on magic while Reborn! focuses on the mafia. 
reportRecommended by sevenfoldgates
Known for their gimmicks as well as their colorful cast of characters, Baccano and Reborn! are two series that I'd recommend for anyone who are interested in something fun. Both series connects their characters in many stories with a variety of themes. The main characters also have unnatural talents that has superhuman traits. Both series also involves the mafia/gang conflicts that becomes more and more complex as their story progresses. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
The protagonist is a weakling that turn into a great fighter thanks to a weapon. 
reportRecommended by BlindNoldor
The main characters are your average good for nothing dudes. They both suck at sports, studies and the like but both of them will perform a certain ROLL which will lead them to GREATNESS. 
reportRecommended by Eksray
Even though the atmosphere is different, they both have italian mafia involved and the main character (even though they have different personalities) is chosen to become the boss. 
reportRecommended by Kyo-
Both stories center around the theme of regret. In both of these stories the characters are able to come back to life if they still have regrets. But they are also different in a way. Loop is a very dark story while Reborn is much lighter and has a lot of humour in it. You should try them both out! 
reportRecommended by Darkbow
Both very good Shounen anime's that concentrate around close relationships, whether they are the mafia or ninja's, the feeling from both are very similar. Although KHR starts off with far more comedy. 
reportRecommended by Coatlicue
Bungou Stray Dogs is much more darker than Reborn but also has the mafia involved. Basically because the mafia is somewhat an antagonist in the series of Bungou. It also gave the similar feeling when you read it. Now for Reborn, it revolves around the mafia and how the protagonist Tsuna's daily life while becoming a mafia boss. Just like Bungou, it also has some supernatural elements mixed in it but has more comedic scenes than Bungou. I suggest you should read any of these series because it is great to read. 
reportRecommended by pinklocket01
Mafiosi originally from Italy New young boss (Tsuna is weak though, in the beginning) Guardians to rpotect the boss meeting the guardians one by one and convincing them that the protagonist is the correct boss to follow 
reportRecommended by TheAlgea
The "Mafia Family" and the families showed in Pandora Hearts are quite similar. And the same we can say about the main characters; they don't really want to be as important as they trully are. They don't want violence or being involucrated always in fightings. 
reportRecommended by RyuuNokaru
If you enjoyed KHR's dying will concept then Futagami Double is worth a read as it shares a similar type of powering up. The protagonist in FD is a meek schoolboy who transforms into a stronger state to fulfil a will of theirs, very much like Tsuna. 
reportRecommended by badgerkins
I feel the main characters Tsuna and Touma are similar. Both are drawn into a world thy didn't know existed or particularly want to be a part of (the mafia in Tsuna's case, and the conflict of magic and science in Touma's case). I also think that Touma and Tsuna have slightly similar reactions to some things. They're both also terrible at school work... 
reportRecommended by sandarikka
Both series follow a mafia-esque theme of a "Family" where the protagonist is forced into a situation where they need to fight to regain control of their destiny.  
reportRecommended by vxnderground
Black Cat and Katekyo Hitman Reborn have the same feel when it comes to the shounen fights. Plus, their humor is the same too! While the beginning of Reborn has a different buildup (In Black Cat, the action starts right away), when the action in Reborn begins, it is just as good. Anyone who likes Black Cat will like Reborn, and vice versa~ 
reportRecommended by Naivette
There is mysticality in both of these series as well as love interests, constant battles, and school-life settings. 
reportRecommended by Inukekarynatsusu
both protagonist have a "cool mode" 
reportRecommended by ilabb31
theyre both really funny shounen mangas! i love them both even though theyre a bit different if you like fairy tail KHR is a great manga to read and i think youd enjoy it a lot! teehee! 
reportRecommended by luckystar1213
Incredibly similar start surprisingly enough. An unlikely hitman extremely similar shows up in both cases, in katekyo its a baby, in kill ani its a little girl. Exactly the same style of comedy as far as the starting chapters go.  
reportRecommended by DarkD1
Both are about "good" mafia's. Both are about a protagonist not willing to join the group, but does so anyway. Both protagonist's care greatly for their friends. The only difference would be that the mafia in Katekyo Hitman Reborn is HUGE but in Sun Ken Rock, they recruit more members. Sun ken Rock is more graphic than Katekyo Hitman Reborn. 
reportRecommended by harrysoung
The main characters are very similar. They both are shy around females, but when forced to they protects the ones they care about. Both manga also are school comedies, however To-LOVE-Ru is more ecchi and Reborn has more fighting in it. 
reportRecommended by Hemsko
Both are JUMP manga that started out as gag manga that later changed to fighting manga. Both kept zany elements from when they were gag manga throughout the series. 
reportRecommended by SidewalkSteve
As a man, we all want to be able to protect the ones we love and be known as a "hero". In KHR, No-Good Tsuna is forced to become stronger and protect himself and his loved ones from the dangers of the mafia world. While Wire-Frame Kurogane of Kurogane struggles to become a "hero" through high school kendo. Both series also feature a mentor type character guiding the protagonists with coaching and tough love.  
reportRecommended by vxnderground
Hibari and Rei are pretty similar They're both loners (with the same attitude-ish) and unbelievably strong, as well as animals liking them. They even look similar. For Rei fans: Here's your chance to see someone like Rei being just a BAMF, as well as 2 clones of said person. *coughcoughFonandAlaudecoughcough* For Hibari fans: Deeper character and seeing a lookalike being beatup, and then coming back full force with badass. (Also a bit of romance and him being put in awkward situations) And yes for Mukuro or Heike fans, there is a perverted pineapple/senpai. For Code:Breaker fans, don't be discouraged by the gag manga in the front, after maybe 70 chapters  read more 
reportRecommended by Sunbloom
Both series have main characters who accumulate friends and allies on the basis of their unique categorization (shamans in Shaman King, mafia members in Reborn!). They also have, after a certain point, battle after battle and the accompanying need to improve their abilities to accomodate their opponents' abilities. Reborn! doesn't have Shaman King's tournament structure, but the successive showdowns and increasing danger of their enemies mimics it anyway. 
reportRecommended by lithiumflower
Both of the main characters are the successors of organizations (in khr is the vongola family from the mafia and in en passant is the criminal organization verde) they didn't want to enter and they must fight with a candidate for the succession.  
reportRecommended by TrAfAlGaR__LaW
The two main characters are drawn nearly the same and Haruhiko's best friend looks exactly like Gokudera- minus the dynamite. The two have action in them. The two main characters are also incompetent.  
reportRecommended by TEWG