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Alternative Titles

English: Parasyte
Synonyms: Parasite, Parasitic Beasts
Japanese: 寄生獣


Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 64
Status: Finished
Published: Nov 22, 1989 to Dec 23, 1995
Authors: Iwaaki, Hitoshi (Story & Art)
Serialization: Afternoon


Score: 8.421 (scored by 31117 users)
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Ranked: #2082
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Popularity: #90
Members: 60,446
Favorites: 3,374


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Jul 3, 2008
FALLEN101 (All reviews)
Alright, let's talk Parasyte:

STORY: Alright the story as described in the paragraphs above may sound cheesy and unoriginal to some, I know. However, as the story progresses the plot thickens and is beautiful. It shows how various people with the parasites, the bad not the good, try to cope in society and that's actually amazing to see unfold. One gets pregnant, one tries not to kill, etc.

Also, Parasyte shows quite vividly how someone would live with another symbiote in their body. Needless to say, this is very cool and interesting if you're in to that sort of thing. read more
May 3, 2013
5camp (All reviews)
Parasytes are an alien species that take over the human body by replacing the head. Our shmuck lead Izumi was about to be taken over by a parasyte, but due to some quick thinking he manages to stop the alien inside his arm, upon which the parasyte consumes his arm and takes it place. The two then have to learn how to live with each other while also dealing with all the other parasytes that have landed on earth.

What drew me to Parasyte originally was seeing the body horror pictures of how peoples’ bodies mutated and warped and started growing tentacles and teeth and occasionally read more
Mar 17, 2009
Beatnik (All reviews)
They control the body by invading the brain. They can change the shape of their bodies and use them as weapons. They eat humans.

Like a logical continuation of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), set in modern day society and with more than one parasite, Parasyte is an entertaining sci-fi horror thriller.

Descending from the sky, parasites fall onto humanity. They worm their way into humans, penetrating skin and then act erratically before eating whoever is around them. As the story begins, a parasite fails in its attempt to infect a teenager, Shinichi, who becomes the protagonist. The thoughtful and quick-witted guy read more
May 17, 2011
thejackal1234 (All reviews)
Parasyte is a series written and drawn by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Unfortunately this is his only notable series so I can’t so much about his career. I mostly picked up Parasyte on a whim and also because my favorite manga reviewer, Y Ruler of Time mentioned it on his Seven Deadly Series list. But I digress, lets get started.

Story: The story is your standard alien invasion story. Little spores about the size of tennis balls fall from space and give birth to little worm like creatures. The creatures then invade the heads of humans and take over their bodies. The end result being that the creatures read more
Jul 17, 2008
MetalWing (All reviews)
I will write my review as an explanation to my rating.

Story: The plot, as simple as it appears, gets much more complicated as you read this manga. It tells us a story of parasytes along with the story of humans and the two are successfully merged together in a thrilling action plot. While this may not be the most original piece, it contains key contents that make you want to keep reading once you start.

Art: The drawing in this manga is not a 'standard' anime-like drawing you would see in Magical x Miracle or Mai Hime or most of other series. The drawings are more read more
Sep 23, 2011
CodeProvider (All reviews)
Parasyte is one of the best manga series I have ever read.
The concept is great, the character and plot development are superb, and overall it is just a perfect series. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this series. It is phenomenal. I cannot praise it enough.
The story is about a strange alien species that randomly comes to Earth; they look like little snakes, but they're much more than that. They are Parasytes. Their mission is to take over a human's brain, and then survive. The Parasytes feed off of the species that they take over, and their head can shift shapes into tentacles read more
Oct 9, 2009
faggotkun123 (All reviews)
"Above Earth, someone was thinking...if half of Mankind dissapeared, how many forests would be saved?
Above Earth, someone was thinking...If 99% of Mankind dissapeared would pollution be reduced by 99%?"

Story - 10
What's there to say about the story? Extremely original. Upon finishing the first 4 or so chapters, I was amazed to an extent that's probably undescribable. The amount of gore, action, and plot progression they had done in such a short time was great. They'd portrayed it in a great manner. On a completely typical day, Shinji confronted a snake-like animal, which apparently, went inside of him. It went through his arm, and kept 'slithering' read more
Nov 3, 2014
RonSnow (All reviews)

"What's Wrong?" that is how this great voyage begins.

This manga is very good, his story is very original for its time, and shares many things with their similes of today as Tokyo Ghoul, the high school student who ends up inadvertently embroiled in a mess by a strange creature, the villains who want to exterminate mankind, but this shows us a more realistic way, and not just focusing on put fights, THE PROTAGONIST WANTS TO DO SOMETHING, no for example Kaneki, it wants save humanity on their own to prevent something from happening to your family and friends, which ends up happening, read more
Jan 4, 2009
vavoysh (All reviews)
Title: Parasyte

Alternate Title: Kiseiju

Mangaka: Hitoshi Iwaaki

Rating: 5.5/10

Genre: Not really sure how to put this

Length: 64 chapters compiled in 10 volumes

Summary: The world has been infested by Parasytes, who can take control of human bodies. They don't know why they were sent here, they don't know how they were created. What they do know is that they must kill, and feed off of the human remains. They have the ability to shape the bodies of their hosts in any way that they desire, whether to alter the body to jump 50 feet in the air, or make blades out of arms. The worst part is that read more
Jul 4, 2010
pjunk (All reviews)
I am no expert reviewer, and generally I am very generous in my reviews. I am also relatively inexperienced with manga, so who knows how many great things I have yet to read to overshadow this particular work? But for now, and from my personal opinion, this is a brilliant manga that I hope to remember for years to come. Because I feel it deserves this, I will give an in-depth review of each section that I have scored to the best of my ability. I will try my best not to spoil anything, but I make no guarantees.

Story: No words I have could do read more
Mar 9, 2015
TheBesty (All reviews)
Kiseijuu sounds like great a plot that makes it stand out compared to other manga's of similar genres. But I have found reading Kiseijuu to be very poor. The reason I decided to check out was becuase how good I heard it was. The issues I have with the series is that at times the series suffers from not exciting the reader. With no reveal shock factor, or cliff hanger. The series becomes a dull read waiting for spark of excitement waiting to capture the readers attention. For me there was no spark of interest that had me excited enough to want to finish read more
May 16, 2011
Foolness (All reviews)
Groundbreaking even today.

Although many have tried to look at Parasyte as an Alien Invasion manga (and it is a fresh one at that if not slightly relying on a successful shonen coming of age formula) what none of the reviewers have alluded to is how much realistic Parasyte is towards explaining the role of parasites in the ecosystem.

Albeit the manga doesn't scientifically "verify" the role of parasites, many of what you see in this manga happen to coincide with real parasites all over the world.

If parasites' existence were easy to explain this manga would only be slightly noteworthy but the things from how parasites need read more
Feb 2, 2015
skaterperson777 (All reviews)
I am not a gore person... unless there's a good reason behind that gore. And Parasyte gave me many good reasons to keep reading! The manga doesn't give a long, dragging introduction. Rather, it stars off with a bang. While sleeping, these organisms called Parasytes start taking over brains of living things by entering their ears. Shinichi Izumi, however, has headphones on so when a Parasyte attempts to enter through his ear, it buries itself in his arm! Shinichi discovers that the organism (which he later names Migi) has the ability to turn his arm into a weapon. Others who have Parasytes in them have read more
May 3, 2017
SmashDaddy (All reviews)
A strong blend of action and provoking social commentary that is for once done well. There aren't many mangas I have read that successfully pull off both an exciting and thought provoking story, without erring on one side. Where Parasyte succeeds is in its strong and likable characters that you can't help but root for. There's tons of character development and the conclusion is a very satisfying one that finishes off a very solid story that has few flaws.

The concept is clever: a school kid gets infected by an alien who then becomes symbiotic, giving the teen unusual powers, but gradually transforming him into read more
Nov 28, 2014
momoja (All reviews)

CHARACTERS- each characters has a story. Each parasite in these chapters shows their weaknesses and strength. Each parasite shows their strategy skills when they were on fighting.

STORY- the story is about a parasite that falling from the sky and the teenage high school boy battling with parasites. If they will invade into your brain, they will eat humans. If they become unsuccessful, they can use hands, eyes, nose, mouth, or ears and it won’t attack humans. They can also change appearance; they can easily remember things, can presence from other parasites and the human that they invade can be read more
Oct 25, 2013
Danno (All reviews)
I um... wow. This manga was incredible. It has a completely different feel to it from any other manga I've read or anime I've seen. This is truly a masterpiece.

- - - S T O R Y - - -
Parasitic aliens taking over humans, disguising themselves to kill/eat more humans. You might think it sounds like your average horror movie, but that line of thinking is completely wrong.
Only Shin's right hand is taken over by a parasite and he has to learn to co-exist with it. The parasite is as logical as math itself and has conversations with Shin. The story is read more
Jan 4, 2013
Altaica (All reviews)
This is a review I decided to write after re-reading Parasyte 2 or 3 times on a period of about 4 years. There are many reviews already written, so I'll try writing a complete, simple review.

I loved it. Fairly long but not of epic sizes, it's just right not to be too short and leave you disappointed of an abrupt ending, nor is it one of those mangas you just lose interest after days of reading it because it seems it will never end. The storyline can be classified in only a few major chapters, and all of them continue each other, so read more
May 21, 2014
SirPendragon (All reviews)
An incredible piece of art!

At first the grotesque story nearly put me off, but since a dear friend recommended it to me I pushed through the first few chapters.

The story developes pretty fast and all of a sudden the reader is soaked deeply into it. It's astonishing how repulsive and captivating the whole thing is. In the end you learn to find the beauty in the horror.

Oct 17, 2016
Suzu-kun22 (All reviews)
Art (9): The art is a very 90's style (because it came out in 1989), and it is often used to great affect. The art is wonderful at communicating the tone of a particular scene. For example, just the difference in how Shinichi is drawn to stand can change how the entire scene feels. One scene he feels a lot more lose (like when he's hanging out with Murano), but then, a few scenes later, he's gone completely rigid as he grabs a knife to confront the intruder in his home. The gore and violence is also incredibly well drawn and legitimately disturbing at times read more
Jun 29, 2016
DannyDX (All reviews)
So if you're interested in reading this either from watching the anime or hearing it from your friends, well here is a review.

The manga for Parasyte was released between the late 80's to mid 90's

These parasites who appear in the manga, are aliens who take over people and well in similar stories like this, eat and kill people. Shinichi happens to be one of them who get attacked but survives (like any protagonist would do.)

As you read through the manga, you see how Shinichi's life is affected by these parasites, his character changes, his relationship among his family and friends also change even read more