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Shinshi Doumei Cross

Shinshi Doumei Cross

Alternative Titles

English: The Gentleman's Alliance Cross
Synonyms: The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, Shinshi Doumei +, Umi no Chikyuugi Nocturne, The Globe of the Sea - Nocturne, Shoujo Eve Ringo Jikake no 24 Ji, Shojo Eve: Eve's Applework 24 Hours, Kusame and Komaki and the Key of Love, Umi no C
Japanese: 紳士同盟†


Type: Manga
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 59
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 3, 2004 to Jun 3, 2008
Authors: Tanemura, Arina (Story & Art)
Serialization: Ribon Magazine


Score: 7.961 (scored by 11344 users)
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Ranked: #10922
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Popularity: #363
Members: 22,177
Favorites: 1,181


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Jun 15, 2008
FreedomWingz (All reviews)
I loved this series~!

I thought the story was fairly original. It captured my attention because it was realistic. I could actually see how most of things would work in real life. The plot-line was intruiging and it wasn't really predictable. Some parts of it we're kind of cliché and predictable but most of it wasn't.

I love all of Arina Tanemura's art. Her art 's really detailed. You could see how all the folds in the clothes are realistic and I love the way she draws her eyes. The clothes are very pretty too!

The characters were interesting. Although it was kind of wierd with Maora and read more
Jan 4, 2009
th_poodle (All reviews)
The story focuses on Haine Otomiya and Shizumasa Togu's relationship, but Tanemura also takes time to explain the other characters' stories as well. As in Full Moon, there were some pretty surprising twists and turns which make the story very interesting. The ending... was cliché Arina Tanemura, and was the only part I didn't like about the story. But when I think about it, there really isn't any other way it could have ended. All of the characters have interesting pasts, and the overall story is pretty enjoyable.

Art--As usual, Arina Tanemura's art is superb. I love the way she draws hair and clothes. Her drawings read more
Oct 21, 2007
Talu (All reviews)
EDIT - 12.29.08

After I had read the manga again, I can say clearly- I was mistaken. Don't get me wrong, I still love the manga but I was too overreacting.

The story is very unique and everything, but when I read the first volumes again I simply got bored. Only the arc in volumes 7-9, with Kazuhito, were awesome (or maybe that's because he's my favourite character in the manga?). The first ones were just school stuff and were... BORING.
The art was amazing as I remembered, but like the first reading, I couldn't stand Haine. She was so stupid, I wanted to hit read more
Nov 9, 2007
rainee (All reviews)
I just finished reading this and I am hooked. Well, it's not often I stumble upon great shoujo manga and I am glad this is great!
The story is about Haine Otomiya, an ex yakuza who falls in love with Shizumasa Touguu, a koutei (emperor) or prez of her school's student council. She has fallen for him since she was 10 and when he came to her rescue one snowy night, the feelings are reignited!
However, Shizumasa wears a stern face and refuses to accomodate her. However, Haine is tricked by her friends and she becomes member of students council with the task of being Shizumasa's read more
Nov 6, 2011
Moon_Light (All reviews)
I didn’t think this manga would be as dramatically dark. It was still light, sweet, and funny, but underneath all that, the characters had pain. Enough pain to move you...and make you laugh seconds later. Making you feel a tad bipolar.

When Haine Kamiya was in the 4th grade she was sold to the Otomiya family for 50 million yen to the. Thinking that her father must have hated her, she then turns into a delinquent because honestly if she needed to blow some steam off- how else is a confused and misunderstood kid suppose to do it? In the brink of her sadness she meets read more
Apr 8, 2012
Animewolfguy (All reviews)
Shinishi doumei cross is a shojo manga that no one would ever look at but I'm here to say its a decent piece of work.

The plot I wasn't expected to have a bit of a dark turn as Haine is sold off just because she couldn't meet expectation. Her father is a F#Ck head. She got adopted by the Otomiya's and is enrolled into a school for aristocats where her one love is. I think the plot is simple but after reading the first volume of it, I was excited of what is going to happen. But then I got lost when reading it read more
May 17, 2009
PurpleSkye (All reviews)
Well, honestly, at first, I became really irritated with the story. It was so complicated that I didn't know what I was reading most of the time. When I reached the 15th chapter I almost decided to just drop reading the manga and start on another. But, my curiosity would not hear of it. The manga's plot gave me a lot to ponder that it urged me to go back to reading it in less than a day after I opted to quit.

So, I finally finished all 47 chapters plus the extra chapter and I am very happy to say that I LOVED it.

[MAY contain read more
May 1, 2012
baabaa (All reviews)
I've always been a huge fan of Arina Tanemura's work, and while The Gentlemen's Alliance is a good series, I believe it to be her weakest and not a good indicator of her story telling ability. Firstly, the plot.

It's hard to discuss the plot of The Gentlemen's Alliance separately to the characters, as it is a primarily character driven plot. The basic plot summary of Haine's conflict between her two families is rather dull, and as a protagonist I found her rather weak. The strength of shojo manga's lies in their ability to create a bond between a reader and the protagonist, however, this read more
Oct 31, 2008
Eryx (All reviews)
In Imperial Academy, students are classified into ranks. the ranks ranges from Gold, Silver, and Copper. Haine Otomiya, the heroine of the story, ranks as Copper in the Academy. She is inlove with the Koutei (Emperor) Shizumasa Tougu, the only Gold ranked student and heir of the Tougu family.

This 47-chapter shoujo manga was written by Arina Tanemura, same mangaka of the popular Full Moon wo Sagashite. The story revolves around Haine, her family, friends, and lovelife. Expect this manga to provide you with lots of twists every now and then. As the story progresses, same goes to the development of the characters.

The characters were drawn read more
Dec 12, 2014
thesailingship (All reviews)
I rarely found out that Tanemura Arina has a straight story, considering that most of her stories will be involved some magic, except for this one.
The story was a bit complicated, but it's complicated in a very good way. It includes some cute scenes between the main characters, but not so cheesy as well. The plot was good, as it has lots of unpredictable plots unlike other manga did. And the art... well no one can deny Tanemura's art, huh? She is one of my favorite mangaka based on arts.
So far, this was my favorite manga from her.
Dec 10, 2008
stellarx1587 (All reviews)
At first I was thinking that this will be another typical romance manga. Nothing spectacular or original. The whole girl meets boy... falls in love when they're kids... grow up and meet again... and the drama begins. I thought that in the beginning once I started reading, but then things got REAL interesting. The focus of course is the love triangle with our main heroine, Haine, X, and X (don't want to give away too much!). Haine has all the typical characteristics of a shoujo heroine... only difference is shes not all sunshine on the inside... shes pretty damaged. Which makes her that much more read more
Jul 20, 2016
Mina-dere (All reviews)
I've just finished the series after binge reading it from chapter 1 and this is my raw unbiased review. (PS there might be some stuff I say that you might consider a spoiler so read at your own discretion. I never blatantly spoil anything but I hint at stuff so yeah)

The plot is honestly meh.. Like it was enough to keep my attention and allow me to have me finishing the story without stopping but that's only because I was expecting something. I thought there would be more but there wasnt (?) Ugh idk I kinda feel unsatisfied even though it technically had a read more
Mar 30, 2015
ashketch95 (All reviews)
Story: I first found Gentlemen's Alliance Cross while I was searching through my high school library for something new to read. I heard the series was good, so I checked it out. Never did I know I was ever going to be so indulged in this. The story is about a girl named Haine, who her family gave up to another as a baby, which you will learn the real reason than the one she explains in the beginning of the series later on. She goes to a very rich school, but she is still considered an outcast until the "emperor," Shizumasa, the son of read more
Nov 14, 2014
romanceirane (All reviews)
Having read a little bit of Full Moon wo Sagashite, which is by the same author, and being enticed by the preview of this series in an issue of the Shojo Beat magazine several years ago, I was excited to pick up this series.

I was not disappointed. The characters are realistic, the plot was engaging, and the ending was satisfying, which is more than I can say for a lot of shoujo series I've read. I won't give out details since I'd like for you to check them out yourself. I will say, though, that there's a cross-dressing male character, twins, and strong (as in read more
Jun 25, 2009
animexluvr (All reviews)
The artwork is extremely pretty. Arine Tanemura has outdone herself once again! The story is cute and believable. I was confused because there were so many relationships going on and different gender orientations LOL. Also, at the end I wasn't sure how the story ended. It was left a little unclear but it's definitely worth reading♥ Of course it's mostly predictable but the first quarter of the story was a complete surprise to me.
Jul 14, 2009
aiane1234 (All reviews)
I really enjoyed this manga.

This was one of the 1st manga I read, at fist I thaught it was just going to be any boring story, but it wasn't, the plot for this was something I didn't expect, it is so good.
Jan 11, 2014
blooish (All reviews)
Wow. This series was incredible. Amazing, breath taking, and astounding! When I first started it, I didn't know it was by the author of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, which btw, I loved and Full Moon wo Sagashite. I had thought the art had looked very familiar.

Story - 10

I love stories like this. One girl, two boys, high class academy. Many books may have the same story outline but none as good as this one. I couldn't stop flipping the pages. It's very unique and addictive.! I don't want to give anything away.

Art - 9

Very adorable art. I love Arina Tanemura's artwork. She did a great read more
Sep 15, 2015
VerballyStunted (All reviews)

The first few chapters made it seem like Shinshi Doumei Cross would have a pretty predictable plot. Normal girl with a troubled past goes to elite school and falls in love with the most popular, powerful guy, then works hard to make senpai notice her. It's been done a million and a half times. However, once the story really gets going, twists--I won't say what for the sake of not spoiling--are introduced that really make it stand out. Most of the romantic pairings are still pretty predictable (once you know the characters involved), but the way in which they develop is, read more
Aug 16, 2016
thanatosimpulse (All reviews)
Oh man, this manga. If you like over-dramatized, high school, slide-of-life manga, go right ahead.


The plot is so over-dramatic I found it impossible to connect with any of the characters or the story at all. Even the overall plot of nice girl slowly melts the icy heart of popular boy so dull.

So much goes on with this story at such an inflated, ridiculous scale.


It looks pretty.


This manga tries to offer interesting characters like Ushio and Maora and attempts to include substories, but for me it really just falls flat. Takanari's family backstory is ridiculous and unrealistic. The only sadness I read more
Aug 29, 2008
jade-v27 (All reviews)
After reading the series , I'm completely in love with it. It brings great enjoyment to those who love a bit of a twist in love. I gave it an overall score of 10 out of 10 because it was so enticing and addictive.

I definately recommend this manga to those who love a bit of twist in relationships and love drama. There are many dramatic moments during the series.