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Beast Master

Beast Master

Alternative Titles

English: Beast Master
Synonyms: Fly, Cactus Summer Surprise, Saboten Summer Surprise
Japanese: ビーストマスター


Type: Manga
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 9
Status: Finished
Published: Sep 13, 2006 to Feb 12, 2007
Authors: Motomi, Kyousuke (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 8.141 (scored by 29634 users)
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Ranked: #6562
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #123
Members: 49,448
Favorites: 1,957


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Dec 19, 2008
YUMee_DoeNut (All reviews)

Its a romance between a girl who gets along well with people, but is hated by the thing she loves most (animals)
and a boy that is great with animals, but has a beast-like personality that makes people think that he's completely unapproachable.
I have to admit that I was trying my hardest to avoid reading this, because I'm not into the whole beauty falling in love with beast story.
But something about it just made me want to take a quick peek,
and I ended up reading the entire thing
lol I couldnt stop.
I didn't expect this story to have such a well balanced mix of romance and comedy.
There's read more
Jul 4, 2009
ChibiHime (All reviews)
EDIT: Has been rewritten!!

Beast Master is a very unique manga. It is my absolute favourite manga of all time. I have reread it several times and I still laugh or cry while reading it. The manga is simple, cute and sweet and as such, I will try to keep this review simple as well.

Story: 9

The story is cute and well written. There is also a few darker scenes but it only makes the story better. I haven't read many shoujo where there's a guy who goes on an insane killing (not really) or fighting spree when threatened. It's definitely different. There are also a lot read more
Jun 10, 2015
Nyan_Pasu (All reviews)
I'm primarily an anime viewer and as such read few manga. I'm practically comparing this manga to anime I've watched regardless of how different the two are. Beast Master is one of my favourite manga/anime I've viewed.

STORY 10/10

Beast master was a really cute story and I was always in high spirits whilst reading it. I found the romance good and the setting for the story was different to what I'd seen before.

It was also relatively short so it didn't manage to bore me even though I wasn't really used to reading manga. It actually left me wanting there to be more.

ART 10/10

It was really good. read more
Jan 30, 2015
chubar (All reviews)
Just to note, this manga also comes with two extra short stories: “Fly” & “Cactus Summer Surprise” (but I’ll get to those in due time).

That cover is a lie. Leo isn’t tied up by chains nor is he a violent criminal. The story goes that when his parents got married, a zoologist as well as a doctor who really doesn’t have borders (as Toki puts it but we’ll get to him in a minute). When Leo was young, his mother passed away and that was when Leo met his maternal grandfather for the first time. Apparently, the mother ran off and got disowned by her read more
Nov 24, 2010
Moon_Light (All reviews)
"To protect ourself and what we hold dear, we keep frightening beasts within us."

Yuiko loves animals and wants them to love her back. Unfortunately animals hate her, she's too...affectionate. No matter what she does, even her own cat runs away. Her friends tell her that if she put that enthusiasm towards a boy, she'd get a boyfriend. The only problem is that in all her 17 years, she hasn't found any guy interesting. One night a mysterious stranger with blood on his clothes rescues her cat and leaves without a second word. The next day a new student transfer in to her class , it's read more
May 22, 2010
Torii-chan (All reviews)
Beast Master was a really enjoyable short read, even the side stories were good. Basically, an animal loving girl gets help from an animal like boy. Even though everyone is afraid of him, she's not. And thus their relationship builds. It's a really sweet, pretty original manga.

The first short side story was about a girl who dreams of being a pilot and the boy that helps her stay true to her dream. It wasn't all that original, but was sweet nontheless.

The second short story was really good. Basically the boy in the series soul gets transferred to a cactus and until they help the read more
Jul 29, 2009
carosene (All reviews)
Ah, Beast Master is good stuff.

Despite it's intimidating title and bondage-esque cover, Beast Master is a fairly normal shoujo manga. It is somewhat cliched, but very enjoyable. While it's not over the top amazing, it's above average in all categories.

The story is pure, unadulterated fun. Occasionally it gets a bit serious, but mostly, it's just pure entertainment. The comic timing is impeccable. This really is a comedy, you know. It's freakin' hilarious.
It's somewhat predictable and stereotypically shoujo, but it's still enjoyable.

Leo, the hero, is one of the most lovable characters shoujo manga has ever seen. He's just amazingly cute. He's not one of those irritating read more
May 31, 2010
jessalwayz (All reviews)
A girl hated by animals but gets along with most people and a guy disliked by humans and liked by animals. Just that caught my attention of how two different people can meet like that. At first when I read the title and saw the cover picture I was thinking it would be something really weird and I wouldnt like it but when I started reading I couldnt stop! This manga was just amazing and so unique.

The art was not breathtaking but it was better than usual manga. Also, I enjoyed the 2 short stories Fly and Cactus Summer Suprise. I highly recommend it read more
Apr 25, 2010
Jazze (All reviews)
Bleh, I don't feel like writing such a long review so for the first time in my reviews, I'm going to divide into these nice, neat little categories that MAL conveniently provides for us reviewers.

Story: The basic premise is that a high school girl manages to tame a wild-looking boy. She scares animals, animals love that boy. The opposites attraction sounds familiar, but it's not really about animals. Rather, it's about the relationship between them. The plot actually drives in deeper than what we are presented at the beginning, as we learn more about the boy's history and why he behaves so wildly sometimes. The read more
Apr 23, 2009
rweqoiu (All reviews)
This is my first ever review =]
And I decided to write one on probably one of my most favorite mangas ever: Beast Master.

=== STORY ===
Score: 9
This story is quite original, and I haven't really seen another one like it. Even though the ending could've been A LITTLE better, I still loved it ♥

=== ART ===
Score: 9
I found the art of this manga to be really nice. The characters look amazing, and the mangaka mangaged to make Leo look really scary sometimes, while making him look like a total cutie on other times.

Score: 10
Not your typical characters. The main female lead isn't read more
Feb 17, 2009
LadyKaoru (All reviews)
A original romance manga about a girl who loves animals but hate her and a boy who is loved by animals but feared by people... Haha! I love that! it's so original and ironic! The characters are so cute and unforgetable (specially Leo, he was so sweet!) and the art is great. It's such a shame this manga isn't popular. If I was able to pick which manga would become anime, this would definatly be one!

100% recomended!
May 20, 2010
Hazle (All reviews)
I quite enjoyed the story it was a new development for me since you don't get much tarzan kind of shoujo which in this case Leo was the beast tarzan.

to me the art was quite lovely it wasn't sloppy done it was content and nice
it's typical what I see and like to see in art.

I liked each character but Leo was by far my most fave since he was like a puppy and beast at times he was quite funny too, your enjoy him ^^

I enjoyed this quite a lot though it was short, could have been more but the ending was quite read more
Apr 13, 2011
FlyingxHigh (All reviews)
Story: 7
Perhaps one of the most cliche type of manga/anime is when a guy is always saving some girl from danger. This isn't precisely it, but it teeters slightly on the edge. A guy who has a berserk mode calmed by the heroine isn't the newest of ideas.

Art: 9
Simply put... I loved it. The only thing is I believe Yukio blushed a bit too much. But, that's typical of a shoujo manga, so I can't complain.

Character: 10
This story stars a popular jock and kind girl... Wait, no it doesn't! Those who know me know that I dislike typical "I can't do anything by myself" girls. read more
Aug 14, 2009
Smiles14 (All reviews)
Beast Master is a very amazing manga. The storyline is genuine and there aren't to many mangas with a similar storyline. The artwork is percise and has a very good effect on the readers. There is isn't much drama in the story it's more of a romantic-comedy. There aren't many volumes and it has a very explanitory ending. It doesn't leave you have full this manga takes holds of its reader till the very end. If you are looking for a manga with a interesting love. I strongly recommend Beast Master.
Mar 11, 2013
chipofmint (All reviews)
It would be a terrible lie if I said that I liked the manga the moment I saw the summary. I quote from my pending reads list: “Iffy at best.” Must contact Manga Fox at some point and tell them that the summary makes the manga sound like a circus or story about a girl with a bad case of bestiality. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters were easy to love and multifaceted. The mangaka tied the story up with a well-composed reflexive ending, which I love finding in books and manga, and the romance was quirky and adorable. It didn’t make me cry read more
Jan 7, 2011
doramaaprncss (All reviews)
My second Manga... and I must say that I was surprised after the low expectations that my first one set for me.

But, it was really cute... enjoyable and everything.
The art is really good and you just wanna get into the Manga world and pinch their cheeks because the characters are sooo cute and well-drawn.
And I'm sick of people who over-analyze and say that the characters arent well-developed. They expect Manga to be like 50 chapters for a character to be complete. I think the characters are very well-developed to and the Manga isn't boring as a result. I got to enjoy the characters and I read more
Jul 24, 2010
llama0lover (All reviews)
Story: 7

The overall concept was very innovative, but after the story continues it grows into a very predictable plot line, but i suppose all shoujo mangas are.

Character: 7

There are some character's who are wonderfully developed in this, but others i wish would have more complex emotions towards them. Take for example, Yuiko, she is the main protagonist, yet her feelings revolve around Leo, so therefore we have little time to really understand her character.

Enjoyment: 9

This manga was very enjoyable, good for a short read.

Overall: 8

The overall appeal of this is manga, is an 8. The story was enjoyable, but it was not complicated, nor read more
Jun 12, 2016
catzrule2468 (All reviews)
Let me start off by saying this has to be one of the best short manga I have ever read! It almost makes me wish that it wasn't a short manga after all. The story starts off by introducing you to the main protagonist, Yuiko who so happens to love animals but animals run from her. One day while trying to reach a cat she bumps into a scary looking guy named Leo who turns out to really be innocent and childish despite his scary demeanor. I just want to start off by saying that the characters were simply excellent in every way. I couldn't read more
Jun 30, 2011
maidenstear (All reviews)
I have always been a fan of Motomi Kyousuke's works. The stories the author produces are always such unique gems in the shoujo genre. Beast Master is no exception and is one of my favorites. Although it remains short with only two volumes, the story is conveyed flawlessly.
Story: The premise of the story isn't one that I'm altogether unfamiliar with: Wild boy is tamed by normal girl. I've seen it a few times before. But in Beast Master, it was still given a unique perspective that made me enjoy it.
Art: Motomi Kyousuke's art is quite unusual for the shoujo genre, and perhaps that it why read more
Apr 8, 2013
YukinaaPark (All reviews)
STORY: About a romance between a girl who really loves animals and a beast-like boy. The boy looks really scary but is actually really nice, and very childish.

This a really cute story and one of the best manga's i know. I really love it and hope you guys will love it too. :)
I give:

Story: 10
Art: 8
Character: 10
Enjoyment: 9
Overall: 10