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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Holy Land
Japanese: ホーリーランド


Type: Manga
Volumes: 18
Chapters: 182
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 13, 2000 to May 23, 2008
Genres: ActionAction, Martial ArtsMartial Arts, PsychologicalPsychological, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Mori, Kouji (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Animal


Score: 8.481 (scored by 1880018,800 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1202
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Popularity: #188
Members: 44,412
Favorites: 2,623


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Apr 9, 2009
gryphonz (All reviews)
Joined this site just to write this review.

Like many of you, I'd been searching for a good MA(martial arts) manga for years now. Only found one, Hajime no Ippo. Along the way, it's been a long road strewn with chi blasts, wire-fu and moves that would get you killed in a real fight(Kenichi I'm looking at you). That's not even going into the retarded story lines of so many MA series.

Finally found this little gem and it's just great. Blood, violence, realism and all the consequences that come with it. The characterizations are just so realistic, despite the massive read more
Mar 20, 2009
eneri (All reviews)
My first review for a manga, it was just so great that I had to whip out a review for it. I stumbled onto this manga completely by accident and I never regretted it. The entire storyline was so addictive and captivating that I stayed up from 1 am to 3 am to finish the 43 chapters that were hosted on a site. Though I have not completed the manga, it has already left a very deep impression on me.

"Between the world of boys and men,
there lies holy land.
Where laws don't matter and the strongest rule
In that world, "he" roamed
read more
Feb 10, 2015
ABHISHEKV (All reviews)
Ever wondered what it's like to have no place to belong? Having no place where one is recognized as a human being? Having no one who actually cares for you? That is what Holyland explores first and foremost. It is the story of Kamishiro Yuu who has no place in society and is forced to come out to the night streets. This is where he makes a place for himself. A place where he belongs. A world of violence and lenient law.

Kamishiro Yuu was bullied at school and taken to the brink. This resulted in him shutting himself from the outside world and simply read more
Jul 21, 2012
jar_of_stars (All reviews)
~Like a whole lot of people who read Holyland, I too was looking for a different kind of MA (martial arts) manga to discover and read. Quite frankly when I first came across Holyland, I thought it was ordinary and probably like any MA manga to read. (e.g. The main character is weak and wants to get stronger OR the main character learns to fight in order to protect those he cares about. Then the main character gets stronger, meets rivals, and blah blah blah...) Still I was curious to see where it would go, which turned out to be something pulling ME to the read more
Feb 16, 2016
711nono (All reviews)
Holyland is the first real long manga that I have ever completed. I normally prefer anime to manga but I definitely enjoy reading manga even though I read very slowly. Well in simple terms Holyland completely blew me away from start to finish. The story is very relatable and the characters are memorable. The entire thing is just so fantastically put together that I can't help but love it.

Holyland is a 182 chapter martial arts psychological manga that is written by the mangaka Mori Kouji. This manga was published for 8 years. The running time was 2000-2008. The actual manga was serialized read more
May 6, 2009
uajjgirl (All reviews)
now this manga i've come across a few times and didn't read it. the cover really didn't draw me in and the Synopsis left much to be desired. I finally thought "why not? i'll give it a try and if i don't like it i can stop reading." there's not many manga like this: with the action you want and the realistic characters and actions. i have to say this is much better than kenichi any day. i have to warn you this is more gruesome than most fighting manga.

For those of you who are thinking of a passing over this because your not sure read more
Jul 27, 2012
thechowsterderek (All reviews)
Story: 5/5

Art: 4.5/5

Character: 5/5

Holyland has multiple techniques that made it stand out among other Martial Arts mangas. It utilizes these skills to make a unbelievable tale.

As the Journey begins with a simple student life, it gets complex as each page unfolds itself. Kamishiro Yuu, the protagonist goes through many hardships and battles to find his "Holyland". Each move a character use is carefully analysis keeping the reader informed on the unknown moves of martial arts. Each battle creates a intensity in the atmosphere forcing the reader to continue reading the manga. As Kimishiro tries to defend his read more
Nov 16, 2011
daisies (All reviews)
This manga made my heart beat really hard of excitement. Its realism, though sometimes appalling, makes this an outstanding piece of art. Not only does it convey the feel of a real streetfight but it also deals with the psychological aspects of what we'd call a thug. Before I knew, I found myself relating to the main-character, who gets pulled into this violent world and starts losing himself. The despair and horror as he realises that he can't stop fighting anymore and his continuous urge to polish his skills are conveyed completely as is the process of him struggling to find a place where he read more
Feb 28, 2014
Po_and_Dong (All reviews)
Holyland is a martial arts manga about a first year high school student Kamishirou Yuu. When Kamishirou is introduced to the reader, he looks like an extremely beta and timid main character who is about to be beat up and robbed by some thug on the street. Interestingly enough, Kamishirou quickly beats the shit out of him using a one-two punch, all the while looking extremely scared and about to cry, while a suave man voices conveniently timed information about the one-two punch. Kamishirou is introduced to the man, whose name is Masaki Iwaya (known as the charisma of the streets), who makes an impression read more
Feb 1, 2013
christian_dsa (All reviews)
I'm writing a review for this manga because I feel the need to encourage manga readers to try this manga. It's a great, great manga that deserves the top list of every manga reader.

Great plot, very focused and does not venture too much on uninteresting side stories. The plot may be a bit unrealistic but you'll surely want to go out and prove your self like the main character, Kamishiro Yuu. The story develops on an engaging phase and you won't have to wait 50 or more chapters for a single arc to finish. There's also a bit of romance so you won't get read more
Jun 4, 2012
Draco-Oblivion (All reviews)
I just finished this manga and I had to write this review to say how much I loved it. It's without a doubt the best manga I’ve read so far with constant entertainment and is, I’m pretty sure, the only manga I’ve read where there have been no points where I’ve felt the urge to walk away and I had trouble doing so when I’ve tried.
I’d say the overall story of the weak victim finding the strength and drive to change is a theme that will have been used a lot in all forms of fiction but the way read more
Mar 25, 2019
PentagramShogoki (All reviews)
This review will be written in english / spanish.

English review:

Might contain light spoilers, I'll try to make it SFW.

The teenage years may be the hardest in the life of a person. The treatment you receive, the friends you have, the popularity in the high-school, mark you and define how you will be in the near future. As someone who had a hard time, I have to say that being a teenager is fucking hard, and trying your best to fit in a place, with some people you like or want to be part of, isn't easy. Bullying, humilliation and systematic denigration can leave a deep read more
Dec 24, 2012
critic111 (All reviews)
At some point in our lives we all experience the vertigo of change. Some easily slide through, only to hit a wall and midlife crisis. Some rebel immediately, and slowly realize stark realities of economics. In Holyland, for Kamishiro Yuu it is the darkness he awakens inside, and the Holyland he uses to control it.

Mr. Mori, creates an extremely entertaining psychological 'realistic' martial arts thriller, with character growth that fills you with hope. He expertly paces the narrative, with conjured dark violence punctuated by light hearted banter that gives you time to breathe, before taking another plunge into Yuu's malevolence.

But as with many mangas read more
Jun 16, 2020
Gatsu-chan (All reviews)
In the streets... He was undoubtedly there...
Just finished reading Holyland and boy was it a fun read. I would recommend Holyland for many reasons. Holyland falls in a general enjoyment area for me because its story is fun and enjoyable, although it doesn't really grab you like cuum. The story is an average friends in high school getting through life story, but cut out the life part and just keep the relations and street fighting in. I love this story for the amazing point of view story telling. This story is really unique for its use of "second hand" storytelling, by that i mean the read more
Dec 12, 2016
Dancer14 (All reviews)
Sometimes a story just hits you hard. By some miracle, it came at that perfect, serendipitous time in your life when the narrative itself can resonate with your innermost thoughts. This manga did that for me. Not because I have anything particularly in common with any of the characters themselves, but because their stories touched me on a deep emotional level. I cried - for longer and harder than I care to admit - when I finished it. I think it filled a hole in me that I even didn't realize was there.

I feel like its a bit pointless to repeat what so many other read more
Jan 6, 2013
Chaosdreams (All reviews)
This is without a doubt, a phenomenal manga. It's true to the core, your emotions will go along with the theme that plays out and for many, you will understand what it is that the main character is feeling and experiencing. From laughs to downright anger the mood carries on without fault. I highly recommend this manga to anyone that's experienced bullying, and to all those who love a great story. It takes a lot for a manga to make me laugh or cry, and I experienced both since in many ways I understood the protagonist, the story, the desire to keep a "holyland.".

Have you read more
Mar 23, 2014
keishii (All reviews)
The first thing that drew me into this manga was... this story could actually be happening somewhere on the street.
No super power, no over the top and impossible fighting techniques, and nothing particularly unnatural in the story.
Just pure strength and martial arts, street fight, friendship, and a little touch of romance.
The mangaka succesfully portrayed the feelings of a constantly bullied high schooler, Kamishiro. Kamishiro didn't have any friend, he was timid, and lacked in confidence, he was a misfit and struggle to find a place where he belonged. He needed to confirm his very own existence, that was why he started roaming on the street read more
Apr 17, 2019
Sebascr12FG (All reviews)
never expected a good, story about street fights like this one.
We follow a journey about a guy how have a lot of probelms. And that Mangaka find a good balance betwen fights and character's development.

Kamishiro, Yuu A good main character but no only he is important to that story. Izawa, Masaki, Midorikawa, Shougo, Kaneda, Shinichi all of of them are "unique"
Mori, Kouji art is beautiful. The expressions , the background, is "simple" but work almost prefect. One thing i appriciate is the use of humor simple but work. Is not that kind of annoying humor that is always used for break read more
Dec 23, 2015
7ordinarydays (All reviews)
I'm not great at writing long extended paragraphs so I'll keep it in simple bullet points!

- Great Story: bullied high school kid learning to fight is nothing new but I found the manga's focus psychological impact of fighting quite interesting. For its themes, the manga does a great job balancing the light-hearted moments to the darker ones.
- Relatable characters: aside from one or two "big bads" the manga does a great job of showing the goods and the bads of all characters, with their inner struggles that seems realistic and relatable.
- Realistic Martial Arts: my knowledge of martial arts and fighting forms are basic read more
May 10, 2017
TomatoFork (All reviews)
Holyland is different from general sports manga in the way that it takes martial arts to the streets. This includes all kinds of fighting styles from karate to kick-boxing and from wrestling to kendo. The colorful range of styles gives an opportunity for all the characters to represent their own one and therefore be relevant to the story.

-Story and characters
As the story follows Yuu's journey to become a better fighter and that way find a place for himself among the streets he makes multiple acquaintances - usually through beating them first. These associates sometimes become important allies to him or even teachers in order read more