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Black Bird

Black Bird

Alternative Titles

English: Black Bird
Japanese: ブラックバード


Type: Manga
Volumes: 18
Chapters: 84
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 13, 2006 to Dec 13, 2012
Authors: Sakurakouji, Kanoko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Betsucomi


Score: 7.761 (scored by 18516 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #18822
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #166
Members: 38,963
Favorites: 2,166


Normal girl and monster guy type set up. 
reportRecommended by gibberishly
Black bird and Kamisama both share similar themes, such as romance, comedy and supernatural, though they're still really different... 
reportRecommended by PlasticPaper
Both series are supernatural shoujo mangas which tell a story of love between a demonic creature and a human girl and which is troubled with many obstacles. But Black bird is more smutty and Hanatsukihime is more bittersweet. 
reportRecommended by Branca
The idea of powerful demon in love with human girl is evident along with human girl requiring protection from the male lead. Both have their smut moments although Black Bird has more. Black Bird though has a darker theme to it as compared to Ayakashi Koi Emaki.  
reportRecommended by LotusSketch
Both Hapi Mari and Black Bird have a female protagonist that is ''hard-to-get''. Both of the male protagonists want to be sexual active with the female, but they aren't so easy as they seem and give a fight. While Black Bird is fantasy and more dramatic; Hapi mari is more sweet and mature. 
reportRecommended by Nyanda
Similar ideas... Tenchi Shinmei! is so sick though, it's almost like it's got a bit of a touch of horror in it, but they're both still really good (: 
reportRecommended by jayjayy
They both involve a love between an "animal" or "beast" and a human (although technically Aoi in Beast Master is not a beast). 
reportRecommended by Bluesander
They both have a non-human as the male partner. In both there is a secret society of powerful beings that have clans and rules to abide by. In both the female has issues to deal with for pregnancy and marriage. In both the female gives (blood, spirit) freely to their partners. 
reportRecommended by RachelPanda
These two are similar because in both there is a person that everyone want but they are also complete different because Black Bird is about demons wanting Misao for there own reasons and is protected by Kyo just like how Shirayuki is wanted for her rare hair color and Zen protects her at the time. In both the Protecters and Protected fall in love with each other  
reportRecommended by Racheluzumaki
Both mangas are hilarous!! Plus, both main guy characters, LOVE to tease and annoy the girl main character. I hope you love Black Bird as much as Faster than a Kiss!!! 
reportRecommended by 4Brads
Monsters are attracted to the main character who happens to have befriended a non-human who has always protected her since childhood.  
reportRecommended by AppleMonstar
Both are shoujo manga with similar characters, comedy, romance and a little bit smutty.  
reportRecommended by Bruna_mask
The relationships, characters and plot are really similar 
reportRecommended by ableachgirl
they both have a great storyline where a girl gets into trouble and a guy shows up just in black bird the guy is a tengu (crow demon)...with love in every chapter! i couldnt put it down! 
reportRecommended by yuuki1204forever
Both manga have a strong heroine that needs someone to rely on every now and then. The heroine has a connection with the guy, who by the way, is another creature, but she cannot remember. She falls in love with him, unsure of his feelings in the beginning, and they slowly begin to uncover the truth about the past and what is going on around them. 
reportRecommended by angelabsun
Both supernatural, demonic/vampiric romances, with dominant and troubled male leads and kind yet feisty female leads~! 
reportRecommended by magickalgrrl
In both mangas, a girl and a deity (well, demon in Black Bird) make a promise to marry each other in the future. When the female turns 16, the male goes to retrieve her, but the girl is reluctant to marry him. However, the girl starts falling for him, but their may be many obstacles that stand in their way for their relationship to thrive. Both males in both mangas are strong, and more powerful then others. If you like romance, supernatural titles, and enjoy shoujo titles then these two mangas would be perfect for you (however, Black Bird is a bit smutty) 
reportRecommended by chierii
They have similar genres (supernatural, romance, smut, drama) A normal girl who can see spirits has promised a mysterious man to be his bride, when she was small 
reportRecommended by Sakura_moe
If you like Akatsuki no Yona, you will LUVVV Black Bird ~~~~ Similarities 1) Period Manga 2) The Main Guy Protects the Main Girl (LOLHEHEHEE)+with his life on the line<3 3) Romance + Action (Cool Sword Fights) + Supernatural + Drama 4) Main characters work together to look for a solution 5) NOT CLICHEEEEE !!!!! 6) Group Movements and Group Supports <3<3<3 Differences 1) COMPLETED MANGA - YOU SEE THE ENDDDD !!!! YAYYYYY ~~~~ 2) No adventure (no collecting or no gotta catch them all) (LOL) 3) A bit bloodier than AnY (Just a Tiny Bit) 4) Rich Rich Deep Deep Story Line (Richer Deeper than AnY) 5) A bit of Smut in there (NOT intense . .  read more 
reportRecommended by YuuMT_C
Both fantasy/romance/comedy. Also the same in the way that the main character first rejects the boy but is basically taken by force, in the case has no choice, then ends up falling in love.  
reportRecommended by AizlynMattie
If you've already read "Black Bird" then reading "Koi to Kemono to Seitokai" will make you feel as if you're reading "Black Bird" again because they nearly have the same plot: - girl who can see demons (Yokai ) - number of demons increases suddenly and they try to eat especially her because of various reasons - mysterious boy (whom she's already met in her past) appears and starts protecting her (mainly at school) - it's revealed that he is also a Yokai - the girl also has a special secret she isn't aware of in the beginning - many (demon-)boys are interested in her but it's clear who  read more 
reportRecommended by nekoshiro
Both have main characters who can see ghost, yōkai and your typical demons. With supporting characters trying to protect the main character there is also romance, supernatural & action mixed together to make a great read~ 
reportRecommended by J-Pop
The theme of protecting the princess from demons by a male protagonist is quite similar to those seen in Hiiro no Kakera. Supernatural exists in the universe of both of these series as the main girl(s) begin to reflect on their destinies.  
reportRecommended by Stark700
the girl can see spirits and demons!! and she falls in love with a demon..(the plots are really similar)... 
reportRecommended by Mirooo
Shiro no Keiyaku is a sweet tender romance with innocent style, while Black bird has smut style. In both, the main guy is a Tengu who falls in love with the main girl, a human. 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
In both the girl is chased by demons, because it is believed that she will bring happiness to those who stay with her.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
In both the main guy wants to marry the main girl, but she refuses, although she slowly starts to fall in love with him. Black bird is more mature while Nobara is more comedy. 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Both girls have a special power but are always in trouble and usually are saved by their supernatural guardians. There´s also a bit of ecchi and romance.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Girl surrounded by cute guys, well Black bird has more of a supernatural aspect 
reportRecommended by XDKeriDX
Normal girl and king of monsters type set up. 
reportRecommended by gibberishly
both are about a human in a relationship with a tengu (or vampire in the case of R+V) and how the two have to overcome the barriers between them in order to pursue a relationship 
reportRecommended by renjikuchiki1
Both have tengus that get the girl. The only differences are the tengus look different. 
reportRecommended by kitten1560
Smutty, forceful guy, romance 
reportRecommended by AlbinoMamba
A really good romance story, where the guy is slightly perverted and will 'protect the girl no-matter what'. I highly recommend reading both. 
reportRecommended by xUsotsukiHana
Two guys against one girl.Plus cute guys a girl they just die for. 
reportRecommended by RosyXkid
Pretty average girl that is known by the main character since childhood, Frickin' strong demon that is trying to protect this girl at all cost, everyone wants the girl for themselves, so yeahh i would say pretty similar. The only difference is that black bird is targeted to a more mature audience. 
reportRecommended by MadieV
the story is about demons, tengus, and supreme leader of the demon world, practically the same story, i like them bouth 
reportRecommended by audry1000
Both have a demon that they will obviously fall in love with, and other demons trying to eat her to get her power.  
reportRecommended by lovingmyth
Main male protagonist is a demon who promised something to the main female lead character. Both has elements of supernatural and fantasy and has ayakashi/yokai as supporting characters. Both has female lead characters that seemed 'tasty' and is being sought after by yokais/ayakashis. While Koi wa Hito no Haka is more of the shoujo type, Black Bird, however, has more mature side on it.  
reportRecommended by ichirako
Both stories are about a girl who has to be a bride to the heir of a family. The main characters are quite similar in personality; the heroines are quite strong and instead of only standing by and watching their loved ones fight, they want to fight themselves.  
reportRecommended by Konataku
in both stories, the female characters are chased down or followed by ayakashi/youkai/ghosts/spirits. both stories have a male who tries to protect her. 
reportRecommended by i_am_tiff121297