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Alternative Titles

English: Love★Com
Synonyms: Love Com Plus, Lovely Complex Plus
Japanese: ラブ★コン


Type: Manga
Volumes: 17
Chapters: 68
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 13, 2001 to Aug 13, 2007
Authors: Nakahara, Aya (Story & Art)
Serialization: Bessatsu Margaret


Score: 8.461 (scored by 18933 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet published' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #1662
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #158
Members: 40,363
Favorites: 2,368


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Dec 29, 2008
Emmychu (All reviews)
My first review! Forgive me if I've given out easy 10's, but I really do feel this deserves it, at least in my opinion!

I've read the manga, excluding a few chapters from 57 on that could not be found. I have to say, I was completely hooked. Really, I never read a lot of strictly romance. Sure this is comedy, but it has no other plot than the relationships between the characters. Usually, this style of anime could really fly off course. But Lovely Complex was really great! It's a character-driven series, and this time the characters are likable, or realistic.

I watched the live action read more
May 13, 2008
xkawaii_s2 (All reviews)
so far, i have been completely obsessed with this manga, anime AND live movie. i find this manga very sweet and the relationship is different from a lot of other mangas.

you feel that you can relate to this manga because each and every one of us has a complex about ourselves, and the two main characters just happen to share the same complex, but in an opposite way. also, risa's love for otani is a very long journey and admirable. makes me want to love someone as much as her.

you will learn to love the characters and you'll be wanted more. there are read more
Nov 27, 2014
RarestProGamer (All reviews)
!!!Warning- This manga can make you go all "awwweeooooiii,blush,tears,laugh,feels" and In case like mine combination of all. Before, I start reviewing I need to say 2 things

1. This is just my opinion,feel free to give your suggestions.
2. I will try my best to ignore the story plot as much as possible, so it won't ruin the fun for you.

Plot- The best romantic manga ever made, trust me when I say this I have read hundreds of shoujo manga, but none has high re-read value compare to this. It may sound Exaggerating, well I guess it is since this manga was my gateway to the read more
Feb 18, 2015
blazingraz36 (All reviews)
|| Manga Recommendation/ Review ||

Manga - Lovely★Complex
Genres - Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Author - Nakahara Aya

So, You want to see the best possible shoujo manga with no utter bullshit, pure love, no love triangle and no fast pace romance? Lovely complex is way to go. Lovely Complex perfectly portrays the romance between two people who are having height complex. The story isn't fast paced and it takes sensibly appropriate time for the love to bloom, romance doesn't just start automatically in 3-4 chapters but you see the hint of love developing.

Story(9/10) - The story was really cute and pure, it feels like the reader might read more
May 11, 2010
kono_jinsei (All reviews)
Risa Koizumi frequently gets rejected because of her tall stature. But what will happen when she falls in love with her comic duo/endless bickering partner Atsushi Otani? Adding to that, he's shorter and has a really cute ex-girlfriend!

Join them in this romantic comedy series you will never forget.
Aug 24, 2013
minechin (All reviews)
So I've finally finished the last volume of Lovely Complex after watching the anime for like five times. I can't express how much I loved this series. I could actually read this over and over again and not get tired of it. This has got to be the most beautiful shoujo manga I've ever read. Love Com is a brilliant romantic comedy, with wonderful and well-developed characters. Aya Nakahara also did an excellent job on the artwork. It was amazing and remarkable, which makes Love Com a totally fun read!

I absolutely enjoyed reading Risa and Otani's story. They're just one of my favorite couples ever. read more
Mar 4, 2016
jepifish (All reviews)
--- DISCLAIMER: Minor Spoilers Ahead ---

Lovely Complex was OK: there were times where it was hilarious and I really liked it; however, more often than not, Lovely Complex's story and characters tested my patience. Because of that, I think that it's fair for me to give Love Com a score of 6.

Going by most of the comments about Love Com, it's clear that many people regard the series highly and believe it's 'refreshing'. However, if one ignores the fact that Risa and Otani have a rather large height difference, Love Com is your standard shoujo romance set in a high school. Risa is your standard read more
Apr 26, 2012
rokkugoh (All reviews)
Before I read this one, I thought I didn't like shoujo. It was just that I wasn't reading the right ones! This one is adorable and gets a 10/10 from me.

Basic premise: Tall girl and short guy annoy each other and tease each other about their heights, but become really good friends in their attempt to hook their other friends up, and then develop feelings for each other. AWW. I love these romcoms in the school setting ♥. Watching their relationship develop over their high school years was so sweet and ... yeah I admit I lived vicariously through read more
Nov 23, 2009
PurpleSkye (All reviews)
I'd have to give this manga a perfect ten! It is surely a MUST-READ! :D

It has been an amazing experience reading this manga. Lovely Complex keeps you wanting more and more of Otani and Koizumi's romance~! They may not be the "perfect" couple because of the height difference but it just goes to show that love isn't all about physical appearances and that is one good point that this manga has emphasized brilliantly. :)

To make my point clear here's a very in-depth review, which you shouldn't really read if you haven't finished reading the manga since it MAY contain SPOILERS:

STORY: 10/10

Well, since I am a read more
Nov 16, 2010
Dacoolcat (All reviews)
I cannot say enough how great of a shojo this is. People who don't usually like shojo would probably still like this.

I read ALOT of shojo and I bear through some of the worst stuff. I was almost crying when I found out that I was on the last volume (17) and there are cruddy romance mangas that are going on past 20s and 30s.

The story is wonderfully and refreshingly realistic. The characters are all lovable in every way. The relationship in this is not like most manga. The relationship is actually something that is something that you would want and is something beautiful (I read more
Sep 20, 2011
zaharat (All reviews)
Story: Lovely Complex is about Koizumi Risa and Otani Atsushi, a comedic duo, since the girl is outrageously tall and the boy is really short. They constantly argue with each other because they are both insecure with their height. Their arguments are so often that when they argue people stop to watch as if it was an act they were doing. Now since both are insecure with their height, they each also feel insecure about finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, as the story progresses on Koizumi starts to like Otani, with him being a total idiot, has no clue about it. The plot is read more
Jun 6, 2013
connielas (All reviews)
Okay, First of all.... THE MANGA IS SO MUCH AWESOME THAN THE ANIME. (Just so you know).

Why? Well there are numbers of reasons why the manga is so much better than the anime. There's the ending, the scenes which got cut, scenes in the anime that never really existed in the manga, and most of all the art of the manga is more attractive than the anime.

STORY (9). The story is something different. I have never seen such unique animes before because some animes have cliche stories! Like for example, when girl meets boy then they fall in love with each other and read more
Jul 19, 2010
KokoWater (All reviews)
Koizumi Risa: a taller than average girl. Otani Atsushi: smaller than average boy. Lovely Complex follows the story of these two out-of-place people and how they're relationship grows from mutual hate, to love consultants, to one-sided crush, to completely head over heels in love with each other.

story: the story is...not unique, but in it's own way, very unique. the story of a tall girl and a short boy falling in love is found in many different stories (like Ikeyamada Go's "Get Love") but Aya Nakahara add's her own bit of character into LoveCom, making it stand out from "any other manga" the humor is great, read more
Mar 25, 2016
TheCrazyHorse (All reviews)
No spoilers. Art and Characters are the highlight of this Manga. However the constant reprisal of the "Jealousy" conflict as well as "I'm not sure if he really loves me" conflict really made the story go stale for the second half of the Manga.

First half of the manga I'd give 9/10, but for the reprisal of the same old story arcs I have to give it a 8 and the fact the final 5 chapters contained nothing that moved the story or the characters along I have to take a point off for that.

7/10 is my rating. Art is great and the Characters themselves read more
Mar 30, 2018
blushinggeek (All reviews)
I’ve been meaning to read Rabu★Kon or most commonly known as Lovely Complex after watching the anime one or was that two years ago? Oh well, I don’t remember the exact date but I can still clearly remember why I loved it. It was one of the funniest anime I’ve watched that time and I love the concept of the story. Imagine falling in love with a guy who is shorter than you. Kind of weird right? Well, it’s possible ofcourse (I have a neighbor in our province who’s husband is shorter than her) but it seldom happens. I haven’t read anything like this one read more
Jan 3, 2016
MysticalAngel (All reviews)
I really love thins manga! It is my favorite.
I love how the mangaka created such ordinary (I mean i the personality) main characters and given them a unusual characteristic (height) and made a comedy of their complex. Furthermore I can highlight "otani" because it is one of that rarest manga that describe a normal boy as a main character and not some romanticized male that is perfect and loves the girl unconditionally (it is mostly impossible in real life). ~
Another thing that I can highlight is how koizumi express her feelings honestly and doesn't put up a "cute" show in front of read more