Last Game
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Last Game

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Kimi to, Shiawase., Hidamari no Niwa, Wasureyuki, Ninkoi
Japanese: ラストゲーム


Type: Manga
Volumes: 11
Chapters: 66
Status: Finished
Published: Aug 24, 2011 to Jun 24, 2016
Genres: ComedyComedy, RomanceRomance, ShoujoShoujo
Authors: Amano, Shinobu (Story & Art)
Serialization: LaLa


Score: 8.271 (scored by 3512035,120 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2932
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #82
Members: 75,314
Favorites: 3,752


The rivalry between the couple is verys imilar except in Last Game the guy is the one who is always second place. Other than that, in both the guys are both trying to get their love noticed by the dense girl. The difference in social position is the same, both childhood friends. Special is longer and completed Last game is ongoing, not many chapters so far and more romance oriented. Both INCREDIBLY cute. 
reportRecommended by lolkid_0417
Both feature expressionless composed girl obsessed in studying (and wears braids/pigtails), the difference is that Last Game is Tonari´s version "Shizuku x Yamaken route" since the protagonist of LG greatly resembles Yamaken in personality and looks from Tonari. Also in LG the setting changes to university (later).  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Due to childhood occurrences the protagonist wants "revenge" on the girl. A typical childhood fight grows into something more as the characters are now in HS. Both manga are quiet unique in these aspects. 
reportRecommended by rron1993
In both KWMS and Last Game, the guy likes the girl first but the girl doesn't like the guy; The girl is strong, doesn't really have intrest in most things, doesn't pay much attention to the guy, the art is a bit simular, both vary cute! I get a KWMS feel when reading Last Game. :) 
reportRecommended by MermaidGalaxies
sweet and heartwarming, if you like one then you are bound to like the other 
reportRecommended by purplebird76
Both about a really dense girl with very little social skills and a male love interest that's perfect to the dot... Last Game's time frame/setting moves a lot quicker, but they're both really similar. 
reportRecommended by tarepanda
Both mangas have a girl who's expressionless and hot-blooded male who thinks of female lead as a rival and then love interest :) 
reportRecommended by melis_1995
Last Game is similar to ReLIFE not so much with the overall plot, but with the main couple, the protagonists. *minor spoilers below* Kujou Mikoto & Hishiro Chizuru are similar because they both are hard-working, smart, stoic, dense, can't quite smile when trying (but can genuinely smile in the moment), and are both rather socially inept. They also look pretty similar, since Kujou used to part her hair into two braids, and Hishiro parts hers into low pigtails (though with that & Hishiro's personality, she could be seen similar to Mizutani Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). Also, with Kujou & Hishiro, since they cannot smile and when they  read more 
reportRecommended by violescence
Last Game and Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san adapts a story where we see an assertive female character outclass the male protagonist on many occasions. Both series takes place in a school life setting where there's a lot of drama going on. Last Game is more known for its drama and relationship developments while Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san appeals to more comedy. However, it is noticeable about the hints of romance dropped in for both series that overlaps with their story. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
If you like Koi Dano Ai Dano, try Last Game or vice versa. The handsome main leads in these shoujos have to deal with intelligent yet clueless girls. The guys fall for them, yet they see him as their best friend and ignore all clues about romance - also the guys are not very good at straightforwardly telling the girl, but go about their approach in a round about way that leads nowhere, yet in a very humorous way. Koi Dano is very humorous yet also very well written and witty, while Last Game is not as  read more 
reportRecommended by inzaratha
Yanagi and Shiraishi are quite similar with each other. Both are popular, rich, and highly intelligent. Enter the heroines Kujou and Kurusowa who are 'cool' as well - intelligent and seems to be unfazed with the existence of the male lead characters. Both female leads are somewhat a challenge to our male leads and both male leads find the heroines their 'rival' but both fell in love to their female leads as well. If you like shoujo and cute romance story, both stories are highly recommended. 
reportRecommended by ichirako
In both stories, the female character is oblivious to matters of love while the male character (who falls head over heels for her) suffers due to her density. Both are refreshing reads about an innocent play of young love.  
reportRecommended by hinahinaxxchoco
Both are romcoms, in both cases characters are geniuses, in both cases one of the characters is from a very wealthy family background. Though Last Game is more on the cute side, and Kaguya-sama more about the duel between the main characters. 
reportRecommended by Bacchai
The male characters are blessed with everything but fell for a normal girl. One of the main character is so clueless. And both manga are of the same author.  
reportRecommended by Addicer_xx
Both have rich male and poor female. Both males are popular. Both girls have black hair, are strong, and work hard. Both are hilarious and adorable and amazing  
reportRecommended by ThatPerson42
Childhood and the past plays a prominent role as it connects to the overall story for both Last Game and Nisekoi. As a rom-com, both series adapts romance in a more innocent way with doses of comedy. The main male character has a peculiar relationship with the main female character. And although their premises are different, the character interactions are similar. There is also love triangles, background stories, and in general a standard shoujo way of approaching their plot. Recommended for readers of rom-com shoujo. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
The relationship between The main characters os pretty similar, though in Last Game The girl is quieter and more demure. 
reportRecommended by beautifly92
The art is quite similar. The female protagonists have more or less the same clueless attitude. As for the male lead, Love log's lead is a female hater whereas love game's main character is a ladies man (though infatuated with kujou). Both male protagonists are quite simple minded, and its a story in which the male lead falls in love first. 
reportRecommended by kiiroibara
Well both MC wants to be in the top like last game, but the one falling in love first in buddy go is the one who's already at the top unlike last game, and they are aware of their own emotion that they love him/her unlike last game having a dense female MC asking "whats this feeling, i hate it, it hurts so much." and some personality and appearance of the male character almost are close alike.  
reportRecommended by ZackAMV
Both have a similiar chemistry betweem the two main characters, a popular good looking guy and a gloomy, silent girl. However, there is no rivalry in Otome Kaijuu. But, both were striving to have an equal terms in their relationship. However, Last game had an easily flustered main guy, and Otome Kaijuu is the opposite, it even took the easily flustered aspect to a whole new level. 
reportRecommended by White_Hollow
When I read both mangas I had the same feeling In both stories, the male lead focuses on winning the girl's heart. 
reportRecommended by hoshiito
Last Game and Cat Street both have similar female main characters who have trouble interacting with other people at the start, but gradually begin to open up to others after making friends. Both manga have the theme of romance, and also share a similar relaxed atmosphere in their respective stories that makes them both very easy, enjoyable reads.  
reportRecommended by spandex
The two stories have a similar dynamic of a guy completely in love with an oblivious girl, while everyone around them is aware of what's going on. Last Game includes more of the typical school plot elements, ranging from primary school through to college. Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou has more variety because it develops a cast of characters with a range of ages and wacky personalities. The protagonist has a different personality in the two stories, but hilarious moments are present in both. 
reportRecommended by Elinnea
The romantic aspect is quite similar. Both are about childhood friends. The boy falls for the girl but the girl is totally oblivious of his feelings. However Last Game is a comedy while Kanojo wa Mada Koi wo Shiranai is a drama. Also in Last Game the guy is the rich one as opposed to the guy in Kanojo wa Mada Koi wo Shiranai who is almost like a servant in the girl's house. Moreover Mikoto is a lot smarter than the naive Anna.  
reportRecommended by Stray_Star
Both stories have its protagonists introduced as a transfer student back in elementary school and grows up together as friends and eventually, lovers. Female protagonist are both indifferent. 
reportRecommended by kuroimochi
Both of the heroine are stubborn, strong, smart. and cant tell their own feeling somehow. Love it! Simple manga<3 
reportRecommended by RubyR
Both involve long-time friends, where one side harbors feelings for the other, and the other party is kinda clueless. The relationships in each story are fun, sweet, and sometimes painful in their own ways, due to the obliviousness of the other party. I was initially put off by the description for LG. Don't let it fool you. The description applies to their relationship up through high school. The story starts off during their college life, and the male lead's feelings have transformed significantly as compared to what the description makes you believe. K79% takes place in high school, where the leads have cultivated a strong bond  read more 
reportRecommended by shikanomnom
these two mangas have many things in common and different about each other kyou, koi... - has more smut -is more drama centered lastgame -comedy centered -more naive shoujo both -popular boy who is smart -clueless heroine who styles old fashioned clothing and twin braids -both have a sense of the two main love interests competing -there are extra loves for both the hero and heroine for drama -both heroines are in a denial like phase -both heroines are school oriented -both male leads are somewhat 'players' AND MOREEEE i recommend you try both yet be warned SMUT but they are both really good and around the same length story, and chapter wise 
reportRecommended by edwardsXw
This manga is similar due to the main male having feelings for the main female,the female also does not realize her feelings,in both mangas the leads have known each other since childhood 
reportRecommended by edwardsXw
- Both have good relationship - Both like a shoujo manga - Both have cool male lead 
reportRecommended by Syureria
It doesn't seem aliek at first but there are actually many things similar: Both are about a smart girl trying her best at school for the sake of her parents and her classmate, an unlike her really popular boy. Then the girl suddenly has to face some changes and has to handle her new friends and has to find out what this new weird feeling is she has and is even able to make her cry. 
reportRecommended by Jo-Ann
The last game is similar to the first short story because the girl is sort of naive and does not notice that the guy like her until later in the story, however last game is a lot longer then the short story and so is a lot better when it comes to plot development. 
reportRecommended by edwardsXw
The humor is similar and a lot of background characters are charming and endearing. (you will feel sad for them in both get mentally prepared.) These mangas aren't alike in the storyline as much in the characters' personalities and their feelings. Yanagi is calmer and more mature but could easily be a 20 year old Umi (he's also obviously less perverted than him but let's put this aside), while Kujou and Naka are very kind girls who care deeply about their friends. They are both pretty gullible. But the four of them are mostly all confused dorks who don't know how to correctly express their feelings even  read more 
reportRecommended by Littlebreads
The characters look identical, no joke.(but that happens a lot soo...) Both have the male protagonist finding themselves falling in love with the female lead, with the females taking a little longer until they realize their feelings. Both also have this adorable feel to it as you read on. Despite Shirayuki Hime not having any rivalry between the male and female, the two mangas are relatively the same:) I smiled and laughed while reading through both of these<3  
reportRecommended by MelodicVirus
One is typical yaoi and the other is typical shoujo but both involve a male protagonist who falls for someone unexpectedly and tries to bully them into liking him, spurned by past rejection. Very similar atmosphere.  
reportRecommended by MeNaK
In both series, the two main characters has a past that brings them to where they are in the present. Although the main female protagonist's personalities aren't alike, they do hold a lot of the same values such as friendship and kindness with others. As such, the main male protagonist has a curious interest in them. Both series follows a lot of the classic shoujo tropes including romance that develops as the story progresses. There is drama and lighthearted comedy that takes place in a school life setting. 
reportRecommended by Stark700
Both the guy protagonist plans to seduce the girl protagonist but ended up falling deeply in love. 
reportRecommended by XxshizxX
The female leads, Yukari (Penguin Kakumei) and Mikoto (Last Game), are very similar characters. Both come from disadvantaged single-parent households and their situation has transformed them into responsible, hard-working daughters whose only goal is to become a public servant. Both are also perfect at absolutely everything they do. The stories center on the special men these girls meet and how their humble, unambitious lives are changed. Penguin Kakumei is about showbiz and takes place during high school, while Last Game has a time-jump and covers over a decade--more focus is on the romance in the latter. 
reportRecommended by RiddledWays
Both have soft spoken characters who are not very good with dealing/recognizing their feelings. Both very sweet. 
reportRecommended by aziza
The guy is in Last game the one who always second, while in Zenbu Choudai the girl is always second. The roles are switched. While in Last Game the story is more sweet Zenbu Choudai is more comedy.  
reportRecommended by xWendyx
The female characters both have expressionless faces although the circumstances are different. 
reportRecommended by grenaderbombs
Both are about a rich protagonist and a average female. In Last Game, the male is trying to get the female to fall for him as the "last game (in a way of revenge for the female beating him in many games)" , and in Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni it about a male attempting to get revenge against a female by getting her to fall in love with him.  
reportRecommended by chierii
The protagonist is clueless in love, personality is same, they have love rivals, love triangle, both have a deep, interesting plot. 
reportRecommended by FairlyOdd
the guys are the same, tsunderes XD . The girl does not understand the guys feelings. They've known each other for a long time and the guy has liked her since he was little. The rivals are sort of the same.  
reportRecommended by chichiree
There's a similar rivalry theme, and the guy falling for her a long time ago. There's a different mood to this manga, but they are both love stories that are incredibly cute! 
reportRecommended by Neonfun
natsuki (watari-kun ke no youkai-san) and kujou (last game) are both very calm in any situation, strong and dependable.both mangas are made by the same mangaka. watari-kun ke no youkai-san is only a oneshot and last game is currently publishing. watari-kun ke no youkai-san has a little fantasy in it and last game is a school themed manga. they are both very enjoyable! 
reportRecommended by grenaderbombs
They're both funny, cute, and shoujo. If they ever made a crossover, it's like putting butter on bread. Both of them have this in common: one of the main character hates the other main character by being jealous of their superiority. One's ambiguous, the other's stoic. Akane hates her twin brother, Aoi while Yanagi hates his rival, Kujou, but they're always together over time with love obstacles, of course. The difference is age and relation. Kujou and Yanagi are 2nd year college students, rival since elementary school. Akane and Aoi are middle-high school twins. 
reportRecommended by Onininichi
These manga tackle love in a very unique way. With simple art you will make sure you will it get distracted by it beautiful plot. These manga don't just make it simple for you to figure what the hell is happening but the way they make it very progressive on how every character feelings and emotion develops. Everything change progressively which I love so much. Every page connects with intricate backstory that tackle how the character interact. With friends that tackle the main character love interest to the fullest. With characters that is so shy on how they will reach to the person, and characters  read more 
reportRecommended by Toriwaru